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Liars in Love

288 pages

With his second collection of short stories, Richard Yates continues to extend his range as a writer of stunning power and eloquence.
Liars in Love is concerned with troubled relations and the elusive nature of truth:
Hope, dread, disorder, and a nervous entangling of separate lives in Greenwich Village during the Depression, as seen by a child, in 'Oh, Joseph, I¿m So Tired'. The volatile, perilous course of events set in motion when two divorced mothers agree to ¿pool their resources¿ and live together, with their children in 'Trying Out for the Race'. A young American soldier¿s too-abrupt postwar reunion, on foreign soil, with the lovely, dismayingly grown-up sister he hasn¿t seen since he was eleven and she was ten, in 'A Compassionate Leave'.
The seven stories in this collection showcase Yates's extraordinary gift for observation and description. The last and longest of them, a rich, lucid, and compelling piece called 'Saying Goodbye to Sally', achieves a fitting conclusion for the book ¿ and a resonant final statement of its theme.

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Liars in Love