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2 pages Lots of women wear fake eyelashes to help them to look like their favourite stars including Katy Perry.

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Ajouté le : 23 avril 2016
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Lots of women wear fake eyelashes to help them to look like their favourite stars including Katy Perry. Her beautiful eyelashes became so renowned that she even has her own range ͚Katy Perry oh ŵy lashes͛. The Katy Perry fake eyelashes raŶge has ďeeŶ usedby many people hopiŶg to eŵulate her look, ďut there is soŵethiŶg that the ďuyers doŶ͛t kŶoǁ.
The Katy Perry fakeeyelashesare eŶdorsed ďy Katy Perry, ďut she doesŶ͛t aĐtually use theŵ herself. What she uses instead is a product called Idol Lash. Idol lash unlike the Katy Perry Lashes range is not a way that you can increase the thickness and length of your own natural eyelashes without the need to run out and buy Katy Perry oh mylashesfor a special occasion. With Idol lash you can wake up each morning with your own eyelashes without the need for a steady hand and glue.
All you need to do if you want Katy Perry lashes is to use the same product she uses herself. The Idol lash is a serum that is shown to provide its users with eyelashes that are longer and thicker as well as darker giving you a similar effect to eyeliner and mascara only natural. It only needs to be applied once daily and within the short space of two to four weeks, you too could have enviable eyelashes without the need to apply Katy Perry Oh my lashes to achieve it.
You doŶ͛t need to spend hours making sure your eyemakeupis perfectly lined up to get the look you want, neither will you have to worry about the rain washing away the look you have spent a long time trying to achieve. It will look just as good in the evening as it does in the morning when you wake up, much to the envy of your friends and family who are still fiddling with their Katy Perry Fake eyelashes trying to get them to look as good as hers.
Knowing Katy Perry has a secret to getting her eyelashes to look as good as they do means that you too can share the beauty of eyelashes that come from nurturing your own with Idol lash serum. Unlike eyelash implants you can apply it from the comfort of your own home and reapply just once a day to keep your eyelashes long, healthy and the envy of others.
Why go fake ǁheŶ you ĐaŶ haǀe the real thiŶg? It͛s eǀeŶ suitaďle for people that haǀe sensitive eyes, so no more trial and error withmascara͛s that proŵise optiŵuŵ results or fake eyelashes that give you sore eyes after a nights wear. Idol lash has been shown to give a 25% increase of lash length and increase the density by 82% in as little as a couple of weeks use. The longer you use it, the more dramatic results you can expect to achieve. Nothing looks better than natural, and even better the maintenance is lower.
Visit us today and find out more information on about how you can grow your eyelashes
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