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Dooeils Convergence Universal SH Beyound Dreams
© Dooeils Convergence, 2016
ISBN numérique : 979-10-325-0019-4
Courriel : contact@laboutiquedesauteurs.com
Internet : laboutiquedesauteurs.cultura.com
Le Code de la propriété intellectuelle interdit les copies ou reproductions destinées à une utilisation collective. Toute représentation ou reproduction intégrale ou partielle faite par quelque procédé que ce soit, sans le consentement de l’auteur ou de ses ayants cause, est illicite et constitue une contrefaçon sanctionnée par les articles L335-2 et suivants du Code de la propriété intellectuelle.
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Foreword This story has its origin in a show that Dooeils carried out for a recreation center. It is based on the theme of difference. In the beginning, a meeting between a witch and a band of young humans that are total opposites: appearances, perceptions and abilities. They come from two different worlds. Suffice to say that everything is possible! But an essential message appears: despite their differences individuals can, if they decide, join and move together towards a better future.
Due to its success with children, teens and parents, Dooeils had the idea of adapting his show in a form of a short story accompanied by some illustrations. Hoisted by his own petard, the author developed his story till turning it into a novel of a new kind.
Fantastic, fun and surprising, it will delight young people and adults.
1– Story: The meeting of SH
Everything destabilizes...
Everything is black...
Everything is...
Internal emotions crackle with energies... They intensify and calm down according to their character: excitement, curiosity, joy, fear, envy, strangeness, anxiety, serenity...
The feelings wander around, waving in the body from head to feet... Everything tumbles out, everything becomes entangled, everything mixes up...
A voice sounds in this darkness.
- Let your body and your mind submerge in what they receive and give...
Attention paid to things leads to the paths of hope...
Every moment is unique, and living it in the present makes it stronger...
Everything stabilizes...
Everything is black...
Everything is...
A: Genesis
Everything is blue...
Everything is red...
very different worlds... A Blue World... A red World... Two different species... Two Human beings... Sorcien beings. They reign as absolute bosses in their world... While none of them is aware of the other world... They occupy without knowing it, the same place in the universe...
Two similar Worlds rather existing one into the other. Thus, they are paradoxically at the same point in the universe, but in a different dimension, which creates the separation of the two worlds.
Whoever their opponent and whatever their ethnic and ethical vision are, none of these two species can accept to be invaded by others to ensure their own posterity.
When everything opposes, nothing comes together.
Knowing that they have no knowledge of one another, the only thing that could indirectly join Sorcien and Human beings despite them, is their way of thinking. They believe that the world belongs to the strongest one. They are, in this respect, the most powerful of their World! To such an extent that they act in this way among them too, and then, that's it! They are not all necessarily convinced, but for most of them, that’s for sure, it will never be otherwise! This is how they think, this is how they are, two species definitely alive but completely different.
All Sorcien beings live apart from each other, on their own and without any inner emotion. They evolve in interaction with universal energies, thus growing their magic over time: white, black, green, purple... The only real relationship everyone has is with the Sorcien’s mentor, who tells them everything about everything. In this way, they become over time, real Sorciens, worthy of the name. Even though they all look the same, internally, they know somewhere within them that they are not all the same as living beings.
Human beings live all together, but with no inner magic. They evolve in interaction with each other, developing their various universal emotions with time: compassion, sadness, love, fear, joy... They meet and mix, learning together everything about everything, becoming over time real Human beings worthy of the name. Despite that, they are different, internally, they know somewhere within them that they are all the same as living beings.
 Here we are, diving into one of the secrets of the infinitely endless universe... With countless stars, planets, galaxies and so many other things, now we discover these two spheres, the blue and the red one, identical at the same time. Billions of living beings evolve. Seen from the sky, they move like insects swarming on these two planetary bodies, however, they don’t live the same way. While a group builds a society made of wood, stones, metals and glasses, the other builds his singularly, with mysterious and magical materials. All of that is crossed by tunnels, land and air routes and other dimensional passages still unexplored.
But now, after centuries and centuries without any interference, fate decided otherwise, causing a thing anyone would never imagine possible. An impossible reunion, an unthinkable confrontation between two secret worlds, inhabited by wizards and witches, named Sorcien