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April in Chains

Paul Roan

This page copyright © 2007 Olympia Press.


The claim is frequently made that watching television is replacing reading as a source of both entertainment and information, and will eventually do so completely. As book publishers, we obviously do not believe that this is true. However, there is some validity to the claim, and it is worth examining carefully. As usual, the real situation is much more complex than most people realize and can't be reduced to any such sweeping generalizations.

There are few people who are old enough to know from direct experience how vast are the changes that have taken place in our world in the last century. The biography of a man who was born in 1870 and raised in a rural backwater named Dry Folk in the area of southern Illinois known as Little Egypt is highly illuminating. He wrote:

“Our books were an ancient, musty-smelling Bible, originally bound in black leather but with one of its covers missing, and a book about the Great Plains, called The Buffalo Land. Later we secured two more books from somewhere, a History of Andersonville Prison and Robinson Crusoe. We borrowed the county newspaper when we could and read it, usually three weeks late.”

He also described his school, as follows: “There were four months of school in winter and two in summer. After the summer term in Hard-scrabble we moved into Ward School District; but the process was the same there, and everywhere, so far as I know. Our textbooks were not uniform; we took what we had and the teacher somehow managed to get along.... With what help the teacher could give, pupils gathered from this array of books the learning available in rural areas at that time.... One teacher in Ward School told us in a moment of pause that he had been on a train that 'traveled 60 miles an hour.' We sat open-mouthed and incredulous at that.”

Even in a seemingly television-dominated age, most families today certainly possess more than four books, newspapers thrive, and people generally read more than they did in 1870. In fact, we are subjected to a barrage of information from all sides and many different media. And we begin receiving that information at a much earlier age than anyone did in the past. Children learn more things faster now than they ever did years ago, even though not all of those things come to them through the process of formal education. Today's youngsters are, by any comparison we can make, fantastically sophisticated about current events, science, politics, and many other things—including sex.

At the same time, children no longer assimilate all this data vicariously, as they did when the school was their primary source of knowledge. They see more, they travel more, they experience more than did the children of even a generation ago. In this particular sense the generation gap is very real, and while the change must be called progress it has also created some very definite problems.

What some of those problems can be is illustrated by April in Chains, the new novel by Paul Roan. April, the heroine, is thirteen, and the daughter of parents who happen to be very young themselves. She is beautiful, pampered, and hopelessly spoiled. Her father is an aerospace engineer, and the level of intelligence in the entire family is high. It is not so high, however, that the family members can overcome all the difficulties that April's blossoming into young womanhood create.

April's sex education has been an excellent one. On an intellectual level, she knows all she has to in order to cope with her own newborn sexuality. On an emotional level, she is far from being fully prepared. The resulting events have their effects on everyone in the family: April herself, her mother Gloria, her father Ernie, and her two handsome young brothers, Joey and Artie.

Although at first she is confused and unsure of herself, April gradually becomes the dominating force in the family. This may sound improbable, but Mr. Roan's novel shows in convincing detail how it could really happen. Mr. Roan studied social psychology at both Harvard and Purdue universities before deciding to pursue a career in journalism and literature, and has been editor of a magazine for schoolteachers. His facts are authentic, his characters very true-to-life, and his perceptions are incisive. You will believe completely in April and her family, even though some of their adventures will astonish you.

You will undoubtedly find yourself wondering how many children like April there are in the United States of America today. That is a question no one can answer for sure at this point, but it is certainly an area in which research should be done by qualified psychological investigators. Perhaps the publication of April in Chains will inspire some group to do such research. If so, it will have been a very valuable book indeed.

The Publishers Chatsworth, Cal. February, 1972


It would always seem to April that she grew up overnight. One week she was just a scrawny, longhaired blonde with big gray eyes and a slow smile that made a sullen, full-lipped mouth appealing. And then she was suddenly a glowing beauty, her breasts gloriously shaped, her legs and hips abruptly beautiful, feminine and inflammatory.

She stood in front of the bathroom mirror one day, examining her new splendor, and as she cupped the full young breasts in caressing palms she smiled and decided that she was grown-up and that she was beautiful, too.

“Even prettier than Glory,” she bragged to herself.

Looking at her nude body aroused her sexually and she smiled at her own image as she slipped her finger between her legs and began relieving her quick passions in a familiar way.

She had always played with herself. It had been something nice to do when she was in bed at night and not too sleepy; as she grew older and her reactions became more intense she did it more often and it was more fun each time.

She continued masturbating until her body shook and pulsed fiercely with the rigors of orgasm, then she sighed and stepped into the stall shower. The gentle sting of the cascading water aroused her anew. She giggled as her hands soaped her body and her skin responded with sharp tinglings. The least little thing got her hot nowadays; once she got turned on, it could take hours or even days to cool her off.

She handled her rubbery young breasts with loving, caressing motions as she soaped them and she was sure that they were growing larger, prettier. She had heard some of her girlfriends saying that sucking a boy off could make a girl's body develop quickly and beautifully, with a clear glowing complexion, bright eyes, and a general sense of well-being. Now that she had begun to feed on Joey, she could sure tell others that the male product did wonderful things for a girl. At least, it did them for her. She cupped her plump beauties in her palms and she squeezed them.

“Thank you, Joey,” she said softly.

She began using the washcloth and she squirmed and wriggled around as she induced exquisite little thrills in various parts of her person. She could not resist the urge to use her fingers to achieve another orgasm and when she finished with that, she let the water rinse her body clean and she climbed out of the stall and padded into her bedroom.

She slipped into a skirt and a blouse. No pants, no bra. Joey would soon be home from school and she had a bad case of the hots so she and Joey would have a ball. There was lots of time.

Glory had Artie, her older brother, with her and they were going to be busy all afternoon picking out a suit for Artie. He was only a year older than Joey, so she had not yet seduced him. But, she was thinking about it. Artie was sixteen and Joey was fifteen and they were both longhairs. They wore their long, golden hair down to their shoulders and she had often thought that they would certainly look like very beautiful young girls if they ever got dolled up in girls' clothes. She had even thought of doing it to Joey, but she never had the time.

There were always other things to do to Joey, or with him.

She brushed her long blonde hair and the way it gleamed and shimmered in the afternoon sunlight delighted her. She touched her mouth with lipstick and then she put some eye makeup on and she was quite pleased with her appearance. She would sure turn Joey on this afternoon. And that was the name of the game for her.

She went into her mother's bedroom to steal some of her perfume and she helped herself to one of the scents that her mother used. She looked at the wedding picture of her parents on their bureau and she was amazed, as she always was, when she realized that Glory looked as young and beautiful as she did. Ernie, her father was very young and handsome and it would be hard for people to believe that he was father to three teenagers.

But he was.

He was away now, and he was away quite a bit lately. He was a space program engineer and they were always sending him off to some god-forsaken place and he would be gone for weeks at a time.

April adored her father; the boys did, too. But they were docile just like their father. Glory was the boss of the family, and the others did exactly what she told them to do—and they did it quick. Glory had ways of making them hop.

April knew her father made good money; they had a beautiful home and there was always lots of money and all kinds of goodies for all of them.

She glanced at her wristwatch, then left her mother's room. She went into the living room and sat trying to get interested in a television show but she could not concentrate. She was ablaze with sexual fires and she couldn't wait for Joey to get home from school so that she could get at him and let him get at her. She would enjoy it both ways, she knew.

Joey was such a dear, sweet boy, she mused. She could remember the first time she had thought of trying to seduce him. She had a girlfriend, a cute, thirteen-year-old sexpot who was having a ball with her younger brother; when she was told that lots of kids were fooling around at home these days, she wished she had someone to fool around with her own personal playmate.

A moment later, Joey had walked into her room, to ask her about something; she had tilted her head to one side so that she could look at him with very real interest.

He was big for his age, a very good-looking boy, almost girlish with his long hair, deep blue eyes and gentle ways. The urge to shock him, to seduce him, too, was very strong in her and she was suddenly so hot, she was on fire.

When he turned to go out of her room, she told him to stay.

“I want to talk to you, Joey,” she said.

“All right.” He moved back into her room to sit in one of the chairs. She was so hot and so uncertain about doing what she had in mind that her mouth felt stiff and awkward and it just didn't seem able to work right. She sat on her bed and drew her knees up under her chin and looked at him with her slow, sexy smile going full blast.

“Joey,” she asked slowly,” how often do boys do it?”

He stared at her. “Do what?”

His face was getting pink and she knew that she was embarrassing him; instead of deterring her, that simply made her more determined to get at him and as quickly as possible.

“You know what I mean,” she said. “Boys jerk off a lot and I know it and so do you. I just wanted you to tell me about it. Maybe let me watch you do it.”

Joey's handsome face turned brick red; he looked down at the carpet while squirming around in his chair, unable to sit still.

“Aw, sis,” he said, “you don't want to know about that kind of stuff and I don't do things like that anyway.”

April sighed.

“I know you do it, Joey,” she said. She looked right into his eyes and it delighted her when she could see him squirm. “One afternoon I peeked through the keyhole and I could almost see what you were doing. And, you know what you were doing. So, don't lie. I just thought that we could have some fun. I get so damned bored all the time.”

He was looking at the floor and didn't answer. Yet he didn't get up to leave her room either. A big surge of confidence swept through her; she moved over to stand close to him, got out her pack of cigarettes, lit one and gave it to him. He looked up at her with a startled gaze and she laughed at him.

“Don't be just a little boy, Joey,” she said softly. “We could have lots of fun.”

“You're my sister,” he said. It was only a mild objection and she laughed at him, softly, seductively.

“It won't bother me, if it doesn't bother you. Just think of all the fun we could have. And, I am a girl. Don't you think I am pretty?”

He smiled at her then. “Golly, yes,” he said. “You are really beautiful. All the guys at school say that about you. So many of them want to go steady with you.”

“I don't give a damn about them,” April said. “But, I do like you. Now, how about it, you want to play or not?”

His face was flushed and he was trembling as he looked up at her. She knew that she had won, but she was as uncertain of the next move as he was.

“I don't know what to do,” he said.

She sat down on the carpeting in front of him, reached for his fly and while he sat and shivered, got it opened. Then she had his immense rod in her fingers. She was shaking too and, as she stared at the deep red knob of his cock, began licking her lips; her mouth was suddenly dry and stiff. She wrapped her hand around his cock and moved her hand up and down; he was groaning and shifting around on his chair. He put his hands on her arm and tried to stop her. She refused to be stopped and then her eyes widened and she stared as his cock erupted his juices all over his shirt and his chin— then he was helping her to finish him properly. His hand grasped hers and their fists became a blur as he labored frantically to ease the torments in his loins.

When it was over for him, she got up and started for the bathroom to get a washcloth or a sponge. Joey began to adjust his clothing and she discovered something quite useful about Joey right then and there.

“You stay right there,” she said. “And, don't you touch anything. You hear me?”

He nodded his head and she could see that he would be obedient; if she told him to hang by his thumbs until dead, he would do it. Joey was that kind of a boy.

When she returned with the washcloth, he was sitting as she had left him. She took great care when she washed his still erect organ. She tried to do something about the goo that had splashed his shirt but there was little that she could do. She wiped his chin and his face and then she stood up. She could feel the wetness in her own crotch: she had come splendidly while jerking him off and she had not had to touch her own flesh. She grinned at him and she could see that he was a bit more relaxed and she was glad of that.

“Take your clothes off, Joey,” she said. “That way I can get at you better and I will put your shirt in the wash.”

He was nervous and hesitant, but she insisted.

“We have lots of time, Joey,” she said. “Glory won't get home yet for hours and Artie is at the base with Ernie, so we have the house to ourselves.”

He looked silly sitting in the chair with his fly open and his cock sticking straight up in the air. She reached for it and her fingers curled around it lovingly and she gave him her slow, sexy smile. He was practically melting for her then.

She took her hand away and he stood up. She suggested that he go into his own room to undress and she followed him. She took his clothing from him as he gave it to her and when he was down to his shorts, she demanded them, too. He took them off and she went close so that she could handle his balls and his cock and it was all new and thrilling to her and she could feel the quick, clenching climaxes in her loins. She liked that very much.

There was something especially thrilling and sexually stimulating in the way he stood and let her handle him as much as she wanted to. She could not resist the urge to bend down and kiss the tip of his organ and when she did that, she tasted the fluid that was welling from the tiny opening. It was a taste that she liked and she recalled how her girlfriend had said that a girl could enjoy sucking a boy's cock and lots of girls got hung up on it and a steady diet of semen could clear up acne, make the boobs grow prettily and give a girl a bright, cheerful outlook on life. She was determined that Joey was going to do all of those things for her.

The way Joey groaned and pranced around while she handled him suggested that Joey would be eager to delight her in any way that she could think up. She could feel her own sexual organs in action and she was filled with all kinds of new and delightful thrills. She looked at Joey and her smile was a bit lopsided and her whole face felt like it was falling apart on her.

“We can't fuck,” she said, “but we can do lots of other things. You do want to, don't you, Joey?”

She was fondling his balls with one hand while jerking him up and down with the other so it was not at all surprising that Joey nodded his head eagerly.

April laughed at the way he shook and shivered when she slid her mouth down over his inflamed cock. She began using her tongue back and forth and he erupted, flooding her mouth with his syrup. She was shaking and squirming, too, as the orgasm in him produced a similar reaction in her. She swallowed his sap, her whole body thrilling and tingling with fierce, sensual ecstasies as the fruits of his loins slid down her throat. She was feral, an animal in bristling, avid heat, suddenly starving for a new and wonderful type of food.

She hurt him, she knew, but he did not complain. It seemed to her that he experienced a very special sort of anguish that preceded orgasm, and the more she hurt him with her clinging, sucking mouth, the more he expelled.

There were many little tricks and delicate nuances of skill and artistry she would learn, but that initial sexual experimentation was hectic.

He was frightened and, once the initial surges of sexual excitement wore off, began to worry and squirm; she had to keep reassuring him that their parents were too busy with their own pursuits at the moment to come home and walk in on them.

When she locked the front door with the heavy bolt lock he relaxed and was very willing to play games with her right there and then.

“Don't I get to look at you?” he asked.

She giggled at that. “You sure do,” she said. “And, there are lots of nice things that I want you to do for me. We will have such good times. But, for right now, just let me play with you.”

He didn't object to her way of doing things. He lay on his bed naked, legs apart, loins squirming and working as April handled his excited flesh. She began kissing and licking his stiff cock and that made him squirm and wriggle more; then he began to groan and kept begging her to stop. She had no intention of stopping. Instead, she let her limp tongue slide up and down the length of his organ and she could feel the swift, shuddering reactions in him when he was close to eruption. She took him into her mouth and sucked powerfully, using her tongue with light, deft motions that inflamed him even more and then he was gasping and squealing like a wounded animal. She was feasting upon his honey while using her hand to squeeze more from his balls and the depths of his loins.

She had long fingers and learned, quite by accident, that he was exceptionally sensitive anally. Her fingertip was wet and slippery as it slipped into his hole and she was startled when he came again for her simply because she shoved her fingertip inside his asshole and wriggled it around a little. He really went ape and popped his nuts beautifully for her. She sucked contentedly, knowingly, and she was sure that he was her willing slave and would continued to be from that time onward.

Joey was a gentle boy, and he was glad to do anything that she told him to do. She was smart enough to know that he was able to enjoy being dominated by her, that there were sensual overtones in such a relationship that could bring him delights unimagined by other types of young men.

At first, she had worried about depleting him too much but she learned from her girlfriend, that such a state was virtually impossible. She pretended a passing interest in such matters, but Susie Darby, a cute little redhead with big boobs and a lovely shape as well as a pretty face, was always willing to volunteer information and she was always telling April about the things that she did with her brother, Noah. He was a handsome young man of fifteen and April had seen him in swim trunks and she could believe it when Susie bragged that Noah had a big one.

A few days after her first session with Joey, April walked home from school with Susie and she let Susie tell her about the things that she was doing with Noah. Susie loved to talk about such things and she found April a very interested listener.

“Our folks go to bed early every night,” Susie confided. “They are usually drunk and so Noah and I just lock our doors so that they can't get in, then we open the connecting doors between our rooms and Noah sucks me all night and I suck him all night, too. He can come a dozen times during the night. He is like a good old cow and I am always nursing on him.”

“Can't you hurt him,” April asked, “sucking so much out of him?”

Susie gave her a scornful look, deploring ignorance.

“Of course not,” she said. “Boys keep making honey in their balls and the faster you suck it out of them, the faster they make more. You just can't overdo it with them. Same with girls. It is all a lot of fun and nothing else. Just fun.”

Susie surprised her then.

“If you would like to,” Susie said, “you could come over any afternoon and watch us. Maybe you would want to have some fun with us, too.”

April was shocked by the offer.

“Oh, no,” she said. “I couldn't. I mean, I wouldn't. What would Noah think of me? He'd think that I was awful.”

Susie gave her an odd, slanted look. She smiled.

“I don't let Noah do much thinking,” she said. “He just does what I tell him to do, and if he gives me any trouble, I punish him.”

It seemed to her that Susie dominated her brother completely, and when he was hard to handle, Susie did things to him that hurt him, or she refused him permission to do some of the things that he might want to do. It surprised April even more when Susie tried to explain that Noah enjoyed everything that Susie did to him.

She left Susie that afternoon wondering just how far she would get if she tried to dominate Joey the way Susie did with her brother. He would never stand for it, she supposed.

“The hell he won't,” she said out loud. “What the hell can he do? He won't dare open his mouth. What I tell him to do, he will do. He'll have to.”

After that, she began to boss Joey around and he accepted it. Her brother Artie accepted domination by her, too. He was used to obeying her. Thinking about it, she realized that the boys had grown used to obeying her rather than arguing with her. It was easier.

A short time later she seduced Joey and began making him her devoted slave. She remembered Susie's invitation too, and resolved to take advantage of her girlfriend's hospitality.

But, first, there were many things to do with Joey. She had to be sneaky about things and by the time she and Joey got around to a full program of sexual activities, she was as hot and eager as he was.

She had to contrive to accomplish her purposes. She and Joey had confined activities to the things that she would do to him. He was always begging her to let him look at her between her legs, he wanted to watch her pee, he wanted to play with her and handle her and she was eager to have him do it, but there was never any chance for a time of extended and unlimited play.

Then Glory, her beautiful young mother, decided that she was going to visit Ernie on his job and she was going to take Artie with her because it was a drive of several hours and she wanted one of her boys with her.

Glory sat in front of her vanity mirror, brushing her long blonde hair, her big blue eyes eyeing April's image in the glass. Glory was explaining her plans for the day to April and as she listened, April admired that glowing beauty that was so much a part of her young and active mother. Glory's name was really Gloria but they had shortened it a long time ago and because it seemed to fit her so well, the diminutive was kept through the years.

“I'll take Artie with me,” Glory said, smiling. “He is a bit bigger and stronger than Joey and he can be a big help in case I have trouble with the car.” '

The car, a new Cadillac convertible, was hardly likely to give trouble, but, Glory shrugged and admitted that she wanted company.

“You keep Joey with you and he can help you with the housework and when we come home tonight, I expect to find this place spotless.”

“All right, Glory,” April said, gravely. Glory smiled at her in the mirror. She tied a ribbon around her hair and stood. She reached out to pull April into her arms; it...

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