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The Spanking Diary of Rose Evans

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For sale only to members of the Medical and Learned Professions

NOTE: The following “diary” is a most extraordinary record of Sadistic and Masochistic practices prevalent in our times. The detail and vividness of the narration lead the publishers to believe in the authenticity of this document, and consequently, in its value to psychologists and members of the medical profession. The publication of this work is necessarily anonymous, and the original manuscript came to us through the courtesy of a friend who desires to be un-named. This is a record of cruelty carried to an extreme degree. This publication is intended only for adult students of psychology, and members of the medical profession. Those persons possessing copies are begged to use caution in circulating the work; in the hands of an adolescent, the value of the work might possibly be misconstrued. It is essentially, a graphic case-history which might have been included in Krafft-Ebing's Psychopathia-Sexualis. It is not published for the amusement of the prurient.


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