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Or the Bull Kills You

416 pages

Either you kill the bull, or the bull kills you ¿ traditional proverb.
Chief Inspector Max Cámara hates bullfighting, but one hot afternoon in Valencia he has to replace his boss, judging a festival corrida, starring Spain¿s most famous young matador. That night, to his surprise, he is back in the bullring, and what he finds on the blood-stained sand shocks the city of Valencia to its core. As Cámara hunts down his prey through the streets and bars he knows so well, firecrackers echo around him in the build-up to the spring festival of Fallas, and the town-hall politicians work feverishly towards an election. The trail of death, money, corruption and sex leads him inland to the mountains inland, and down to the reedy lagoons of the coast. And all the time, Cámara is dealing with his own demons and desires...
Or the Bull Kills You is intelligent, compelling detective fiction, in the tradition of Michael Dibdin, with a fantastically authentic setting, exciting plot and great detective (with a love of flamenco and brandy, plus a grandfather who supplies him with dope from time to time). This is the first of a series of books starring the idiosyncratic and appealing Cámara ¿ a man clearly destined to make his mark.

"A powerful, dangerous book."
"-- Conde Nast Traveller
""Fast paced and exciting."
""-- "Independent

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Or the Bull Kills You