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The Sex Cheaters


A case history book, but one starring a private investigator who looks into divorces on behalf of a lawyer and a shrink.

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The Sex Cheaters
Trax Norton
This page copyright © 2014 Olympia Press.
The literary matter contained in this book has been founded upon extensive research of the subject matter by the author, and i n some instances has been fictionalized to provide better reading entertainme nt. It is intended to document with realism the subject matter for the information, education and entertainment of the reader, and to r epresent a realistic orientation of human behavior. THE SEX CHEATERS By TRAX NORTON as told to ALLEN EVANS Throughout the literature of the world, extramarita l intercourse has provided an overwhelming abundance of material for biography, d rama, fiction, and serious essay. There is probably no sexual theme that has appeared more often in the world's literature, both great and small, in all ages and a mong all nations. Most often the relationships have been portrayed as highly desirab le, intrinsically sinful, certain of obstruction by a conspiracy of social forces, and d oomed to tragic failure. That extra-marital relations are generally desired has, eviden tly, been known to all men throughout the ages. That they seldom work out in society as i t is constructed has been at least believed by writers of all ages. There is, nevertheless, room for a scientific exami nation of the real bases of the difficulties that develop out of extra-marital sexu al relations. Is it inevitable that extra-marital intercourse should lead to difficulties, or do the difficulties originate in the mores of the group? The publicly known clinical cases may, like clinica l cases of other sorts, represent only the disturbed segment of the group that has ex tramarital experience, and may not adequately represent the situation as a whole. What effort does such activity ultimately have upon the personalities of those involved? Certainly society may be concerned with securing objective answers to these questions. —Alfred G. Kinsey: ——Sexual Behavior in the Human M ale To know a female—to know her love, her physical cha rms is one thing but to know her soul—her being-is another thing indeed— — Sean Greene
During the Stone Age, we are told, the male of the species retrieved his mate from indiscretion by a clout on the head with his club, and dragged her home. In the Old Testament adultery was punishable by dea th by stoning, whipping or flogging. In some states the courts recognize adultery as an absolute avenue of divorce, a
street to freedom. In some churches and sects, adultery is an unforgiv able sin. But some other faiths believe there is only one unpardonable sin, and adu ltery isn't the one. The courts in some states refuse to grant divorce o n any grounds but those of adultery. The following pages deal with adultery and how our people of today are learning to live with it. —Allen Evans
Subject: Deborah Cealise Kinsingtoal. Age: 29 Assignment:rles A. Danzig, Gather and present evidence of adultery. Attn: Cha Attorney. For the purpose of securing marriage coun sel and or divorce action. Instructions:e friends, relatives, Subject on vacation, New Orleans, La. Following ar places frequented by subject.... Charles A. Danzig Attorney-at-law Restaurants are second only to taverns when one is looking for a particular type of woman. Tuesday, March 16, I arrived in New Orleans and started to search out Debbie. The firm I work for had been kind enough to sweeten the expense account, since the job promised to be rather short and due to the fact I was overdue for vacation. I had postponed some very well laid plans to comb this on e out of the chiefs hair. I went into this small Creole type cafe, just off B ourbon street, like a tall dog. By the time I was settled at one of the better tables I ha d pretty well taken its measure. There were four waitresses working the different stations ; something less than a dozen people eating. After eliminating the working gals with the ir petite hats and small two-colored aprons, I began to discreetly examine the female cl ientele. Surprisingly enough, there were seven unescorted gals looking bored and lingering over a variety of French foods. One of the waitresses angled across from her statio n, with an appreciative eye roaming over my new sharkskin suit. She placed all the preliminaries before me on the red and white checkered table cloth. She smiled and walked straight away from me. I thought, well children, there is a thing known in t he southland as Creole beauty. This one hid most of the requirements. Hell, as far as I was concerned she was capital letter, the beginning of the word. But, then, I wasn't there to ogle a cute waitress. She gave me just about a full minute to decide then floated hack over. She was even better this time. Well, old Trax decided it wa s time for a cigarette and by the time she completed the course, I had the thing going and she knew damn well I wasn't buying just yet. She took my order and went away. I was halfway through an order of lobster when Debb ie came in. I recognized her from the photograph nestled in my coat pocket. I ha d seen better, but in real life appearance Debbie was more fortunate than the avera ge. She was smiling happily, gliding past the hostess o n the arm of what appeared to be one of the Orleans more eligible bachelor types. He stood six foot two and was ruggedly handsome. His eyes struggled to restrain that: “I'd love to seduce you!” sparkle, as he flickered over the four Creole waitresses and back to Debbie. He fairly radiated with that recklessly passionate air that most western women w ould definitely cream over. Actually he struck me as Oberon, sort of like a mad bantam rooster on a hen house. He guided her to a table near me and settled her in with the ease and grace of a ballet dancer, then seated himself. The waitress served them and went away. While they enjoyed themselves in what
appeared to be light and casual conversation, his h and found her leg and caressed her intimately. She moved slightly and his fingers part ially hidden by the large over hanging tablecloth, quickly took advantage of her movement to accommodate him. Her eyes sparkled and her face flushed slightly as he stroked her inner thigh ever so slowly and whispered into her ear. I quickly finished my dinner and signalled for my c heck. I had found what I had come for and the rest would only be accomplished by waiting and following them. I left the cafe and walked the half block to my Cad illac. They had ordered light so I assumed that they hadn't planned to be there more than a half hour at most. And, if he kept on caressing that well-shaped thigh , while whispering sweet nothings to her, well, times a-wasting! They came out practically glued together, and he so rt of poured her into a new Buick at the curb. He started the engine and waited till he had made the street and the left turn signal started flashing before he hit the accelerator. I put the nose of the Cad something short of three lengths behind him, watching it clos ely. Well, I needn't have bothered, I could relax and fo llow. He wasn't even glancing at the rear mirror. She had probably, or was doing som e caressing herself. At any rate this cat had nothing but romance on the brain. He wasn't even noticing my hard bumps. I followed them into one of the better residential sections of legendary New Orleans. It was salted with the quaint old homes which only the French can design. I waited until he nosed into a driveway, then picked up speed and drove past, setting the front of the house in my memory. I made two blocks, circled and turned into an alley which would take me in behind the house. I cut the lights and t he soft murmurs of the Cad engine wouldn't have drawn anyone's attention. Especially anyone charged up the way those two were! I found a spot where I could get this car out of the alley and to one side. I set the brake, killed the engine and stepped out. I wen t to the trunk, flipped the lid open and took out my camera, the movie kind, with infra red attachments. Easing through the shrubbery I skirted the rear of the house. There were two lights burning. One, I guess in a location which would be possibly the living room. The other would damn well be a bedroom. Well, what the hell? Sometimes I hate myself! But the pay is damn good. The expense account is liberal. T heir water is fine and the place is lull of broads. The light I figured for the bedroom was on the seco nd floor and coming from behind a small French balcony. Damn, I leered, how lucky c an you get, shamus! I shinned up a trellis and eased over the banister. My camera case bumped me and the rail both, and I cursed under my breath. I hesitated for about a sec ond then I was squatting in front of the small French doors with the camera case in my h ands. I was in a position like a burglar. I knew it would only be a matter of time until they would be here, so I got the camera ready and settled down to wait. The thin lacey curt ains in the opposite side of the door didn't completely cover the glass around the frames . It wouldn't be any problem to photograph any part of the room! I sat with my back to the rail and waited. I could hear a sprinkle of laughs downstairs and there was a faint fragrance of orange blossoms in the fresh night air. For just a fleeting second I wishe d that I was here for reasons other than just observing. * * * The door opened on the far side of the room and he stepped inside, he was wearing a smoking jacket and had removed his tie. He glance d around the room, then stepped over to the lamp. For just a second I thought that he would turn it out and I reached for
my infra red lens, but it was one of those three di git types and he only turned it down to a soft glow. It lit up about one third of the room and just partially illuminated the rest. There was a large four poster bed with French canop y just off the center of the room, there were two delicate night tables, one of them c overed with various articles, ash tray, cigarette box, lighter set. There was ankle deep velvet appearing carpet coveri ng the floor, a deep maroon in color. A couple of expensive chairs, a vanity dress er and a love seat in front of the window. Then the small double doors leading to the balcony, where I sat peeping past the lace curtains. The door glass was twelve inches square and there were nine squares in each door. They came in. She was in front and he followed her inside, closing and locking the door behind her. She was wearing a beige colored su it, and a white blouse, the latter having a definite wrinkled appearance as though it had very recently been pulled up to a point slightly above her breasts and had remained there long enough to set the wrinkle. I flipped a couple of small buttons and pulled my c amera from the case. Holding it near the glass I put my finger on the button and wa ited. She had stepped just inside the door and was gazing around the room as though she was seeing it for the first time. He stepped in close behind her and his hands found her well moulded hips, he pressed himself against h er and began to kiss her under her right ear. Debbie shivered visibly and sort of melted back aga inst him. Her eyes closed and as his hands began to caress her hips, her right hand found his and guided it over her stomach in a circular motion. Inching down lower wi th each motion, it was passing lightly over the front of her thighs. His left hand moved to her breasts and began to massage the point in much the same manner as the ri ght was working below. She was trembling now and his lips were working down the side of the neck to her shoulder. He eased his left hand around in back and found the zipper of her skirt. She moved slightly and then his hands were slipping the skirt down past her hips. It fell in a heap around her feet and she ignored it as his hands wer e working around her hips once more. Her right hand disappeared behind her back an d she was groping at the front of his drawers. But he pushed her hand away and contin ued to caress her thighs. His hands glided ever so slowly up her flat stomach to her breasts, lingering slightly, then going back down all the way to the vee between her legs. He lifted her suddenly, and carried her easily to t he bed, placed her gently on the covers. Dropped to his knees, he was beside the bed and kis sed her lingeringly. Her left foot twitched and moved slightly on the satin bed cover. He raised his head and gazed deeply into her eyes, then looked longingly up and down her lovely body. Almost reluctantly he placed his hands at the waist of her half slip and eased it down over her hips. She raised herself and he flipped the slip to the floor. Then he took her in his arms and kissed her once mo re passionately. She began to move her feet once again. Her right leg bent at the knee and her foot slid over the spread. The knee rose and wavered slightly, then lowered ev er so slowly to the bed again. They had lowered it in the bent position which spre ad her apart and left her lower thighs separated so that her feminine region was completel y unobstructed under the thin lace trimmed panties. His lips traveled a line down over her neck and sho ulders, over her breasts and back
to her red and panting mouth. His right hand nested momentarily on her right knee, then traveled upward onto the fingertips brushing along the inside of her thigh until they touched the silk of her panties in the vee of her b ody and she gasped in the agony of passion. His fingers massaged her there in a circular motion until she was writhing under his hand. Suddenly her legs jerked convulsively and her hands clutched at his back. She screamed hoarsely, then momentarily relaxed. He arose instantly and walked to the small dresser. He dumped the contents of his pockets on the dresser top and began to loosen his belt. He stepped out of his trousers and dropped them across a chair. Then he removed th e smoking jacket and shirt. These followed the jacket and he turned to face the bed. There was a bulge in the front of his silk shorts as he crossed the room and dropp ed to his knees beside the bed again. He lifted her shoulders slightly and began to slip the blouse over her head, then he unfastened her bra and lifted it free, exposing bea utiful pink nippled breasts. He then lowered her back to the bed and slid his hands down the length of her to the elastic waistband of her panties. He pulled them past her h ips and she lifted her hips enough for his hands to pull them past her buttocks. Flipping the panties to one side and dropping his h and to her knee, he then began to caress her upward over her thighs. She squirmed, li ttle animal sounds came from her throat. He kissed her nipples and worried them with his lips. Her body was writhing under him again and her right hand was groping for the front of his shorts. It found the slit and darted inside. He jerked at the contact of her fingers! He began t o kiss her from her breasts down across her stomach. She spread her legs and writhed under him. He lifted himself to the bed and took up a position on his knees over her. H er hands were working frantically at his shorts and she guided him into herself as he me lted against her. She raised her legs and hooked her left leg around his hips as her arms encircled him and she rose against him in her agony. She gasped as he drove her body to the bed in a vio lent twisting motion. Then they were consumed by passion and nothing existed for th em except this desperate need for each other. “Oh! Ah!” She screamed and convulsed as he drove her to the bed again and again! Then suddenly she screamed and buried he r hands in his hair. His motion became more frantic and with one sudden violent thr ust he relaxed over the length of her. I decided this would be a good time to reload just in case there was more. I made it by feel with the camera, making the very least of n oise. I didn't think they could be distracted, but I couldn't afford to take chances. Finished, I then held the camera in my lap and wait ed. I longed for a cigarette but didn't dare light one. Sight and sound are one thin g, but just then they decided to smoke and I practically shouted for joy. He sat up on the bedside and lit two, placing one i n her lips. I already had mine going and was puffing like mad. The scene had charg ed me up and my respiratory system was slightly above normal. I pulled on my cigarette and waited. He was leaning over, talking to he*? in low tones. She was dragging on the cigarette and gazing at him with adoring eyes. His right hand had began to roam over her naked body once mor e and she was responding slightly. Her right hand was out of sight in his la p and there was a soft shine in her eyes. She worked the fingers on her hand steadily as his hands caressed the fire back into
her blood. She arose and crossed the room and went into the ba throom. There was the sound of water running and he stretched out on the bed an d lit a cigarette. He smoked steadily and gazed at the ceiling. She came out and returned to the bed. He moved over and she sat down next to him and ran her ringers down a cross his stomach and began to caress his hardness. He continued his study of the ceiling and smoked. S he kissed him deeply and he began to respond, taking her in his arms. She kisse d his neck and shoulders, nibbling on his ear. He sighed and relaxed. She kissed his c hest and over his shoulders. He squirmed slightly under her lips. She placed her ha nds on each side of his body and started kissing a line down his stomach. His hand s lid over her shoulders and around to her breast. She hesitated momentarily, then continu ed down his body. Her hand found his maleness and she guided it to her lips. She kis sed it lightly and he writhed. She fell on him and he began to groan and writhe under her. Suddenly he clutched her hair and forced her away f rom him. He took her in his arms and kissed her deeply. Then he forced her body back to the bed. He took up a position at the bedside on his knees and lifted one of her legs, the left, and began kissing the inside of her thigh. She clutched at th e bedcovers and began to work her hips in an upward motion as his lips found her and began to tease. Then his tongue darted into her and she shuddered and squealed hoarse-She pitched against him steadily as he buried his f ace between her legs and she began to scream half silently until suddenly his lo ve-making became violent and she grabbed the headboard and screamed until there was no motion left in her. I snapped the camera off and placed it inside its c ase. Then reached for my cigarettes again. I lit one and waited. They were s ide by side on the bed now, and seemed to be talking. Momentarily I toyed with the idea of going down for my sound hookup but decided that a written report along with the film would probably be enough. The sound is for cases which are impossible to film , but it is never as valuable nor convincing to husband or wife whichever the...


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