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Atransatlantic flight from Paris to New York is very long… A lot too long for Julie who was yawning in her window seat.
“Would you like to watchThe Ice Ageon my laptop?” suggested her mom.
But Julie just yawned again.
She’d already seenThe Ice Agemillions of times! She knew the whole thing by heart.
Julie pressed her nose up to the window and sighed as she looked down at the flat fleecy clouds below the plane.
“We are currently flying over Greenland ;announced the stewardess in a sing-song voice over the intercom. Our altitude is 30,000 feet. The outside temperature is -49° F.”
“Big deal!” grumbled Julie. “We could be flying over Timbuktu for all the difference it would make. All you can see is clouds…”
Julie stopped in mid-sentence and gasped. Down there in that white ocean of clouds, she thought she had just seen a strange kind of bird. A very, very big bird!
Julie squinted: yes, there it was, she saw it again! It had enormous wings without feathers. They looked like bat wings… only much, much bigger! And it also had a huge beak and piercing eyes.
Wait a minute, that reminded her of something… something she’d once seen somewhere in a book… Or, maybe it was inThe Ice Age, Part Three! Yes! Of course – it’s not a bird, it’s a pterodactyl, a flying prehistoric reptile!!!
Petrified, Julie could feel her heart racing. The pterodactyl was flying toward the plane at high
speed. It swooped through the air and was heading straight for her window. Watch out!! a collision! Julie closed her eyes and shrank back into her seat… but nothing happened. “What’s the matter, Julie?” her mom asked with concern.
“There’s a pte… pte…
a pter… pter…
a ptero… ptero…,”
stammered Julie, pointing to the window. “A what?” Her mom learned over to look out the window. But the pterodactyl had disappeared.
Julie was relieved and disappointed at the same time. She must just have been dreaming. “Ladies and gentlemen, we will shortly be beginning our descent to New York. Please fasten your seatbelts. We will be passing through an area of turbulence”, the stewardess announced over the intercom. The plane dived down through the clouds. Suddenly, Julie gave a start! There, hanging onto the hold of the plane, just below her window,
she saw the pterodactyl staring her right in the eyes. For the space of an instant, their eyes met… an instant that seemed to last an eternity. Then the bird unhooked his claws from the plane and with a few flaps of his wings disappeared into the ocean of cottony clouds. Wow!
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