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Murder for Max, A

128 pages
Escaping the pressures of big-city policing, Maxine Benson is happy to be appointed police chief in the resort town of Port Ainslie. Max's biggest challenge is to overcome skepticism at her ability to deal with major crimes, like the murder of Billy Ray Edwards.
Few people mourn Billy Ray's passing. He was a bully and was also intent on derailing the biggest development project in the town's history. But murder's murder, and Max is ready to solve it on her own and prove her worth to the townspeople. And maybe even to herself.
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John Lawrence Reynolds
a MAXinE BeNsOn a MYsteRy muRdEr FoR MAX
a muRdEr FoR MAX
a muRdEr FoR MAX a MAxiNE bENSON MYStERY John Lawrence Reynolds
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Reynolds, John Lawrence, author A murder for Max / John Lawrence Reynolds. (Rapid reads)
Issued also in print and electronic formats. ----(pbk.).— ----(pdf ).— ----(epub) I. Title. II. Series: Rapid reads . '.-- --
First published in the United States, Library of Congress Control Number:
Summary: Maxine Benson, police chief in a small town, sets out to solve the murder of a local bad boy in this work of crime fiction. ( .)
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For Pat and Phil Scott
olice Chief Maxine Benson had to prove P something to the people of Port Ainslie. They did not doubt that she could perform most of her duties. And until now they had not questioned the wisdom of hiring a woman as police chief. But Maxine feared this all might end when Billy Ray Edwards was found shot to death in his garage. “Sure,” she could hear them say, “you do f ine with breakins and drivers who speed through town. And you lock up Bop Chadwick when he drinks too much rum on Saturday night. And you handled that
john l awrence reynolds
threecar smashup last New Year’s Eve. But this ismurder!” “Bop” Chadwick had been christened Bruce Olivier Pratt, which was a mouthful. As a young man, he hated all three given names. So when signing his name he used his initials only, and B. O. P. Chadwick became “Bop.” Bop married a Toronto girl and moved there. Ten years later he returned to Port Ainslie, homeless and jobless and with a thirst for rum, and the nickname seemed to fit. Everyone liked Bop. And everyone blamed the Big City Woman for Bop’s troubles. But no one knew for sure. And Bop wasn’t talking. Some people would expect Max to report Billy Ray’s murder to the Ontario Provincial Police. That’s what other towns in Muskoka District did with major crimes. But if she asked theto solve Billy Ray’s murder, she feared they would take over the whole case and send her home to have
a Murder for MaX
a nice cup of tea. She would feel like a child being told she couldn’t play with the big kids. Would this really happen? Maybe, maybe not. But Maxine Benson had seen how male cops could act around women. Even women who wore a police badge like hers. Her badge might sayChief, but she believed this wouldn’t keep them from looking down on her. She refused to put up with that. She had spent too much time proving she could do all the things expected of a police chief. And she did not want anyone to think she couldn’t deal with a murder herself. Especially the murder of a thug like Billy Ray Edwards. So she intended to solve it on her own. Or at least try. Almost two years had passed since Maxine Benson was named police chief in Port