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Use Engineering Pads To Take Good Engineering Notes
Engineers must use their scientific know-how, mathematical skills, and cunning to solve complex problems.
Some engineers might work on designing while others might work on developing new and improved solutions
to a known problem. Because their work is so complex and it requires the discussion and development of so
many facets, it is important for them to maintain a professional journal that allows them to write down and
record discussions, calculations, ideas, diagrams, or any other details pertinent to the project they are
currently working on. These journals are notepads, or engineering pads, which are usually designed similarly
to graph paper, as they are constructed on a grid system.
These notes can even be submitted as a legal document, making it imperative that an engineer keeps and
maintains extremely detailed notes. The purpose of keeping an engineer pad is to provide a resource of
consolidated information that will refresh the engineer?s memory when it fails him or her, and confirm data
and research. The more information and details that are recorded the better. It should contain accurate and
thorough information with the intent that it could very well be used legally, whether for patent purposes or as
a legal record.
There are certain guidelines and rules one must employ when keeping engineering pads. If an error is made,
you cannot erase or scribble it out. To begin with, you ought to use permanent ink rather than pencil.
Second, you may place a single strikethrough line through an error so it is still legible in case you need to go
back to read it. Your engineer?s notebook should also be written in chronological order, just like a diary, so
that you can go back and review the development of ideas and data in a comprehensive way. Strictly
following these guidelines makes it easier to read and understand engineering notes whether or not the
author is actually present to help explain the entries. In fact, the notes need to be written and detailed
clearly enough so that anyone could pick the notebook up and read through it and be able to follow it.
Specially made can help the engineer follow the strict note taking guidelines for his or her industry. These
notebooks are frequently designed with a quadrille layout of varying grid dimensions. It?s really a matter of
personal preference for the engineer. The also helps the engineer draw diagrams, two-
dimensional or three dimensional, and write notes. Another requirement of engineering notebooks is that
they are bound and pages cannot be removed. It?s vital that pages stay intact so that when anyone goes
back to look at notes, the pages can?t fall out. This could be detrimental to a project, so pages must be
numbered and bound.
Engineering notebooks are designed to keep the important notes of engineers together and organized. Many
engineers are often working on different facets of the same project at the same time. This includes
mathematics, science, and collaboration with team members. Taking a lot of detailed notes is absolutely
necessary for engineers to record data and test results. Engineers must learn to take good notes so they can
refer to data and information, and engineering notebooks help them accomplish that. They are, essentially,
their work diary, and therefore, absolutely vital to the engineer.
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