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`New Lamps For Old!` # 51

206 pages

SF and Fantasy E-zene

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Ajouté le : 30 avril 2016
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lamps for
old!` - SF
October, 2018, # 51, e-mail
1SF Genie is a commentary on scif and related
issues; copies can be had from the usual
places, or by e-mail
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Is Britney Spears Widow Twanky?
The theatre tradition of the `principal boy`
being played by a girl is to be found in
`Pantomime`, which is a type of musical
comedy based on folktales .Aladdin is the
3story of a boy who fnds a `magic lamp` that
summons a genie.
The mother of Aladdin is `Widow Twanky`,
usually played by a man, and his brother is
`Wishy Washy`, which is a reference to the
laundry owned by Aladdin`s mother, the
fulfllment of desire by means of the lamp,
and the need to be certain about what one
wants rather than `wishy washy`. The boy,
Aladdin, is played by a girl, because the
`lamp` she rubs is the symbol of a woman`s
penis, which is the true fulfllment of any
boy`s desire; to be the penis of the woman he
loves. For a boy to want to be a woman with a
penis is brave, and certainly not `Wishy
Washy` in terms of wish fulfllment.
4 During her Circus 2009 tour, Britney Spears`
media circus focused on her `Chinese
laundry` shoes. Women with a penis are
`futanar`, so Britney`s `Chinese laundry`
shoes refer to the woman`s desire to be the
penis of the boy she loves, and the boy`s
desire to be the penis of the woman he loves.
Her `fut`.
Aladdin indicates the underlying sexual
metaphor. `Self-love` is love for a woman
5from the woman`s point of view. The
masturbator`s fantasy is to be her, and for
her to have a penis. Aladdin`s mother is
played by a man because, without women,
who are a species with their own penis, men
are `widowed`. A euphemism for the penis is
`key`, to unlock the secrets of a woman, so
men bereft of women, because they know
they`re futanarian, are `widowed to wank
keys` (Widow Twanky`s).
In the Bible the red dragon of Revelation is
depicted as waiting to devour the New
Redeemer who`ll protect the `hidden` woman
of the Earth until she`s ready to leave for the
stars where her `seed` will fght against the
6evil serpent`s `seed` and win. God will
reward her with a new heaven and Earth, and
the evil will receive eternal perdition. The
`hidden` woman has `seed` of her own
because she`s a progenitor with a penis of
her own. She`s `hidden` because men would
kill her to prevent her from escaping from her
womb enslavement to them as `blood sucking
leeches`. Islam`s Koran (23:12-14) actually
defnes men as `leeches`:
`... the embryo ... obtains nourishment from
the blood of the mother, similar to the leech,
which feeds on the blood of others.`1
The pronouncement is similar to Jesus` ofer
of his `body and blood` because his disciples
are `leeches` and he`s man born of
parthenogenesis, which is by woman alone.
Consequently, he`s not a `leech`. In
7Catholicism transubstantiation is the
transforming of the `bread and the wine` of
the `Communion Service` into the `body and
the blood` of Jesus, which is what the priest
ofers to the congregation, and Jesus ofers to
his disciples. To Become as Jesus, who was
born without acceptance of the Holy Spirit,
which is the Paraclete that, efectively,
emerged from the side of Christ after it was
pierced by the spear of the Roman Centurion
Because the Paraclete is God`s
omnipresence, and those who accept her are
accepting `Eve` born from their side with all
the wisdom of woman since Eden as their
`tutelary guide`, the spear of Longinus,
known as the `Spear of Destiny`, produces
`Spears of God`, which is why Britney Spears
appears on the cross in the place of Jesus for
the cover of her CD Piece Of Me.
Corresponding to the `Second Eve`, because
Eve in Eden emerged from the side of Adam
2000 years before, the wisdom of the
Paraclete is the `spirit of God`, the
`Shekinah`, described as `dwelling` within
the tabernacle that contains the
Commandments of `God`s law` in the Old
8Testament. The `Paraclete` of the New
Testament is the `Shekinah` of the Old
Testament because Jesus distils `God`s law`
as `God`s love`. In other words, the `spirit of
God` is needed if `leeches` are to become
humans. Both the Koran and Bible agree men
are `leeches` and, in Revelation, the turning
of seas and rivers to blood is how
the Bible focuses on men`s refusal to repent:
`Men gnawed their tongues in agony and
cursed the God of heaven because of their
pains and their sores, but they refused to
repent of what they had done.`
AIDS is an `immuno-defciency virus`, which
means that, in destroying the body`s
immunity to disease, it leeches away its
strength. Because the virus destroys the
white cells that protect the red cells that
carry oxygen, in AIDS the blood efectively
kills the body. If the waters of the Earth were
blood, the Earth would die, which is why
the Bible uses it as an analogy for men`s
refusal to accept Redemption from
vampiristic parasitism and remain leeches.
In `Piece Of Me` Britney writes SUCKER in red
lipstick on the forehead of paaparazzi with a
9secret tiny camera concealed beneath his
shirt to `take pictures`. He`s an art thief
leeching the life`s blood of her career.
Because women have vaginas, the correct
receptacle for semen is unmistakable. Anal
sex is how AIDS is spread; through blood, shit
and semen. The disease AIDS that leeches
the strength of the woman of the Earth`s
body away from her is, by analogy,
consequent to leeches having anal sex with
each other, which is why God destroyed
Sodom and Gomorrah in the Old Testament. If
a woman has a penis, and she does, as
futanarian, then she doesn`t need leeches,
which is why Jesus was born of a virgin.
Because a woman needs neither men`s
semen nor their leech, and her species has a
10penis of her own. Men, according
to Revelation, have had their chance at
reproduction, Redemption, and will have
perdition. A man and not a leech, that is, he
who is as Jesus, the `New Redeemer`, shall
protect the `hidden` woman of the Earth
who`ll leave to sow her own seed with her
own penis. Only leeches will remain.
According to the Bible, man has appeared on
Earth on only three occasions; as Adam,
Jesus, and shall appear in the person of the
`New Redeemer` of Revelation. Others may
have had Redemption, but man has appeared
only as Adam, Jesus, and will appear in the
future again as the fgure of the `New
1 http://www.islam-guide.com/ch1-1-a.htm
The Non-Interactive Society
If women have a penis, and they do
( http://www.futanaria.com ), then the policy
of non-interaction is their defnitive mode. In
the Moslem nations women are `hidden`
11behind the cloistered existences of the
abiyah, which is a full length sack with
eyeholes that prevents them from being seen
or spoken with. In Western societies the norm
is one woman one man although polygamy
isn`t illegal, while In Arabia the rule is that
each man can have four wives.
In Hollywood a sight of the male penis is the
main taboo of mainstream pictures, on
`moral` grounds. However, because women
have a penis, the taboo against its revealing
is a prohibition against women`s being seen,
which is `immoral` on moral grounds. Moslem
societies are criticized for their
noninteractivity, but women in the West are
12deactivated because they`re not able to
function as a species with its own penis.
In Claude Levi Strauss` structuralist
anthropology the world is a
phenomenological instruction kit. Milk is
observed to curdle and produce cheese, for
example. This is the model for inventiveness
from man`s perspective. Vehicles are stable
because they have four wheels, which derives
its form from structuralist anthropological
observations of a world in which most
creatures have four legs. The idea of fourness
is, therefore, a structuralist anthropological
given in terms of nature, which is what
structuralism is about.
13 The structural anthropologists argue that
the world is perceivable by the brain because
it corresponds to the structure of the brain.
The developmental psychology of Carl Gustav
Jung (1875-1961) posits the `God archetype`,
which exists as a natural facultas
praeformandi that produces archetypes in
dreams and imagination that are discernible
in art and life as manifestations of the soul
and spirit which seeks development and
personal growth for the individual,
or individuation.
In simple terms, the phenomenological world
is observable as inventive naturally, which is
what men conceive as nature in their
conservative approach towards reality,
whereas the world of the soul, which is
14descried as spiritual produces archetypal
phenomenon, which are natural but alien to
the way that men think because they`re
conservatively preventing women`s penis
from emerging and being seen. Because men
are a parasite due to their seeking to prevent
women from knowing their own penis, and
enslaving her as a `host womb` in which to be
born and feed upon her as leeches, the
fourfold marriage of Arabian society is an
archetypal structuralist manifestation of the
four functions of consciousness that Jung
describes as being necessary for an
individual`s perfect functionality.
According to Jung, Thinking, Sensation,
Feeling and Intuition are the four functions of
consciousness, and the four wives of Moslem
society correspond to the building of an
15individuated self from the perspective of the
marrying, in the Shakespearian sense of
`understanding`, central male who
corresponds to the ego controlling the four
functions. In short, the archetypal structure
of the brain, which is natural and from
nature, in women, and is perceivable as
actuating spiritually in the phenomenological
world, is not anthropological structuralist,
which would correspond to the brains of men.
In their concern with how to have nature
produce so that they can feed upon it as
parasitical organisms, men aren`t concerned
with God because the archetypal structuralist
female brain isn`t necessary for the
production of bread and wine, for example,
which can be `invented` simply by observing
nature, whereas fourfold marriage can`t be
presupposed from the natural world and so is
a phenomenologically realized `spiritual`
creation of God`s that, appearing in the
natural world, has also arisen from it, which
forms the basis for a perception of women as
structuralist unifers of nature.
16 In Christianity, Jesus uses the bread and the
wine, as high level products of civilization
and culture, to indicate that soul and spirit
are productive of `fellowship`. Bread and
wine are structuralist anthropological, that
is, they are naturally phenomenological and
can be observed deriving simply from nature,
which facilitates men`s feeding as parasites
upon the Earth because they`re concerned
with maintaining themselves through least
efort. The soul, as the ultimately
`emanatory` intellect of the archetypes of
God`s spirit, insofar as the phenomenological
world contains signs of them, is archetypal
structuralist, or female. If women have a
penis, and men don`t produce breast milk,
then women`s selfess nurturing of their
ofspring is an archetypal stucturalist
manifestation of God`s spirit in the
17phenomenological world, a `structuralist`
sign of nature`s inventiveness and
From men`s structuralist anthropological
point of view milk produces cheese, and
women produce men, which means that men
are parasites whereas women are producers.
Because women are archetypal structuralist
they`re developmental whereas men are
stucturalist anthropological, which means
that they`re parasitical. It`s the analogy of
the fruit in the garden of Eden. Fruit is picked
without efort, and men`s structuralist
anthropological approach, determined by
their brains, is to feed upon nature rather
18than assist it to develop spiritually, which is
what breast-feeding women do with their
During Jesus` crucifxion he was given
vinegar, which is rotten wine, and according
to Levi-Strauss` structuralism vinegar is a
higher form of culture than wine because,
although grapes ferment to produce wine,
and that`s structuralist anthropology insofar
as its phenomenologically descryable by men
and so implementable as a mass productive
process, the sourness of vinegar tells us that
fruit juice tastes better than wine and
vinegar is consequently a symbol, in Jesus`
crucifxion, of what`s wrong with men`s
brains. They`re rotten and crucify Jesus
because they don`t want God to produce
anything more difcult than a structuralist
anthropological reality in which observation
19is inventive enough for men to live
Jesus was murdered because he was
suggesting an archetypalist structuralist
approach to production in which the victim
wasn`t tortured to produce more, but
produced because that`s what producers do.
Because Woman is God`s producer, that is,
everything comes from her enslaved `host
womb`, men as her anthropological
structuralist parasites would be frightened
that Jesus` advocacy of the Holy Spirit as the
`tutelary guide`, that is, the Shekinah or
female spirit of the law from the Covenant
with God in the Old Testament, would result
in freedom for women to produce, as God`s
chosen people, without men as her torturing
In `The Wasteland` (1922) poem T.S. Eliot
observed that the world had lost soul and
spirit. Eliot posited that archetypal material
existent within the psyche could be
reactivated so that the soul and spirit of
modernity could revivify life. A simple


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