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Brehm and Dobson Insurance
The Importance Of Auto Insurance
Auto insurance is arguably one of the most important types of insurance to have and in most cases is legally
required by the state in order to drive. Having Ballston Spa for your automobile will protect the
driver and any passengers, as well as the car itself.
Since auto insurance is, in most cases, a requirement in any state, those who may be involved in an accident
of some kind will likely not have to deal with others who are underinsured or are not insured at all. Problems
arise when an insured driver becomes involved in an accident with another driver who happens to be
uninsured, as they will likely be forced to pay for the majority of the damages that happen to their car. This
is the reason that states require all drives to be insured so that everyone on the road is protected from
financial hazard. As inconvenient as having your car impounded might be, that likely wouldn?t be the end to
your troubles as a driver who has been pulled over without insurance. You?ll also more than likely be
ticketed and charged significant fines or fees, in addition to having your driver?s license suspended for a
period of time.
Most states will also determine just what type of auto insurance is required by drivers. There is generally a
minimum coverage amount for each vehicle owned and driven, though these vary from state to state. Some
states only require basic liability insurance to cover the other person if you are the cause of an accident, and
others require more. It?s important to understand that as a driver without insurance, you run the risk of
being pulled over by cops who will not take it lightly that you are not covered by insurance. You run the risk
of having your vehicle impounded right on the spot as it is illegal in many states for the police to even allow
you to continue driving once they have discovered you are driving without proper
for automobiles offers protection for those who have it. Automobile insurance protects a lot more than people
realize including vehicular damage, theft, and bodily injury and may also be able to assist in the paying of
medical bills that arise from an accident or provide a temporary income if the person involved in the
automobile accident was injured in such a way to keep them from going to work. Those who don?t have
auto insurance put themselves in a very vulnerable position. As a driver you are under a lot of responsibility
every time you get behind the wheel. There are many steps to take every time you drive to lessen the
chance of injury to yourself and others including being focused, not getting distracted by a cell phone or the
radio, not drinking and driving, obeying traffic rules, and making an effort to secure adequate auto insurance
to protect yourself and others.
Your car insurance will be relied upon if you hit someone else and you are responsible for handling the costs
associated with repairing their vehicle or paying for any medical bills on their behalf as a result of injury and
accident. This money would have to come straight out your own pocket if you didn?t have car insurance to
help back you up and help take care of the situation.
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