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Head in the Clouds

7 pages

Bye-bye boredom! 1 illustrated story to make time fly while you wait!

Do you hate waiting? Julie does too! So imagine her annoyance in an airplane… especially on a flight from Paris to New York! Luckily, a strange kind of bird arrives to chase away her boredom… But is it really a bird? It almost looks more like… a pterodactyl!

This story is from the collected volume Bye-bye boredom - Dinosaurs, Stories to Help Pass the Time, also available in digital format.

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Atransatlantic flight from Paris to New York is very long… A lot too long for Julie who was yawning in her window seat.
“Would you like to watchThe Ice Ageon my laptop?” suggested her mom.
But Julie just yawned again.
She’d already seenThe Ice Agemillions of times! She knew the whole thing by heart.
Julie pressed her nose up to the window and sighed as she looked down at the flat fleecy clouds below the plane.
“We are currently flying over Greenland ;announced the stewardess in a sing-song voice over the intercom. Our altitude is 30,000 feet. The outside temperature is -49° F.”