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The Spinning Reel

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The spinning reel is a staple in any well-equipped tackle box. There are a great many reasons to have one.

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Ajouté le : 08 octobre 2014
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The Spinning Reel
Thespinning reelis a staple in any wellequipped tackle box. There are a great many reasons to have one. Several of these reasons will be discussed here. It is the most versatile type of reel, it is easy to use, and it is reliable. Also, problems that occur in all reels are easy to fix while in the field.
Versatility There aren’t many situations that aspinning reelcan’t handle. Sure there are specialized situations in which a certain type of reel should be used, but thespinning reelcan handle most of them in a pinch. Whether you are fishing in a stream, pond, lake, or the sea, casting, jigging, or dragging the bottom, there is onethat’s right for the job. Furthermore, individualreels can accommodate a range of situations. A reel that’s rated for 200 some odd yards of 8pound line can also hold a slightly smaller amount of 10pound line, or it could hold a larger amount of 6 pound line without a substantial increase in likelihood of malfunction. So with this type of reel you could be throwing heavy crankbaits when you realize that the approach isn’t working, and just change to thinner line for use with live bait. This adaptability is another great reason to own one.
Easy to Use It is, perhaps, the easiest of all reels to use. Casting one is substantially easier for the novice than casting with a baitcasting reel. While baitcasting reels have their advantages, they require a practiced touch to be casted with real precision. Further, it is much easier to learn to cast with a spinning reel. As a result, having one makes teaching others to fish much easier.
Reliability and Easy to Fix It is much more reliable than other types of reels as well. The operation of this type of reel is simple, and this simplicity leads to a decreased number of malfunctions. Essentially, if your bail spring is all right, and there’s nothing lodged in the gears, the reel will work. Adding to the reliability of this type of reel is the fact that most problems reels face are easy to fix with the spinning reel. Other reels have a larger number of parts enclosed in cases that require tools to access and specialized knowledge to repair. The spinning reel’s operation is obvious. If there’s a line tangle, just let the rest of the line out. This is as opposed to a baitcasterwhere a bird’s nest can take upwards of 5 minutes to pick out. If there is a problem inside the reel, just open the top and have a look inside where any lodged items will be immediately apparent.
Conclusion There are many reasons to have aspinning reelin your fishing arsenal. It’s easy to use, allows you to introduce others to fishing with minimal effort, it is reliable, and it is easy to fix. Consider
purchasing one before your next outing. There is likely to beone that’s right for you and the type of fishing you are interested in.