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Yard Gard
What To Know About Armadillo Control In Your Neighborhood
Armadillos are one of those wild animals that are getting into more neighborhoods because they do not have
many natural enemies. The animals were once mainly in Texas but have now spread to parts of the Midwest,
East Coast and the South. If you have problems with them making a new home in your yard using a high
quality organic repellent may be your answer to an effective method of armadillo control.
You can easily spot one because they have unique armor-like skin. They can be small to medium-sized.
Although they have short legs, armadillos can move quickly. They may also jump straight up into the air if
they get startled by something like a passing car. You may find they are able to get past any obstacle to seek
the safety of your yard. They can swallow air and inflate their stomach to twice its size. The additional
buoyancy helps them to float so they can swim across ditches and narrow creeks.
Your yard may offer them the exact kind of environment where they like to live. The animals have three to
five toes on their front feet that have heavy claws. They are considered experts at digging under lawns or
nicely landscaped flower beds. Many homeowners have been surprised to find that they?ve dug near their
natural gas lines, underneath a concrete patio or under their home?s foundation. This type of behavior can
weaken the home?s structure and if not eliminated, can cause more extensive and expensive damage.
Armadillos dig to find their food which is often grubs and earthworms, and to establish a burrow to live in.
Usually they do not share their burrows with other adults. If a pregnant one is living in your yard it will
generally have four babies, which in turn may also make their homes on your property.
In recent years doctors have started warning people not to pick up or handle armadillos. These animals are
the only ones other than humans that can carry leprosy, and there is growing evidence that they may be able
to transmit it to people. Doctors are warning patients not to eat them or handle any souvenirs made from
them. The research is ongoing but doctors say it is best to be cautious around the animals. Leprosy can be
cured if it is treated in its early stages.
If you have just one nuisance animal you may want to call a wildlife trapping expert to remove it and then
relocate it elsewhere. You can also start your own plan by using an environmentally friendly repellent to keep
the animals away. There are many common items you have already have around your home that may irritate
the and keep them away including ammonia, moth balls, castor oil, cayenne pepper and Epson salts.
You can often find recipes on how to mix various ingredients together with other household products such as
liquid soap detergent and even playground sand. You will want to be very careful when making your own
repellent. Make sure the ingredients are safe to mix together and will not be harmful to children or family
pets. Also, wear protective clothing such as long sleeves and gloves as some ingredients may irritate your
skin. No matter what kind of plan you follow, you will want to start it as soon as you notice any of the
animals trying to make a home in your yard.
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