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A Talent for Surrender

272 pages

Jo Lennox is a woman with a secret. By day she is headmistress of an exclusive private school: by night, a sexual adventurer who loves to dominate and humiliate men. Dan Elliot is a documentary film-maker who uses his looks and charm to persuade his subjects to expose their secrets.When their paths cross, Dan realises how much he has to learn about his own nature and his hidden desires. He becomes her willing pupil, eager to obey and hungry for experience. And Jo assumes the role of his teacher and guide, providing punishment, pleasure and the perverse by initiating him into a world of darkness and extreme submission.

"'Enjoyable fare for any reader with a keen taste in dominance and submission [with] something to please virtually any kinky reader...you'll be able to recommend [The Art of Surrender] to knot fans without reservation' ETO"

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A Talent for Surrender