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Kathy's Fling


To spice up their marriage, she'd get women for him... but only if he got men for her!

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Kathy's Fling

Sherry Berger

This page copyright © 2009 Olympia Press.

Chapter One

I went into the children's bedroom to look in at them. Sara was sleeping on her side, her light brown hair spread out like shadows across the pillow. I patted her head, tucked her in, and moved over to the crib at the far end of the room. Naturally, Kevin had thrown his blankets off, and I covered him again. His teddy bear was kicked to the foot of the bed; I put it under his arm, then placed the quilted blanket over him. The room had a way of getting chilly late at night, and Kev had just gotten over a cold.

I closed the door carefully, and left it open just a crack so that I could hear if they woke during the night. I waited at the door for a moment, listening. I could hear the soft, warm sounds of their sleep, and then, further down the hall, I could hear the quiet, purring noise of Bud, my husband, as he slept. Buddy said he was going to wait for me, but, as usual, he'd fallen asleep. The light in the hallway was dim, and I walked softly down it, on my tiptoes, listening to him snore. I looked into our bedroom. There he was: on top of the bed, fully clothed, mouth open slightly, and sound asleep. The projector was set up on his night table, and the small silver reel of film was already threaded into the silent machine. I would have to wake him when I was ready for bed. We were going to make love tonight. Buddy had promised me.

I closed the bedroom door, as I had closed the children's door, leaving it open just a tiny crack, and then continued down the hallway to the bathroom.

Out of years of habit, I locked the bathroom door. I was naked under my bathrobe. I took it off and hung it on the hook behind the door. I urinated quickly and watched myself in the full-length mirror behind the door, across from the toilet. The woman in the reflection seemed to be another person: like someone I didn't even know. I sat and stared at her for a moment, then sighed, and wiped myself with a flat matting of toilet paper. I flushed the toilet and stood up.

The naked woman in the reflection did the same, only there was something almost mocking or jeering in her face. I studied her again, objectifying my mind, watching myself from the outside: seeing myself as someone else might see me.

My body was still good, even after the two children. It had blossomed out, mellowed, filled in all the empty corners and smoothed out all the sharp angles. I was only twenty when Buddy and I had married, eight years ago, and had been painfully slender; skinny, in fact. But the ensuing years of marriage had worked a metamorphosis on my body. It took me from girl to woman.

My breasts were not especially big—they never had been, but they were still full and firm, with a delicate, budlike nipple tip that gave each breast an upward tilt. My stomach was still flat and narrow, but my ribs were now covered over with a soft, sensual layer of fat so that they no longer showed through. I rubbed my hand down my side. The texture of the flesh reminded me of velvet, and I let my fingers linger there for a moment.

My hips, I decided, had improved most of all. Before I'd given birth to my children, I never had any hips to speak of. My waist used to go straight down to my knees, like two cruel parallel lines. But now those lines were pushed out into curves, and I let my hands slide over them and down my thighs. I never tired of experiencing my hips: they were like a miracle; something that had not been, but now was. It gave me hope that things could change. That life could change. Surely the woman in the mirror proved that.

My thighs were spread slightly, and through the sandy-colored cloud of my pubic hair, I could see the firm, rounded swell of my cunt mound. I cupped it in my hand, and I felt its warmth and moisture baking down into my palm. My fingers squeezed in, and the flesh tingled. One finger slipped accidentally between the lips of my cunt, and I felt the wetness inside my body.

I was excited, I realized, remembering Buddy who was sleeping on the bed. Tonight we were going to make love. Buddy had promised me.

Trying to push myself out of my pensive mood, I walked over to the sink and turned on the water. There was another mirror over the sink, and in it, the reflection of another woman. She was a pretty woman, with long, light brown hair that hung in tangled waves to her shoulders. Her eyes were deep brown, and her nose was straight and small. Her mouth had a soft, sensual look. She ran her tongue over the bottom lip. I recognized the woman in the reflection: she was me.

The sink filled with warm water, and I shut the faucets. I bent and washed quickly, then applied fresh make-up after I had dried my face. I put on eye-liner and lipstick, then carefully brushed my hair straight down until it was like a frame around my face. I sprayed deodorant under my arms, then dabbed my naked body with perfume. I chose my most expensive brand, and I put an extra heavy dab on my inner thighs, near my cunt.

I unlocked the bathroom door and shut the light. With my bathrobe draped over my arm, I walked, still naked, into the bedroom. Buddy hadn't moved at all. His arms were at his side, his legs were spread slightly, and his head was tilted back. His mouth was still open; he was still snoring.

I moved quietly into the room and opened my closet. I hung my robe, then turned to my dresser and removed my sexiest nightgown from the bottom drawer. It was sheer and black, completely transparent, and it came down to about the middle of my thighs. It made a crisp swishing noise when I pushed my arms and head into it, and it slid down over my nakedness. The gown smelled of old perfume and sex.

“Bud,” I called, in a soft, sexy whisper. “Buddy, wake up. It's time.”

He stirred on the bed, and made a low, grumbling noise. Then he began to snore again.

I moved closer to the bed. I touched his arm and shook him. “Buddy. Come on, hon. Wake up.”

He blinked a few times, and moved his mouth like a fish gasping for air. “Innaminit,” he grumbled. “Just give me a minute more. I'm awake now.”

He started to snore again, and an ache inside of me, like an old wound, began to throb. It was always like this, I thought. It would always be like this. Nothing ever changes.

I slid my hand down the front of his body and opened his zipper. My hand reached inside his pants, and I separated the folds of his shorts. I touched his flesh, pulled his limp cock out, and laid it across his thigh. I encircled it with my fingers, pulling it up and down slowly, and tried to coax it awake.

“Buddy!” I whispered urgently into his ear. I squished the soft column of flesh with my fingers. “Bud-dee! Come on, honey, wake up! I have a surprise for you, baby. Come on now and wake up. Wake up and get your surprise.”

His cock slowly began to get hard from the pressure of my hands. A crooked, lopsided smile spread across his face, and I could see him trying to fight through his sleep.

“Ohhh! Thass nice,” he moaned, stiffening his legs. “Thass very nice.”

I moved my mouth from his ear, and I took his cock between my lips. It was just beginning to get hard, and I pressed the wet-kiss of my mouth around it. I pursed my lips and sucked up: the emptiness inside my mouth began to fill up with the spongy softness of Buddy's cock. His cockhead started to swell almost immediately, and I ran my wet tongue across it. I jabbed the tip of my tongue into the moist slit of his cock, and his body stiffened. He lifted up with his thighs, and pushed the cock toward the back of my throat.

“Hey, baby!” he moaned, close now to awareness. “Hey, Kathy-baby, that's beautiful! You should wake me like this all the time.”

I flattened my tongue along the underside of his stiffening cock, and I pushed up, pressing it against the roof of my mouth. The cock was growing thicker and harder, and I had to open my mouth a little wider to accommodate its new size. I pursed my lips, drawing them into a wide, tight circle around the shaft. I rocked my face up and down, allowing the tender flesh of his cock to slide in and our of my mouth.

Buddy moved a hand to my head, and he pressed my face down into his crotch. “Wow, Kathy. Wow. That's great. You have a wonderful mouth, hon. Wonderful!”

His cock was fully erect now, and the downward pressure of Buddy's hand was forcing the swollen thickness of his cockhead across the back of my throat. I sucked hot air in around the thickness of his cock, and had to breathe through my nose so that I wouldn't choke on his hardness. My tongue slid from side to side, across the pulsing lump of his cock, and I bathed him in the wetness of my saliva.

“Oh, Kathy, Kathy!” Buddy moaned. He was wide awake now, participating in the pleasure. He jerked his hips up, thrusting his cock in and out of my mouth. “It's great, baby! Great!”

I slid my hand around the base of his throbbing cock and held it in place. I could feel the slipperiness of my saliva, collecting like a puddle in his pubic hair, making the shaft of his cock wet. I sunk my mouth down the length of his cock for the last time, touching my parted lips against my own fingers, then I pulled back and let the cock pop from my mouth.

“Ohhh!” he said in disappointment. He tried to push my face back down his cock. “Do it again.”

I squeezed the base of his cock with my hand. “After a while,” I promised. “Let's watch the film first.”

Buddy's blue eyes lit up with awareness. He remembered the projector suddenly. “Oh yeah,” he said. “The film. I'd forgotten all about it. I'm really in the mood for watching it now.”

Grinning, Buddy moved his hand from my head to the front of my nightgown. He lifted one breast and squeezed the firm flesh through the transparent black material. The nipple was stiff, and he flicked it back and forth with his index finger.

“You're a sexy-looking woman tonight, Kathy,” he said. He pulled me close to him and sniffed at my neck. “You even smell good. Is that new perfume?”

I smiled and pulled away. “Yes. I bought it today. To celebrate.”

He looked at me curiously. “To celebrate what?”


He seemed to accept my explanation. He touched his hard-on. “Hurry up. I want to fuck.”

“Don't rush it tonight,” I said. “Please. Do it my way tonight.”

I closed the bedroom door and switched off the overhead light. The lamp on my night table was still turned on, and it filled the darkened room with a soft, hazy light that wrapped itself around Buddy's body on the bed. From the first moment I'd entered the room, he hadn't moved very much. The only real difference, in fact, was that now his cock was out, and it poked stiffly up towards the dark ceiling, like an angry fist, shaking at the night sky.

“Is the projector all set up?” I asked. I walked around the mattress to my side of the bed. Buddy followed me with his eyes.

“You know,” he said, ignoring my question and holding his cock, “you're a really beautiful woman, Kathy. Do you know that?”

I smiled. “Thank you.”

“I mean it—honestly. You're beautiful. After all these years, after living so closely with you—I finally saw it...You're a beautiful woman, Kathy.”

I slipped into bed, next to him, touched with a momentary sense of sadness. It was too late, I thought. Too late.

“Aren't you going to get undressed?” I asked.

“Yeah. Sorry.”

Buddy stood and began to remove his clothes. He discarded them quickly, letting them drop to the floor. He caressed his erection once or twice more, and each time he looked over at me and smiled.

The years had treated Buddy equally well, I realized. Just thirty, his body was a man's body. Broad chest, flat stomach, with just the slightest traces of fattiness building up around the sides of his waist. His thighs were thick and sturdy, like an athlete's, and he had a small, tiny ass that reminded me of two knots of muscle. He had a very hairy body, and the hairiest area was, of course, his crotch. The hair came up and spread out across his thighs and belly and chest in such dense patches that it looked as if someone had woven it together. All his hairiness made his cock seem so much more impressive: it was so stark and naked and powerful, rising out of that dark clump of hair like a thick, pulsing spear.

The bed bounced under Buddy's weight as he slid his naked body under the covers, next to me. He propped his pillow behind him, and he turned to me, smiling.

“Are you ready?” he asked.

He lifted his arm, and I slid under it. “I'm ready.”

He leaned across and switched off the lamp on my side. The room was plunged in darkness for a moment, and in the darkness, under the covers, furtively, I slipped my hand around the shaft of Buddy's cock. As I squeezed it, he reached the other way and turned on the projector.

A bright light flickered on the screen across from us, at the foot of the bed; then there was a square patch of gray that read: The School Girl's Dream, the title of the film. It was an old porno movie, probably made during the late fifties or early sixties judging from the hair styles and dress, but it was a good quality film, with excellent camera work, and it never failed to excite us, even though we'd seen it ten or twelve times already.

I rested my head against Buddy's naked chest for a moment, then pushed it down until my face was on his belly. I had my hand on his cock under the covers, and I pumped it slowly up and down as we watched the film. Buddy moved his hand around my back and slipped it under my nightgown, reaching around my body. Awkwardly, he cupped my tit in the palm of his hand.

The story line of the film was a simple one: it opened with a shot of a teenage girl. She was alone in a bedroom. Curled in her hand was a magazine with photographs of naked men and women making love, and she was looking at the pictures. While she was reading, the girl put her hand under her skirt and she began to rub her cunt through her panties. Suddenly the girl grew tired, yawned, and got undressed. Naked, she climbed into the bed. She had a ripe, full body, with broad firm breasts and a wide, blond-haired cunt. As the girl slept, she began to dream. Her dreams were the substance of the film.

The image on the screen flickered for a moment, and the girl in the picture was suddenly no longer sleeping. She was laying on top of the bed, completely naked, and there was a man on top of her. He was naked also, and his long, thick cock was pressed against her thigh, near her cunt. As the girl writhed and moaned in obvious excitement, the man sucked on her pendulous breasts.

I tightened my grip on Buddy's cock. It was still wet from my mouth, and my hand slid easily up and down the shaft, making a sticky-wet squishing noise. I could feel his cock pulsing in my hand, like a heart beating.

I pushed myself further down Buddy's body until my head was cushioned comfortably on his stomach, very near his crotch. My change in position caused Buddy to remove his hand from the back of my gown, and he slid it down the open V in the front of the negligee. This way he could fondle my tits without stretching. He moved his clutching hand from tit to tit, squeezing the nipples between his fingers. I flipped the bed covers back, exposing his erection, and I watched my hand move up and down the pink shaft as I concentrated on the action of the film beyond the silhouette of his cock.

The girl in the film was joined by a second man. He had an abnormally long and thick cock, and she was bent over, sucking on it. The first man was on the bed, under her, and she had her thighs straddled around him. While she was sucking on the other man's cock, the man under her was fucking her.

At first my attention was captured by the cock in the girl's cunt: it was moving slowly, wetly, in and out of her cunt, parting the lips with its thrusting thickness. Then I moved my eyes to the other cock: the one in her mouth. The blunted size of the tremendous organ had her lips pulled widely apart to accommodate it, and I could see saliva oozing from the corners of her mouth, trickling down her chin. The girl's eyes were closed, and she seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the attention both men were paying to her.

I felt my own excitement growing in my cunt, and I rubbed my thighs together, providing friction to my clit. A thrill of pleasure spread out from my cunt, and I squeezed down harder, trying to magnify the feeling.

“Do my cunt,” I said. I flipped the covers all the way back, exposing my whole body. I was twisted to the side, and I was leaning across Buddy's stomach. My nightgown was pulled up, my ass and legs naked.

Purposely, I parted my thighs slowly, erotically, and opened my cunt to Buddy's view. “Would you do my cunt now, please?” I asked again. “Would you touch it for me, Buddy? Make it feel good for me.

Buddy pulled his hand from the top of the nightgown and moved it quickly down my body. He cupped my cunt under his open fingers, and I pushed up against him, scissoring my thighs. I caught his hand between my legs and squeezed it. Pleasure spread out, and he began to massage my cunt slowly, rubbing his palm against the edge of my body until the pleasure grew steady and exquisitely intense. I pushed down, squeezing his cock in my hand, and his fingers found my clitoris. As I watched the film, he began to roll the bud slowly, round and round.

The film flickered again, and the scene changed once more. The girl was now flat on her back, laying on top of the bed. One of the men was sitting on her chest, and he had his cock between her pushed-up breasts. She was holding her tits together, and he was thrusting in and out between the twin hills of flesh. With each of his forward thrusts, the girl would tilt her head forward, and take the head of his cock between her lips.

“Suck on it, baby!” Buddy shouted to her, carried into the mood of the film. “Suck on it!”

The other man was between her legs, and the camera followed his cock in a tight close-up as he sunk the organ in and out of her blond-haired cunt. Her legs were up and parted, and the man pushed in and out, in a steady, grinding tempo. His cock looked wet and sticky from her cunt.

The pleasure that Buddy was providing for me with his hand made my mouth dry. I licked my lips, stroked his cock with my sweaty, curled fist, and rocked my hips in time with the in-and-out rhythm of the man on the screen.

“Finger my cunt,” I said to Buddy. My clit was large and swollen, and Buddy had the lips pulled back and away so that the trembling nub was exposed to his direct caress. The sensation was almost too sharp, and I had to fight back the urge to hold my thighs together to stop the tickling twirl of his fingers.

“Finger me, Buddy!” I repeated. “Please! Put your finger inside of me.”

I trembled in anticipation when I felt Buddy's middle finger sliding from the bud of my clitoris. Like a warm, stiff wedge, he used it to part the moist valley between the lips of my cunt as he moved the finger to my hole. He teased me with the hardness of his finger, circling it around the outside of the hole, exciting my imagination and enflaming my body. Finally, when I thought I could stand the torment no longer, he thrust the finger into me, and I cried out in pleasure.

“Oh yes!” I hissed. I squeezed his cock with all my might. “Yes! Put it in me! Finger me!”

My cunt seemed to gobble up his finger, slithering around the thin probe until it felt distant and wiggling inside of me. I squeezed down with my vaginal muscles, trying to trap the moving finger inside of me, and wave after wave of raw, intense pleasure buffeted my body with each slippery thrust of his hand against me. I lifted my ass from the bed and ground my hips against him in a shallow, tight circle, fucking myself on Buddy's finger.

The girl in the film was enjoying herself as much as I was. The man sitting on her chest had moved forward even more. Her tits were flattened under the twin moons of his ass. His knees were pushed up against her pillow, and she had her neck arched up, with her face against his crotch. She was sucking his cock, moving her widely stretched mouth up and down the full length of his treelike shaft. I watched in excitement as the thick, wet rod went into her mouth and she sunk her lips down to the base. His cock hair was rubbing against her puffed-out cheeks.

Then the camera shifted again, returning to the second man who was still fucking himself between her widely spread thighs. He was holding her legs up and out, off the mattress, and he was thrusting into her cunt with rapid, excited hunches. I remembered suddenly what was about to happen, and my cunt began to flutter around Buddy's plunging finger.

“Buddy!” I cried out, my eyes transfixed by the excited activity on the screen. “Eat me, Buddy! Eat my pussy while I watch this!”

Obediently, Buddy pulled his finger from my cunt and slid down between my legs. I parted my thighs around him and watched in mounting excitement as his face sunk between my legs. His tongue pushed into my cunt.

“Ohhhh!” I moaned in pleasure. I lifted myself and arched my back, pressing the underpart of my cunt against Buddy's open face. “Oh, that's it! Good! Good! Eat me!”

Buddy's tongue slithered between the parted lips of my cunt and pushed up inside of me. His tongue felt like wet electricity as he moved it from side to side, touching every quivering inch of my quaking flesh. I ground my hips around, humping myself on his tongue; he moved it, in and out, as if it were a cock and he were fucking me with it.

I sighed and moaned, squeezing my own breasts through the gown. I closed my eyes for a moment and concentrated on the pleasure. My thighs seemed to have turned to jelly, and my cunt felt as if it had melted around his licking tongue. I pried my hands from my tits and wrapped them both around the back of Buddy's head. With all my strength, I pulled his face into my crotch.

The part of the film for which I was waiting flickered onto the screen. The camera held a tight close-up of the man fucking the girl's cunt. The man was thrusting his hips rapidly now, and you could almost sense the urgency of his drives. In and out he slid, probing her as deeply as he could, sinking his cock until all of it was inside of her, and his balls were pressed against the hairy base of her cunt.

Perhaps sensing my excitement, or perhaps he knew it would please me, Buddy pulled his tongue from my cunt and he began to lick my clitoris.

“Ohhh!” I cried out.

I tried to pull away from the intensity of the pleasure, but Buddy continued to lick at my clit with steady, lapping slaps of his tongue. He flattened his tongue against me, starting at the base of the slit, then licked upward, stroking my love button with the full, wet, sensuous ripple of his tongue.

I dug into Buddy's scalp with my fingernails, my eyes glued to the screen. The fucking cock pulled out of the girl's cunt, and the man held his own organ desperately with one hand, pointing it at her belly as if it were a weapon about to go off. Suddenly it did, and the long thick cock began to pump cum onto her stomach; it splashed all over her belly and matted wetly in her blond pubic hair.

“Oh, Christ!” I moaned. Buddy licked feverishly at my trembling clit, and my eyes widened to take in every drop and throb of the spewing cock on the screen. For me, the scene was a deeply erotic one, playing upon one of my own personal fantasies: I could almost feel the hot cum on my own belly! I felt myself growing hot with a building passion.

Without seeing it, Buddy knew the scene was over, and he knew what else was about to happen. He pulled his face up from between my legs. His mouth was all wet and sloppy-looking.

“Now it's my turn,” he said. “You eat me, and I'll watch the film.”

We changed places on the mattress. I got down between his legs, and I took his cock back into my mouth. I sucked on it hard, sinking my lips down to the base of his belly. His cock throbbed against my tongue, and I sucked in, pressing my cheeks against the sides of his organ. My mouth was like a soft, moist sleeve—a wet, sucking tube that was glued to the length and thickness of Buddy's pumping cock.

From having seen the film so often, I knew what was happening now. This was Buddy's time: one of the things that turned him on most.

I guided my pursed lips down the shaft of his cock, rocking my neck back and forth, swishing my tongue from side to side. As I sucked on Buddy, I pictured the scene in my mind.

The girl on the screen was also sucking a cock, moving her face rapidly up and down the thick organ. Suddenly the man pulled his cock from between her open lips and he began to cum all over her face. I remembered how the girl began to milk the cock with her hand, pressing the spewing cockhead against her cheek. There was just the slightest trace of revulsion in her eyes, but she continued to rub the cumming cock all over her face and across her lips. Then, when the cock was no longer gushing out sperm, she took it between her lips and began to suck on it again.

Buddy stiffened at that part, and he thrust his cock as deeply into my mouth as he could. I knew what he was thinking. Buddy's always wanted to cum in my mouth but, with the exception of one crazy experimental time, I've never allowed him that freedom. So Buddy fantasized and grew excited by watching other men do in films what he could not do in practice.

Buddy's excitement was very high, and he began to push his hips up and down, helping his cock to slide in and out of my mouth. He guided my head with the pressure of his hands, one on either side of my face. His cock jerked in and out of my mouth like a live, throbbing thing, past my lips, through my parted teeth, over the wet caress of my tongue, and prodded gently against the softness of my throat. When I felt the swollen cockhead pressed against the back of my teeth, I tightened my lips around the shaft and sucked on it even harder than I just had. I bit gently down into the tender pole of flesh, and Buddy trembled with anticipation. I ground my teeth from side to side. He pushed up suddenly and drove the entire length of his cock deeply into my wet mouth. His balls were pressed against my face, and I could feel the scratchy tickle of his cockhair against my cheek.

I wrapped my hand around his cock and screwed my face around and around. For a moment I was almost tempted to let him have his way this one night, but selfish reason touched me and I put the idea out of my mind. This was no night for generosity. I had myself to think of.

I bobbed my head up and down and let Buddy slide his cock in and out of my tightly-drawn lips. The head of his cock felt swollen across the back of my throat, and his flesh tasted hot and sweaty. I had hair in my mouth.

Buddy tapped my shoulder. “Kathy,” he said. “Kathy, I want to fuck now. Please.”

I released my hold on his cock, gasping for air as I tried to catch my breath. I stuck my tongue out and tried to pull some of the short, wirelike hair from Buddy's crotch out of my mouth. Buddy's cock was all stiff and wet in front of my face, gleaming moistly.

“Can we fuck now?” Buddy asked. He touched his cock carefully with his hand. It seemed to be trembling. “I'm very excited.”

I nodded. “Yes,” I answered, “I'd like to fuck now. I want you to fuck me, Buddy. Fuck me hard. Fuck me as hard as you can. Give me the best, hardest fuck I've ever had.”

My breasts were heaving fitfully as I climbed over Buddy's body and lay on my side, next to him. My ass was pressed against his thigh.

“But I want you to fuck me this way,” I said. I pulled my nightgown off, then lifted my top leg and exposed my cunt. “Fuck me from behind, while I lay on my side. I want to watch the film while you're doing it to me.”

Buddy made an excited noise with his lips. “Yes,” he answered. “That way sounds good. Very good. Exciting. I think I'd like to fuck you that way.”

Following my lead, Buddy turned on his side so that he was facing my back. I could feel the hair on his chest tickling against my flesh as I reached down between my legs and grabbed for his cock. He pressed his body forward, between my legs, and stabbed upward with the wet organ. It hit my thigh, just under the curves of my ass. I reached back between my legs and took his cock in my hand. I guided it to the lips of my cunt.

“Ohhh!” I groaned as Buddy entered me. His cock was thick and long, and I could feel the blunt tip cruelly stretching apart my cunt lips. I pushed down with my hips and Buddy slid forward. He was in.

“Uhhnn. This is great!” Buddy moaned. “I like it this way.” He pushed in and out, experimentally. “It's nice and tight like this. I can feel your whole cunt, as though it's wrapped around my cock.”

I opened my legs even wider and Buddy climbed between them. I felt his belly pushing up against my ass, and his cock was in me at an upward, slanting angle. Whenever he thrust up and into me, I could feel the head of his cock scraping against the front wall of my cuntal canal. A burning tremble of excitement went through me from the friction of fucking, and I tightened my cunt down, locking it around his cock.

“Bend your legs,” Buddy instructed, “so I can get in deeper.”

I did as Buddy asked and bent my legs up, so that they were at a right angle to my body. My knees were also bent at a right angle to my thighs, almost as if I were sitting on a chair. Buddy curled his body under mine, imitating my position, sealing his body against mine. His cock was thrust straight up, and it was throbbing inside of me.

I pushed down, and he pushed up. His cock...


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