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Tidbits - Love Wars

28 pages

Jason Lentz -an unknown writer with an ego desperate to get published- has a date with fate when he gets a call from Brent Mendel setting him on the path to stardom where he crosses Oleana Kubitzskaya who will take him to heaven…

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Ajouté le : 28 février 2014
Lecture(s) : 205
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About my writing
Coming from a multinational multicultural family I learnt many languages and to deal with many cultures… This has shown me the importance of words and communication. Words are sweet water to my lips… For lack of a better word I’ll make up my own if I have to… if it serves the purpose of my writing… words are all yet sometimes words are not enough… From the minute I could write I wrote… and haven’t stopped yet… My first memory of writing was at home writing my name on my little blackboard… My father came to correct it… and writing was on for me from that moment on… A couple of years ago one of my students presented a piece of his work about Louise BENNETT the first Jamaican woman poet and he got me thinking on how I wish I could go back to the dawn of writing… be the first person ever to write the first book in his language… the first fiction… My main interests belong in life, people and nature. People usually don’t see the surreal aspects of their life… when I do… Most of my endeavours are about communication and my writings are very oral in fact… they are meant to be heard and said more than read… even if one should indeed enjoy reading them… whether books, texts, poems or songs would easily find their way to the radio or stage… and I have recorded a few that I offer for sale now… I also write for business and communication as well as for children.
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