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Ripple Effect

144 pages
Best friends Dana and Janelle had big plans for grade six. Run on the cross-country team together. Try out for volleyball. They’d even planned to be partners for the class geography project. Neither girl could have known that a biking accident would land Janelle in the hospital all summer long. Dana is convinced that everything will go back to normal once school starts. But Queen Bee Julia has co-opted her friend, and Janelle’s crutches make running or playing volleyball impossible. Over time, the girls begin to act more and more like strangers. As Dana struggles to come to terms with her feelings of guilt, anger and loneliness, she wonders if there’s anything left of her old friendship that’s salvageable. Can she find her way back to her best friend?
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SYlvia taekema
SYlvia taekema
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Taekema, Sylvia,1964–, author Ripple effect / Sylvia Taekema.
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First published in the United States,2015Library of Congress Control Number:2015935511
Summary: Dana’s relationship with her best friend is put to the test when Janelle is injured in a summer biking accident.
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For my daughters
“Janelle is yourbes rîend, Dana. We soud go.” Dana sood a e boom o e saîrs. Se ooked over a er dad, wo was waîîng în e away, ruck keys în and. “I wen aready, wî Grandpa, remember?” “I know. Bu a was weeks ago. he rucks a ixed now and—” “For now,” Dana saîd wî a a smîe. “Is suc a ong way, Dad. I înk wed beer ake î easy on a od ruck. You need î or work.” Ater beîng aîd of rom e acory a wîner, Danas dad ad sared îs own awn-care busî-ness back în Aprî. Hed been so busy a summer e dîdn ave îme o ake Dana o e îbrary or
Sylvia Taekema
e swîmmîng poo, e aone drîve o e cîdrens ospîa an our away o see Janee. Danas moer dîdn ave a car. Se was înense abou doîng er par o save e envîronmen and aways ook e bus o work. As a resu, Dana and er broer, Dae, waked everywere or ook eîr bîkes. Wen Danas grandaer ad come o vîsî or a week a e end o Juy, ed aken er up o e ospîa în îs îe rena car. Hed eped erind e rîg room. Janees mom and dad and aun and unce were ere, everyone akîng în wîspers. Ney was pae. Her enîre et eg was se în a cas and resed în a arness suspended above e bed. I ooked uncomorabe. I aso ooked îke î woud be reay ard or Janee o move around, bu maybe a dîdn maer because se was so very, very sî. Her eyes were cosed. Dana e î. Her ear umped oddy. Se wîped er sweay ands on er sors and ook a deep brea. Se was sî ryîng o ge up e courage o wak over o e bed wen a nurse ad come în and sooed everyone ou. “Too many vîsîors,”se saîd. “hîs gîr needs o res.”
Ripple Effect
Danas grandaer ad spoken wî Janees parens în e away ousîde e room or a ew mînues wîe Dana sa on a benc. hen e ook er ou or a mîksake, bu se dîdn reay ase î. He od er a kînds o unny sorîes rom îs raves, bu se ony a eard em. “I know youre dîsappoîned abou no beîng abe o vîsî wî your rîend,” er grandpa ad saîd, resîng a and on er souder. Dana dîdn e îm a se ad acuay e reîeved. Over e nex ew weeks, Dana ad rîed a ew îmes o ca Janees room. Dana’s moer ad goen e number or er. Te îrs îme se caed, e pone jus rang and rang, and a scared er. Wy dîdn Janee answer? Had someîng bad appened? I wasn îke se coud go anywere wî er eg e way î was. Te second îme, a nurse answered and saîd Janee was wî a pysîoerapîs. Te îrd îme, Janees dad answered and saîd se was down a X-ray. He asked î Dana coud ca back în a a our or so. “Sure,” Dana ad saîd. Bu se dîdn. Se jus…dîdn.
Sylvia Taekema
A roug e summer, Danas moer ad kep askîng er î se was a rîg. “Im ine. Wy woudn I be?” “I mean, wî wa appened o Janee and everyîng.” Dana was puzzed. “I dîdn appen o me, Mom.” “I dîd, în a sense. hese îngs ouc peope în dîferen ways.” Dana srugged. Se dîdn undersand wa er mom was geîng a. “Im okay.” Se knew everyîng woud be ine agaîn once Janee was ome. Danas dad kep sayîng îngs îke “Nex week doesn ook so bad,” or “I înk I can be caug up în a ew more days.” Bu î raîned enoug o keep e grass green and growîng, and e weeds seemed o do doube îme în e ea. hen e ruck broke down. I sayed în e sop or a woe week wîe Danas dad rescedued wî îs cusomers and worked o cac up on îs bookkeepîng a e kîcen abe. Bu now e ruck was ixed. And even oug e was swamped wî jobs agaîn,
Ripple Effect
Danas dad însîsed e woud ake e aternoon of so a Dana coud vîsî Janee. “Dana, wen your rîend îs în e ospîa—” “I ae ospîas, Dad,” Dana cu în. “hey sme unny. And I ae a ose ubes and macînes and beepîng noîses. Te woe pace makes meee sîck. Im no îke Mom. I woud make a errîbe nurse.” Se suddered and sa down on eboom saîr. Her dad sîged. “No ones askîng you o be a nurse, Dana.” “Dad, Ney knows me. Se knows I înk ospîas are creepy. Remember wen Dae broke îs wrîs în e baskeba game as wîner and you and Mom and I broug îm o Emergency? How you ad o ca Mrs. Murpy and Janee o come ge me because I was sarîng o ook îke more o a paîen an Dae was?” Her aer auged. “I remember.” “And Janee knows a abou our od ruck oo. Se won care. Se undersand.” Her aer sook îs ead. “I ope youre rîg.” He ook of îs good jacke and ung î back