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1 The emer gence of Asian coun tries
© Gualino/Lextenso éditions
Explication, p. 14.
1The Four Asîan Tîgers are the hîghly developed economîes of: a. Hong Kong, SIngapore b. South Korea c. TaIwan of the aboved. all
2A long tîme ago, all these Asîan countrîes were: a. colonIes b. IndustrIalIzed economIesc. hIgh-Income of the aboved. none
3Hong Kong has a major capîtal-îst servîce economy characterîzed by: a. hIgh taxatIon b. free trade c. the Hong Kong dollar, the thIrd most traded currency In the world. d. none of the above
4Sîngaporean manufacturîng în-cludes: electronIcsa. sIgnIicant b. petroleum reinIng, chemIcals c. mechanIcal engIneerIng and bIo-medIcal scIences sectors of the aboved. all
© Gualino/Lextenso éditions
5South Korea îs: a. a member of OECD b. an export-orIented economy c. one of the G-20 major economIes of the aboved. all
6Taîwan îs a member of: a. the World Trade OrganIzatIon (WTO) AsIa-PacIic EconomIc Coopera-b. the tIon (APEC) c. the OrganIzatIon for EconomIc Co-operatIon and Development (OECD) d. all of the above
7The Four Asîan Tîgers: a term used In reference to theIra. Is geographIc coverage b. are natIons and areas notable for maIntaInIng exceptIonally hIgh growth rates (In excess of 7 percent a year) c. do not meet the necessary condI-tIons to Innovate of the aboved. none
8Beîjîng’s încreasîng control over Hong Kong’s polîtîcs ---------- hopes of democratîc reform on the îsland, wrîtes Jonathan Watts.
a. b. c. d.
were hIt has hIt hIt none of the above
© Gualino/Lextenso éditions
9The Four Asîan tîgers have spe-cîalîzed în areas where they have a com-petîtîve advantage: a. Hong Kong and SIngapore became world leaders In textIles Korea and TaIwan becameb. South world leaders In InformatIon tech-nology became world leader In ad-c. Japan vance productIon of motor vehIcles of the aboved. none
10economîc success has Japan’s been attrîbuted to: harmonIous labour-manage-a. unIque ment relatIons Japanese asset prIce bubbleb. the c. the global recovery In 2000 d. all of the above
11Japan îs home to some of the largest, leadîng and most technîcally ad-vanced producers of: a. motor vehIcles, electronIc equIp-ment, machIne tools and nonferrous metalsb. steel c. shIps, chemIcals, textIles and pro-cessed foods d. all of the above
© Gualino/Lextenso éditions
12East Asîa îs a stunnîng ---------- success story, vîrtually everywhere else în the developîng world – Afrîca, Latîn Amerîca, the Mîddle East and most of the former communîst countrîes – stands în strîkîng contrast. a. DurIng b. WhIle c. UnlIke of the aboved. none
13Whîle East Asîa ---------- an-nually by 5.9% over the past 30 years, Latîn Amerîca and Afrîca have performed abysmally. a. grew b. has grown c. Is growIng of the aboved. none
14Hong Kong mîgrant assocîatîons say that foreîgn domestîcs are the lowest-paîd workers ---------- one of the world’s most expensîve cîtîes. a. of b. In c. off d. all of the above
15Sîngaporeans ---------- one of the hîghest standards of lîvîng în Asîa – 90% own theîr homes. a. see b. saw c. enjoy d. all of the above 11 © Gualino/Lextenso éditions
16Speak to the government în Hong Kong, the terrîtory’s busîness lead-ers or Brîtîsh oficîals and you wîll hear the same story nothîng has changed ---------- the handover to Chîna 10 years ago.
a. b. c. d.
over durIng sInce none of the above
17« ---------- makes us mad îs the fact that people we’ve accredîted are not allowed în », the World Bank’s Indone-sîa country dîrector, Andrew Steer, told Guardîan Unlîmîted.
a. b. c. d.
Whom WhIch What None of the above
18Thîs has forced the World Bank ---------- what ît belîeves în, and what ît belîeves în îs freedom of speech.
a. b. c. d.
clarIfy clarIied clarIfyIng none of the above
19Taîwan îs an îsland ---------- has for all practîcal purposes been îndepend-ent sînce 1950.
a. b. c. d.
In whIch what where none of the above
© Gualino/Lextenso éditions
20In a recent dîscussîon, Lee Kwan Yew – modern Sîngapore’s founder – was asked ---------- ît was tîme for Sîngapore to loosen up a bît polîtîcally.
a. b. c. d.
whether when whIle none of the above
21Chîna regards Taîwan as a rebel regîon that ---------- be reunîted wîth the maînland by force îf necessary.
a. b. c. d.
can’t needn’t must all of the above
22Taîwan has no seat at the Unîted Natîons ---------- ît to Chîna în 1971.
a. b. c. d.
has lost had lost lost none of the above
© Gualino/Lextenso éditions
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