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Strangled Silence

448 pages

When pretty, talented and very ambitious Amina Mir manages to land a newspaper work experience placement she thinks it might just be making coffee and following-up tame stories. But then, when by chance she¿s sent to interview Ivor MacMorris, a veteran of the war in Sinnostan who¿s just won millions on the lottery, but bizarrely hasn¿t spent a penny, things start to get interesting . . . and dangerous.
Ivor thinks he¿s been made to forget what happened in Sinnostan. He believes false memories of how and why he lost an eye have been planted in his brain and that he¿s being followed by threatening faceless people. At first Amina thinks Ivor¿s suffering from some sort of post-traumatic stress disorder, but soon Ivor, conspiracy theorist Chi Sandwith and events persuade Amina that she could have stumbled into one of the biggest and most terrifying cover-ups ever.

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Strangled Silence