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Binge Eating Vs Emotional
Eating Vs Overeating I’m often confused as to the difference
between overeating, binge eating and
emotional eating. My feeling is that
overeating is a natural tendency from
time to time, whereas binge eating and
emotional eating are more habitual.
These two seem similar to me, except
that binge eating is more severe because
“binge” suggests going over the edge of
necessary consumption of food.
Emotional eating feels more like an
instigator that causes you to binge.
Binge Eating
 The key features of binge eating
disorder are:
 • Frequent episodes of
uncontrollable binge eating.
 • Feeling extremely distressed or
upset during or after bingeing.
 • Unlike bulimia, there are no
regular attempts to “make up” for the
binges through vomiting, fasting, or
People with binge eating disorder
struggle with feelings of guilt, disgust,
and depression. They worry about what
the compulsive eating will do to their
bodies and beat themselves up for their
lack of self-control. They desperately
want to stop binge eating, but feel like
they can’t.
If you find yourself saying: “I cant stop
eating” then you clearly have a problem. Overeating
 What separates overeating from binge
eating disorder is:
 • The binge eating episodes occur
regularly, at least twice a week for six
 • The binge eater finds the
episodes very upsetting. If there is no
emotional upheaval over the meal, it is
not a binge eating disorder.
• The binge eater does not like to eat in
public. To him, eating is a private
behavior. To most other people, eating
and mealtime is a time to be shared and
enjoyed with friends and family.
 • The binge eater does not feel
normal physiological cues like hunger
and being full. He eats more from
emotional cues, such as anger and
Signs and Symptoms of Binge Eating

Are any of these true for you?
 • Some days even though I
wanted to stop eating, I just could not
help myself.
 • Some days I surprise myself with how
much food I can eat in just a very short
span of time.
 • I feel so horrible and guilty after
I realize how much food I have
 • It seems that every night I go to
bed thinking, “Tomorrow I am going to
begin my diet.”

Emotional Eating
 Emotional Eating is the use of food and
food thoughts as a distraction from any
thought, feeling, or situation you would
rather not tolerate. Binge eating on carbs
works. That’s why we keep doing it! If you are an “Emotional Eater” you have
probably developed a habit of using food
to distract, self-soothe, briefly “check-
out”, and/or seek some relief from the
present moments of your life. You may
have “FOOD THOUGHTS” to escape any
or all intensity of feeling.

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