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Rika's Jewel

240 pages

Norway, 1066 AD. A group of female Viking warriors - Ingrid's Crew - have set sail to fight the Saxons in Britain, and Ingrid's young lover, Rika, ,is determined to follow them. But, urged on by dark-haired oarswoman, Pia, Rika penetrates a devious plan masterminded by Ingrid - one which involves a secret cult back home in Norway which is spreading through the whole of Northern Europe.
The cult is strangely compelling, and its female devotees revel in performing erotic rites which re-enact the Nordic creation myth. In the midst of battles, sea journeys, scarification, fire-dancing and tattooing, Rika must make a choice: will she overcome Ingrid's psychic hold, or will she succumb to the intoxicating rituals of the cult?

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Rika's Jewel