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The benefits associated with the LASIK eye surgery

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The benefits associated with the LASIK eye surgery What is LASIK eye surgery?

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Ajouté le : 29 avril 2016
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The benefits associated with the LASIK eye surgery
What is LASIK eye surgery?
LASIK also known as laser in-situ keratomileusis in medical terminology is one of the most popular eye surgeries across the world today and is used to correct the vision in people who are farsighted, near sighted and also in those who have astigmatism.
While theLASIK eye surgerytechniques and procedures might be varied and different based on case to case, all of them work in a process which help reshape the cornea of the patient which helps the light travel in the right direction and get focused on the retina to give perfect vision.LASIKis one of the innumerous numbers of cornea reshaping medical procedure that are available in the medical world today.
Benefits associated with LASIK eye surgery
While wearing glasses today is a issue which every man and women would want to do away with, LASIK has taken over this scenario by storm where an average glass wearer can free themselves from all the pain by considering the positives of LASIK eye surgery in no time.
Some of the benefits include the following.
Greatly improved vision:After the LASIK correction eye surgery, over 95 % patients have reportedly achieved uncorrected visual acuity or UCVA of at least 20/40 and over 85 % of the patients have achieved 20/20 or better vision which makes it a surgical procedure worth going in for.
Fast results and a faster recovery:WhileLASIK eye surgeryhas been doted to be one which can give you a near perfect vision feel in just about a day, ophthalmologists estimate that one can get back to their normal life activities the next day that they complete the surgeries. However, it must be noted that driving so early is not really advisable.
Results are long lasting:This is perhaps one of the greatest benefits of undergoing the LASIK eye treatment which refers to the fact that it is usually permanent after the period of three months stabilization where the eye sets to adjust. After the three month period, no more follow-ups are needed unless any issue of under-corrected vision or over corrected vision has taken place. Apart from normal ageing issues, the results will be permanent in all.
Be free of contacts and glasses and the costs associated:With the issues of contact lenses as well as glasses come the costs incurred in terms of procuring and buying new lens and glasses plus the doctor fees every time you go for a checkup. While it has been estimated that an average person using contacts spend more than 450 dollars on contacts each year, the LASIK process even though costing on a higher end would result one to get rid of the yearly costs once and for all. Moreover, who doesn’t want to look stylish without the glasses and the tensions of contacts?
Thus, embrace the LASIK and stay happy with a corrected vision for years to come.