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Wolf At The Door

288 pages

Thirty-year-old Pagan Warner is marrying Greg ¿ a debonair but seemingly dull Englishman ¿ in an effort to erase her turbulent past. All she wants is a peaceful life but her past catches up with her in the form of bad boy Richard ¿Wolf¿ Mancini, the man who seduced her as a teenager. Tempted into rekindling their intensely sexual affair while making her wedding preparations, she intends to break off the illicit liaison one she is married. However, Pagan has underestimated the Wolf¿s obsession. Mancini has spotted Greg¿s own weaknesses and intends to exploit them to the full, undermining him in his professional life. When he sends the slinky, raven-haired Renate in to do his dirty work, the course is set for a descent into depravity.

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Wolf At The Door