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The Wolf and Me

256 pages
Bunny is in trouble. He’s been kidnapped from the skating rink at City Hall in Toronto, and now he’s locked in a cold basement room, still in his parka and skates. Where is he? And why do his kidnappers keep asking questions about his dead grandpa and some weird national anthem? Bunny may not always know what’s going on, but he has an innocent’s ability to get to the heart of things and find out what it’s all about. When he manages to escape, he skates across hockey rinks and down frozen highways, always a few strides ahead of his kidnappers. He gets help along the way from an assortment of characters, some kindly, some crazy, some scary and at least one that will make your jaw drop.
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RichaRd ScRimgeR The Wolf and Me
Rich a R d ScRi m g eR The Wolf and Me
Copyright ©2014Richard Scrimger
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Scrimger, Richard, 1957, author The wolf and me / Richard Scrimger. (The seven sequels)
Issued in print and electronic formats. isbn 9781459805316 (pbk.).isbn 9781459805323 (pdf). isbn 9781459805330 (epub)
I. Title. ps8587.c745w65 2014jc813’.54 c20149015496 c2014901550x
First published in the United States,2014 Library of Congress Control Number:2014935391
Summary:Bunny is kidnapped and held for ransom, and when he escapes, he is farther away from home than he thinks and the only guidance he gets is from a wolf.
Orca Book Publishers gratefully acknowledges the support for its publishing programs provided by the following agencies: the Government of Canada through the Canada Book Fund and the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Province of British Columbia through the BC Arts Council and the Book Publishing Tax Credit.
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To my daughter, Thea, with love and thanks for being herself.
to See all of the couSinS’ tRavelS check out thiS online map.
too See how all of the couSinS aRe connected, check out thiS family tRee.
help. come now.im in tRuBBle.
No thats not rite. I have to do the last word again.I rub it out. Im working on my spelling. Mr Wing says its way better than when I came to Creekside last summer. But Im still pretty bad. TROUBLE. I think about what else I shuld rite. I only have1 small sheet of paper and there isnt room for much. The pencil is a stub—I hold it in my thum and2 fingers. The room is cold and my breath makes puffy little clouds when I breath out. BE CARE FULL. BAD GUYS WITH GUNS.
RichaRd ScRi mgeR
Now I need to rite where I am or how will they find me? NEWMAN. Thats the most important thing. The name on the male box. I saw it when I got here. I was feeling sick from the long drive in the dark and when the guys in the masks pulled me out of the trunk of the car I fell down on my hands and nees and started throwing up. The mask guys jumped out of the way and wentEww. When I finished throwing up I felt better. I took deep breaths and wiped away my swet. And thats whenI saw the male box at the end of the drive. It was nite and the car lites were shining on it and there was the name in brite red letters on the gray metal of the male box. NEWMAN. I want help to come to the rite place. I stand up on my bed and stare out my little window. Theres snow piled up aganest the bottom of the window cause I am in the basement. And theres bars running up and down the window like jail bars. I rite down what I can see thru the window past the bars and the piled up snow. WOOD FENCE. WHITE BARN. THING THAT GOES ROUND.
the wolf and me
You know those things. They point where the wind blows. This one is shaped like an arrow with a sun on top. ROAD WITH40SINE. That’s the speed limit. The sine is past the fence down the road from the house. Not a lot of cars go by but when they do thats how fast they go. 40. I get down from my bed and read over my note. Theres nothing else to put in. Pine trees and clouds and snow is the only other stuff I can see and that wont help anybody find me. Theres a bit of room at the bottom of the paper so I print my name. BUNNY OTOOLE. Thats me. Its a pretty good note. Anyone reading it will know theres a guy named Bunny who needs help. They will look for a farm with a white barn belonging to Newman. If they are police they will come. And if they are not police they will go to the police. I put the note in my pocket and wait for Vi. She is the nice 1 of the bad guys. There are 3 others or maybe more—its hard to say how many they are cause they all look the same when they wear masks. Vi doesnt wear a mask. Also she doesnt yell at me or push me around.
RichaRd ScRi mgeR
Thats how I know shes nice. She told me her name and said she wanted to help me. What we are doing isrong, she said.WRONG. Our cause is rite but thisis wrong. Kid napping is wrong. Is that what you are doing? I asked. Kid napping? Yes she said. And who are you kid napping? You she said. Oh rite I said. That was this morning.
Last nite I didnt see her. I only saw the guys who took me out of the car. 2 of them. Pretty big guys with parkas and gloves and those ski masks with holes for the eyes. They dragged me out of the trunk and into the house and took off my skates witch I still had on from skating at city hall with my brother Spencer.The skate laces got into a not and one of the guys had to take off his gloves to undo them. He had white hands with dirty nails. The 2 guys dragged me down the hall and then pushed me down the stares. I was still feeling pretty bad. My head hurt and my legs
the wolf and me
didnt work rite. You know when your foot is asleep and you cant stand up? Like that only both feet. I fell all the way down the stares and lay at the bottom. The guys rumbled down after me and threw me into the room. I didnt know what was going on. Thats normal for me. But this time I didnt have any idea at all.I mean nothing. I shivered all nite long. In the morning an other guy came to see me so there were 3 guys in my room. The new guy was bigger than the other 2 and fat and his ski maskwas red. They watched him. He didnt watch them. He was the boss. I thot about standing up but I was feeling creeky. Also I thot that if I stood up the boss guy wuld nock me down and if I stayed sitting then he wuldnt. And if he nocked me over when I was sitting down thenI wuldnt fall as far. Anyway I stayed down. He stood in front of me and asked questions about Mr Clean. At least thats what I thot he said. Who? I asked. I wasnt sure I herd rite. He talked English ok but with an axent. He missed some words and he said other ones kind of funny. The guy ontv? I said. The bald guy?