Human works

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In this captivating collections of poems, Jean-Pierre Makosso presents an epic with heart, an african history through poetic prose, the griot in written form. It documents the black continent from its roots in a collectivist paradise, through slavery to present day post-colonialism. Both personal and historical, it is a tour de force written with crisp political clarity in bold tactile rythms and open-ended finesse. These are essential tales of the past transmitted to unify an eternally multicultural future. 'Believe me this is not a poem - It is the voice of the conscience that comes to your rescue' (Tanya Evanson, fusionist poet and Spoken Word artist).
'Fierce' is the word that springs to mind on reading Jean-Pierre Makosso's poetry in Human Works. This compressed story of Africa is written by a man who has lived its pain. He draws on his passion for expression; the words come from some deep place. They are soulful cries yet they don't ask for pity. They require us to read with all of our humanity - to be human (Jan De Grass, Arts and Entertainment columnist).

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