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Questions to Ask Your Roofer

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Important Questions to Ask Your Roofer Introducion It’s no secret that the roof on your house plays a very important role. Not only does it keep rain and snow and anything else from falling on your head, it adds warmth and prevents damage to the structure of your home. Choosing a roofer to install a new roof is a reality for every homeowner eventually, but not all roofers are created equal. It’s nice to think that every roofer is honest and highly skilled, but that just isn’t the case. It’s wise to ask your roofer a series of questions before he starts, so you can be sure you’ve chosen the right roofer for your situation. What Type of Experience Do You Have? Experience is a major factor when it comes to roofers. Basically, the longer he’s been in business, the more roofs he has installed and the greater his expertise. You also may want to ask if he has experience with the exact type of roof you want to havge installed. If your type of roof happens to be his specialty, all the better. Also, take the time to ensure he is fully licensed and ensured before you proceed. Do You Have a Physical Address? Since a roofer is coming to your home to work, it’s easy to wonder why a physical address would be important, but it is important to protect yourself from scam artists. A physical address means it is a legitimate business and somewhere you can visit if you have questions or complaints during the course of the job. Can I See References?
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mportant Questions to Ask Your Roofer
Its no secret that the roof on your house plays a very important role.  Not only does it keep rain and snow and anything else from falling on your head, it adds warmth and prevents damage to the structure of your home.  
Choosing a roofer to install a new roof is a reality for every homeowner eventually, but not all roofers are created equal.  Its nice to think that every roofer is honest and highly skilled, but that just isnt the case.  
Its wise to ask your roofer a series of questions before he starts, so you can be sure youve chosen the right roofer for your situation.  
WHhaavte T?ype of ExpereinceD oY o u
Experience is a major factor when it comes to roofers.  Basically, the longer hes been in business, the more roofs he has installed and the greater his expertise.  
You also may want to ask if he has experience with the exact type of roof you want to havge installed.  If your type of roof happens to be his specialty, all the better.  
Also, take the time to ensure he is fully licensed and ensured beforeyouproceed.
Do You Have a Physical Address?
Since a roofer is coming to your home to work, its easy to wonder why a physical address would be important, but it is important to protect yourself from scam artists.  
A physical address means it is a legitimate business and somewhere you can visit if you have questions or complaints during the course of the job.  
Can I See References?
There is nothing quite like satisfied customers when deciding on which roofer to choose for your project.  By speaking to references, you can determine if the roofer is:
 Easy to work with
Is Your Work Guaranteed?
A roofer should be willing to guarantee his work, if he is confident in his abilities.  Look for two different types of warranties when you work with a roofer. 
The first type is a manufacturers warranty and the second is a labor warranty.  These guarantees will cover both the materials and the way they were installed in your home.  
Do You Haul Away the Old RoofingMaterials?
One thing about having a new roof installed is that it can leave a huge mess behind.  Its important not to assume anything, so take the time to ask if the roofer hauls away all the old waste and materials.  
If he does haul them away, find out if there is an extra fee for this service, and how much it is.  As always, get this aspect in writing so there is no discrepancy later.  
How Do You Handle Complaints?
Any reputable business will have a policy detailing how they handle customer complaints.  Make sure your roofer has such a policy, and that you agree with the process.  
In a business like roofing, its always wise to plan for every possibility.  Hopefully, youll never have to find out how he actually handles a customer complaint, but you just never know.
Do You Use Subcontractors?
One troubling aspect of some roofing companies is when you hire a specific person, dealing with that person from the start of the process, then he uses a subcontractor to do the actual work.
Ask this question, and if the answer is yes, go over all the same questions with the subcontractor, especially the ones about experience, licenses and insurance.  
Do You Require a Deposit?
Its never a good idea to pay in full before a roofer gets started on a job, but some will certainly require a deposit fromyou.
Ask if he wants a deposit, how much it is, and what type of paymentsheaccepts. If thedeposit istoo bigfor your likingand he refuses to budge,shop around until you find a more reasonablenumber.
Is There Any Legal Action AgainstYour Company?
Pending legal action is definitely a deal breaker, so make sure youask thisquestionaspart of your questioningprocess. Ifthere is a lawsuit in the works, find out the details so you can get a better picture of how this company does business.  
If a pending lawsuit has the potential to put the company out of business or highlights some shady business practices, it may be best to look elsewhere.