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Notepads Your Way for Business & Home
The Benefits Of Using Customized Legal Pads
Paper is one of the most commonly used resources in any office. From small notepads for phone messages to
large legal pads for meeting notes, you will rarely visit an office that doesn?t have a supply closet full of
different sizes and types of paper. Even with the continued reliance on computers and electronic means of
communication, paper remains a must-have supply in most business offices. However, you don?t have to
use plain paper for your office notes. Customized notepads are available to help get your name out to the
desk of your clients and to give you an additional avenue for advertising for your business.
The first benefit to using customized notepads is the easy access that these notepads give you to your
business information. You constantly have your company?s name, phone number, fax number and address
at your fingertips when you keep a customized notepad on your desk. Rather than searching for a business
card or trying to remember difficult information off the top of your head, you will quickly be able to recite all
your business information when on the phone with a client.
Another benefit to using personalized legal pads and notepads is the advertising you receive from them. Any
time you send a note on a personalized piece of paper, the name of your business is right in front of your
potential client. You get your name in the door for a client you?ve been working on by simply sending them
information regarding your company. This also puts the name of your company at the forefront of your
client?s mind for the better part of the day. Customized notepads are a great way to subtly advertise your
business to clients you are hoping to gain.
Try using customized notepads at trade shows and conventions to give out to potential customers and
clients. Anytime you pass out a small notepad with the name of your company, that notepad will likely end
up on the desk of the person you gave it to. They will have your company information readily available and
be constantly looking at your company?s logo. Business cards can get lost or thrown away in a handful, but
notepads are a useful tool for any office. Most people will save a notepad to use in the office while a business
card may be the first thing to hit the garbage on the way out the door. Notepads also work great for potential
clients that you didn?t have an opportunity to talk to for a good amount of time. If they just stopped by your
booth, you can still pass on your information in a way that will be remembered and quickly available should
they need your service.
Personalized notepads and legal pads also work great as gifts. If you are completely at a loss for what to get
your colleague for a birthday or special holiday, consider getting them personalized notepads for their desk.
These are gifts that are appropriate and unobtrusive for any co-worker.
These fun notepads can also be used at home with your children and your spouse. Leave fun notes around
the house for them to find, and make it special. Include a pad of paper next to your home phone that is
personalized with your family name in order to personalize any messages you get. Add life to boring paper by
customizing it with the design and message of your choice.
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