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Leaving Fletchville

168 pages
Brandon is the biggest and toughest kid in his small-town school. He is feared as a bully, but he only pretends to be "dumb as a bag of hammers," so he can learn as much as possible about the people around him. When Leon, his sister Winnie, and their lively little brother Sam, arrive in Kingsville, they are the only black people in town. Everyone is curious about them -- where they came from, what their parents do -- but when Brandon discovers the truth about their situation, he decides to do what he can to protect them from harm.
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Leaving Fletchville R E N É S C H M I D T
Leaving Fletchville
Leaving Fletchville
Leaving Fletchville
Orca Book Publishers
Text copyright ©2008René Schmidt
All rights reserved. No part of this publication may be reproduced or transmitted in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or by any information storage and retrieval system now known or to be invented, without permission in writing from the publisher.
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Schmidt, René Leaving Fletchville / written by René Schmidt. ISBN 9781551439457 I. Title. PS8637.C44915L42 2008 jC813’.6 C20089030605
First published in the United States,2008Library of Congress Control Number:2008928580
Summary: Brandon has a reputation for being a big dumb bully, but when a new family comes to town, he works hard to protect them and keep their secret.
Orca Book Publishers gratefully acknowledges the support for its publishing programs provided by the following agencies: the Government of Canada through the Book Publishing Industry Development Program and the Canada Council for the Arts, and the Province of British Columbia through the BC Arts Council and the Book Publishing Tax Credit. Design by Teresa Bubela Cover artwork by Getty Images
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Orca Book Publishers PO Box 468 Custer, WA USA 982400468
www.orcabook.com Printed and bound in Canada. Printed on 100% PCW recycled paper.  11 10 09 08 • 4 3 2 1
To all my students who had to be the adult when they got home, especially those of you I never knew about…
My Irs anks go o my swee Sîrey. Wîou your unseIs efors a year ong, ï woud never ave îme o wrîe. Tîs book îs yours oo. And anks o myae moer-în-aw, Marg, wo oved e woe îng.A aery ug o my sons, Adrîan and Dan, or encour-agemen and dîaogue îps. ï am especîay graeu o Aîeen Fecer, wo învened Fecvîe, a program a as been we used by me and my casses or many years. hanks o Bev Donadson and Barbara Trîmm, wo sared vauabe însîgs. hanks aso o Lîndsay Wîgînon or grocery sore secres. ï am especîay graeu o a my sudens or eîr grea suggesîons: Jayden Adams, Jos Anderson, Zac Baarda, Mackenzîe Born, Sommer Boyce, Torî Deîne, Jesse DeWar, Parîck Eare, Seven Foser, Jessîca Labee, Kaîyn Lebe, Jennîer MacDonad, Courney Maîn, Zack
Makarcuk, Crîs Maxwe, Andrew McCo, Haey McRae, Kaîyn Nobe, Forres Odreîve, Emîy Osmond, Bake Rîcardson, Lauryn Ronsky, Cameron Sager, Coe Sager, Brennan hompson, Jos hompson, Ben Worobez, Anna Barker, Hoy Doxaor, Tayor For, Jake Grîmmer, Cassîe Hacke, Jesee Jones, Travîs Jones, Ryan Laeur, Roîsîn Larcombe, Robîn Lîdser, Vîckî MacDonad, Ryan McGae, Naan Nîes, Daas O, Adam Oson, Jonaan Pîdoux, Tayor Rodden, Morgan Sco, Ben Squîer, Mîcae Trus, Donnîe Waace, Mac Wîock and Sco Woodbeck. ï ï can do î, you can oo. Keep wrîîng! Fînay, a bîg ank-you o Sara Harvey, wo cose e manuscrîp and dîd suc a grea job edîîng î.You made î appen.
Chapter One
Te day Leon came o my scoo was a day îke any oer. ï was în e prîncîpa’s oice agaîn or dîsrupîng e cass. ï ad a sared wen Mrs. CawIed asked Zac were îs omework assîgnmen was. As usua, Zac’s aîr was unbrused, and e coar o îs sîr was saîned. He’d worn e sîr or ree days în a row. He swaowed, and a musce jumped în îs skînny neck as Mrs. CawIed asked îm agaîn or îs omework. here was ear în îs eyes. Anyone coud see a e dîdn’ ave e work done. Wa Mrs. CawIed dîdn’ know was a wen Zac go în roube a scoo, e go beaen a ome. Wî Iss. ï never dîd my ome-work. Mos eacers ad sopped askîng me or î. “Zacarîa, were îs your assîgnmen? ï îs overdue.” ï waîed unî Mrs. CawIed ooked away so ï coud wîp an eraser a Roger’s ead.