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This collection of news articles was taken from
New Hampton’s weekly e-newsletter and compiled by
the Academic Office. These articles represent our belief
that students learn by authentic academic experiences
within the context of relationships and community.
WINTER 2007-08
Academic Studies Office
Jennifer Berry ‘83, Director of Studies
Phone: 603.677.3505
The Manitou
is Revived
The school newspaper, The
, is back in print thanks to
the dedicated efforts of a small group of diligent and talented
students. Featuring stories on the successful NHS men’s
hockey program, interviews with new faculty, and political
and gastronomical topics, the publication is teeming with fun
facts and interesting write ups.
staff consists of seniors Caitlyn Homer, Mike
Helms, Jess Nissenbaum, Gunnar Hildebrand, Ali Gennaro,
and Dana Buckley, and juniors Jeremy Wolff and Jake Lee.
Faculty advisors are Peter Rowan and Martha Shepp.
These students took on publishing the newspaper as an
extra-curricular endeavor, volunteering their time in addition
to their numerous other commitments. A job well done and
appreciated by the NHS community!
The newspaper is available for download on the New
Hampton School Web site.
Published March 7, 2008