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Finn watches in horror as his stepmother is gunned down in front of his house. His father reacts and kills the gunman. When Finn learns that the killer is the same man who admitted to killing his birth mother years before, he is shocked and wants to know if this is more than a terrible coincidence. At the police station, he meets Lila, daughter of the killer, and they strike up a wary friendship. Both of them are desperate to find the truth. What they discover hints at a much larger conspiracy.
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NoRàH McClintocK
NoRàH McClintocK
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McClintock, Norah Guilty / Norah McClintock.
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First published in the United States,2012 Library of Congress Control Number:2011943677
Summary: After Finn’s stepmother is allegedly murdered by Lila’s father, the two teens must work together to see what is true. And who is guilty.
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One Finn
ear my a beow, “Wa o you nk you’reI ong?” Bu ’s Trace’s Voce, sarp an sr, a pus me away rom my compuer. “Rober,” se sreks. “Do someng!” Rober s my a, bu Trace s e ony one wo eVer cas m a. To eVeryone ese, e’s jus Rob. ï go o e wnow, wonerng or e zon me ow e can san er. Se’s aways eng m o o someng or, beer, buy er someng, an se oes  n a Voce a’s ke a ens’s r. ï’s so annoyng a you’ o anyng o make  sop. ï know. ï’Ve oug abou peny o ways o su er up. ï ook ou e wnow an see Trace own n ron o e garage. he secury g makes ugy saows on er ace. Se es abou er age o eVeryone, an a brg
N O r a h MCC L I N T O C k
g an ose saows make er ook eVen oer an se reay s. Se’s w my a, bu ey aren’ aone. Tere’s someone ese own ere. A man. Hs back s o me, so ï aVe no ea wo e s or wa e’s ong ere. he ree o em are jus sanng n ron o e garage—e man w s back o me; Trace, n e g, er eyes on e man; an my a, beween Trace an e man. My a sous. ï souns ke, “Hey!” Sueny bo e an e man are n moon. My a unges a e man. He caws a m, as  e’s ryng o wrese someng away rom m. Wa’s gong on? Are ey serous, or are ey cownng aroun? ïs e man a ren o my a’s? Wa’s e ong ere so ae? Trace sreks, “Be careu, Rober!” he panc n er Voce pus me on u aer. My a an e man aren’ jus oong aroun. A eas, Trace oesn’ seem o nk ey are. ï’Ve ece a maybe ï sou go own ere wen: Blam! Blam! ï reeze. Wa e—? Down beow me, Trace crumpes an as o e groun. My a urns o ook a er. He beows. He unges a e man agan. Blam! Blam! A secon person as o e groun.
Ony my a s e sanng. ï run ownsars an ly ou e back oor. My a ears me comng. He spns aroun. He yes a me, “Ca nne-one-one. Ca nne-one-one.” ï swng back owar e ouse, uck nse an grab e coress pone rom e kcen couner. ï make e ca. ï gVe our aress, our pone number, my name. ï answer quesons. ï promse o say pu. Bu ï on’. Wen ï îns e ca, ï run back ouse. My a s on s knees bese Trace. Hs an s presse agans e se o er neck. “Da?” Wen e ooks a me, ï see asonsmen n s eyes. “ï—ï nk se’s ea. ï—a man, e—” He can’ ge e wors ou. He can’ îns s senence. “ï’s okay, Da,” ï say. “ï saw wa appene.” My a oesn’ answer. He oesn’ moVe. He mus be n sock. “An ambuance s comng,” ï say. “he poce oo.” ï’m jus guessng on a, bu ’s a sae be. ï mean, ï o e 9-1-1 operaor a wo peope a been so. “Da, you sou come nse an s own.” ï’m ara  e oesn’, e’ coapse. ï ake s arm. ha’s wen ï înay see e man’s ace. “ï know m,” ï say.
N O r a h MCC L I N T O C k
My a’s ea wps aroun. “ï mean, ï recognze m. He was ere earer ong. He aske or you. He mus aVe wae or you o come ome. Wo s e, Da?” My a oesn’ moVe or a woe mnue. Wen e înay speaks, s Voce s oarse. “He’s e man wo murere your moer.” ï ook own a Trace. ï’m as sunne as my a abou wa as jus appene. ï ee ba or Trace. ï reay o, eVen  ï neVer cou san er. Bu se’s no my moer. Se’s jus some woman my a marre aer my moer e. “ï’m akng abou Mom, Fnn,” my a says. “ha man—e’s e one wo murere Mom. Your rea mom.” ï ook own a e man wo es mooness on e aspa. ï spoke o m earer wen e came o e oor askng o see my a. Now ï în ou e’s e one wo so an ke my moer more an en years ago?
Two lila
’m n one e o a ba moo by e î or sx me I e oorbe rngs. ï knew someng was up wen e e e aparmen aer supper. He was acng srange, bu wen ï cae m on , e e o me. He o me o sop worryng so muc, nong was gong o appen, e wasn’ gong o o anyng a wou ge m no roube. He o me e a some busness o ake care o. ha was ours ago. ï’s our n e mornng. ï e’s runk or, worse,  e’s on someng, ï swear a’s . ï’ pack my bags an be ou o ere. A ng ï’Ve a e eeng a Aun Jenny was rg. ï neVer sou aVe come ere. Te oorbe rngs agan. ï unac e oor an amos rp  of e nges wen ï open . ï’m reay o e m aVe . Bu  sn’ m.
N O r a h MCC L I N T O C k
ï’s a man an a woman, bo n sus, bo grm-ookng. he man sows me s Id. He’s a cop. Terrîc. hree ays ou—ï’m beng a’s some kn o recor. “Are you La Oumee?” e woman cop asks. ï se knows enoug o ask e queson, en se areay knows e answer. Bu ï no anyway. “Does Lous Oumee Ve ere?” er parner asks. He says  Lou-is, ke Lous Armsrong. “ï’s Lou-ee,” ï e m. “An e’s no ere. ï you în m, o me a aVor. Te m ï’Ve gone back o Boson.” Back o Aun Jenny, wo warne me.I know He’s your atHer, Lila, but He’s been in prison or ten years. hat does tHings to a man. And beore tHat… “Wen was e as me you saw or spoke o your aer?” e woman cop asks. “hs mornng.” ï ook a e wo cops. “Wa  e o?” “ïs ere anyone ese ere w you, Ms. Oumee?” e mae cop says, s eyes searcng roug e open oor ben me. ï ee asame a wa ey’re seeng— e sabby groun- oor aparmen n a ny run-own ouse a s amos more an we can aor. ï’s nong ke wa ï’m use o. “No. ï’m ere aone. Wy?” Someng n e way e asks makes me nk o a e cop sows ï’Ve wace. My magnaon kcks n. ï e myse ï’m beng rcu-ous, bu e wors come ou anyway. “Were’s my a? D someng appen o m?”
“ï’m sorry o aVe o e you s,” e woman cop says. “Bu your aer s ea.” My mn banks ou. ï’m ookng a e woman cop. Se’s eng me someng ese. ï see er ps moVe, bu ï can’ ear er. ï can’ ear anyng excep e pounng o my ear. ï îs my ears. My aer s ea? ha’s no possbe. “here mus be some msake,” ï say. NowIsoun ke someone srag ou o one o ose sup tv sows. he wo cops ook seay a me. here’s no msake. “Wa appene?” ï ask. “How  e—?” “He was so.” So? “How? Wo so m?” “We’re s nVesgang,” e woman cop says. “We’re gong o nee you o eny your aer, La, uness ere’s some oer amy member wo can o .” “ï’m ,” ï say. “ï’m s amy.” Aun Jenny s my mom’s sser. Se oesn’ nk muc o my a. Se neVer . “ïs ere anyone you’ ke o ca? Anyone you wan o come w you?” ï sake my ea. “My aer an ï moVe n ere a coupe o ays ago. Beore a, ï was n Boson. ï on’ know anyone ere.” he woman cop nos. Se asks  se an er parner can sep nse we ï ge cange, wc s wen ï remember a ï’m wearng lanne pajama booms an