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www.petitfute.uk.comChâteau Mauvesin Barton • Moulis-en-Médoc • T l. +33 (0)5 56 58 41 81
Collection Directors and Authors:
Dominique AUZIAS and Jean-Paul LABOURDETTE Welcome
Responsible for Publishing: Maxime Henri MARTIN with the
cooperation of Sophie TARDIEU and Nathalie MOULIN To Bordeaux!
Authors: Benjamin BARDEL, Chloé BAJAS, Aude RICHARD,
Juliana HACK, Hélène BOULET, Maud GUIBERT, Orianne DUPONT,
Dominique AUZIAS and alter
ur first images
Publishing Director: Stéphan SZEREMETA of a city remain
Publishing Team: François TOURNIE, Jeff BUCHE, Perrine Oengraved in our GALAZKA, Talatah FAVREAU, Maud VILLERET, Patrick MARINGE,
Caroline MICHELOT, Morgane VESLIN, Pierre-Yves SOUCHET, memories. And it is
Leena BRISACQ, Muriel PARENT often guides who lead
us in these first explo-STUDIO
Studio Manager: Sophie LECHERTIER ratory steps. Thus, in the
assisted by Romain AUDREN pages of this Petit Futé
Layout: Julie BORDES, Élodie CLAVIER, Sandrine MECKING, dedicated to Bordeaux, Delphine PAGANO, Laurie PILLOIS
you will discover the Pictures Management and Mapping: Audrey LALOY
multiple aspects of the
WEB city: the harmony of its
Web Director: Louis GENEAU de LAMARLIERE
18th-century facades Technical Director: Lionel CAZAUMAYOU
Web Management and Development: Jean-Marc REYMUND, which form a strange
Cédric MAILLOUX, Florian FAZER and Anthony GUYOT contrast with the Alain Juppé
Community Manager: Cyprien de CANSON winding and cobbled
PUBLICITY TEAM streets of the Saint-Pierre district, its shaded plots bordered
Local Publicity Responsible: Michel GRANSEIGNE by restaurants and its new and lasting neighbourhoods, its
Local Publicity Recruitment: Victor CORREIA museums and its many markets.
Customer Relationship Management: Vimla MEETTOO and
I invite you to stroll on its two shores, on foot or by bike, Sandra RUFFIEUX
accompanied by the Garonne, and to enjoy this incomparable
NATIONAL PUBLICITY TEAM light which is suitable for daydream. You will find then through
Advertising Managers: Caroline AUBRY, Perrine DE CARNE the variety of its neighbourhoods what makes Bordeaux a MARCEIN, Caroline GENTELET, Florian MEYBERGER, Caroline
PREAU unique city, listed as Unesco World Heritage. A distinction
that confirms the universal value of its architecture, which
INTERNATIONAL PUBLICITY TEAM combines modernity and classicism.
Director: Karine VIROT assisted by Elisa MORLAND
From its past as a land of welcome of all the communities, Advertising Managers: Jean-Marc FARAGUET, Guillaume
LABOUREUR Bordeaux retains humanism and a harmonious mixture of
cultures that can be read and discovered through its streets
CIRCULATION AND PROMOTION bordered by blonde-stone buildings.Sales Promotion Director: Bénédicte MOULET
assisted by Aissatou DIOP, Alicia FILANKEMBO You who pass by Bordeaux, you will undoubtedly remember
and Bénédicte PETIT this paradise corner nestled in the hollows of the Garonne. I
Sales Manager: Jean-Pierre GHEZ wish you have a nice stay in our city.
assisted by Nathalie GONCALVES
Press-Sponsors Partnership Management: Alain JuppéJean-Mary MARCHAL
Mayor of Bordeaux
ADMINISTRATION Président of Bordeaux Métropole
Chairman: Jean-Paul LABOURDETTE Former Prime Minister
Financial Director: Gérard BRODIN
Human Resources Director: Dina BOURDEAU
assisted by Sandra MORAIS and Naommi CHOQUET
Information Technology Manager: Pascal LE GOFF
Accounting: Valérie DECOTTIGNIES assisted by Jeannine
Collection: Fabien BONNAN
assisted by Sandra BRIJLALL
Switchboard: Jehanne AOUMEUR
Dominique Auzias founded Le Petit Futé.
It is published by Les Nouvelles Editions de l’Université
18 rue des Volontaires - 75015 Paris.
Tel: + 33 (0)1 53 69 70 00 - Fax +33 (0)1 42 73 15 24
Internet: www.petitfute.uk.com
SAS with a capital of e 1000000 -
RC PARIS B 309 769 966
Cover: Leonardo Patrizi - iStockphoto
Printed by: IMPRIMERIE CHIRAT - 42540 Saint-Just-la-Pendue
Completion date: 04/08/2015
ISBN: 9782746975972
To contact us by email, family name (lowercase)
followed by @petitfute.com
Send an e-mail to the editor: info@petitfute.com
© Thomas SANSON – Mairie de BordeauxContents
Cultural Events-
Festivals Accommodation
Hotels ............................................................60Celebrations ................................................ 10
Central Reservation Oices ...................67Fairs – Show ..............................................s 12
Hostels ..........................................................67
Campings ..................................................... 68
Guesthouses ...............................................68
Cottages .......................................................69
Home Rental70
Other Accommodation ........................... 70Restaurants
High Budget ................................................ 14
Medium Budget.........................................16 Having Fun- Small Budget ..............................................29
Going OutRegional Cuisine ........................................ 31
Specialities ................................................... 35
World Cuisine .............................................37 Bars – Cofeehouses .................................74
Fast Food & Deliver ................................y 46 Games ...........................................................80
Gourmet Journeys ....................................48 Clubs – Nightclubs ...................................80
© STEVE LE CLECHShows ............................................................81 Breads – Cakes –
Chocolates – Ice Creams ...................... 108Sexy ................................................................ 83
Fish – Seafood ......................................... 111
Local Products 112
Caterers ...................................................... 112
Wines & Spirits......................................... 113
& Leisure
Stadiums – Sports Facilities ................... 86
Motorsports ................................................86 VisitsAir Sports .....................................................86
Individual Spor .......................................ts 87
Tourist Oices .......................................... 118Water Sports ...............................................87
Guided Tours ............................................ 118Dance – Music – Artistic Activities ......90
Monuments and buildings ................. 121Hobbies & Other Activities ....................90
Religious Buildings ................................ 125
Museums ................................................... 128
Urban Sites ............................................... 132Shopping
Parks & Gardens ...................................... 136Fashion Memorials ................................................. 138
Gifts Discovery Sit ........................................es 138
Theme parks ............................................ 142
Animal Parks 144Jewellery – Clocks ..................................... 92
Good Tips .....................................................94
Gif ................................................................ts 96
Shopping Centr .......................................e 98 Travel
Sexy 98 Tourism
Art Galleries ................................................. 99 Transport
Fashion – Clothes ...................................... 99
Transport ................................................... 146
Car Rental .................................................. 148Gourmet
Bio ................................................................ 102 Bordeaux
Cofee –Tea – Herbal Tea ...................... 102
Delicatessen ............................................. 103
Bassin d’Arcachon –
Cheese Shops – Dairies ........................ 104 Côte d’Argent........................................... 150
Fruit – Vegetables .................................. 105 Bordeaux vineyards ............................... 195
Markets – Covered Markets ................ 105 Index .................................................238RUE
Février 2011
BordeauxStreets of Bordeaux
CASTILLON (rue de)............ .4D FAURES (rue des)............ 8G/9H A-B
CAUSSEROUGE (rue) ............ 7I FAUSSETS (rue des).......... 7E/7D
ABBÉ DE L'EPÉE (rue de l') ...... . 1C
CAZEAUX (passage des)......... .8G FAYETTE (rue la)............. 6B/6C
AIDES (cour des) .............. . 7E
CERF-VOLANT (rue du) ....... 6F/7F FÉNELON (rue)................ . 3C
ALBRET (cours d') ............. . 2F CHAI DES FARINES (rue du) ...... . 7E FENOUIL (impasse) ............ . 2B
ALEMEBERT (rue d') I6
CHANAU (impasse).............. 3J FERME DE RICHEMOND (place) ... .6G
ALLAMANDIERS (rue des) ....... .9H CHANTRE (rue)................. 8J FLEURET (rue Jean) .1G
ALLAUDETTES (rue des)......... .5D
CHAPEAU ROUGE (cours du) ..... . 6C FOIX (rue L. de) ............... . 2E
ALSACE ET LORRAINE (cours d') 3F/8F CHAPELET (place du)........... . 4C FONDAUDÈGE (rue) ............ . 3A
ARGENTIERS (rue d') ......... 7E/7F CHAPELLE ST-JEAN (rue de la) ... . 8F FONTAINE BOUQUIÈRE
ARGONNE (cours de l’)........... 6J (impasse de la) ............... .8GCHARRON (rue) ............... .2D
ARNOULD (rue du Commandant) 4G/4H FOURCAND (rue E.) .......... 1A/2ACHARTRES (allées de) .......... . 5A
AUGUSTINS (rue des) .............. 6I FRANKLIN (rue)............. 4C/4DCHÂTEAU D’EAU (rue) ........ 1D/2F
AUROS (rue C. d') .2D FRÈRES BONIE (rue des) ...... 2F/3FCHÂTEAU-TROMPETTE (rue de) . 4B/5B
AUSONE (rue)................. . 8F FUSTERIE (rue de la) ........... .9GCHEVERUS (rue de) ............ . 5F
AYRES (rue des)............. 5F/6F CICÉ (rue Charles de) 2I
BAHUTIERS (rue des)......... 7F/7E CLARE (rue)................... 8J G-H
BARBOT (impasse)........... 2A/3A CLEMENCEAU (cours G.) ........ . 3C GABILLON (rue) ............... .8H
BARRAUD (rue du Docteur Albert) . . 1A CLOÎTRE (rue du).............. .8H GABINEAU (rue) ............. 5C/5B
BASSE (rue P.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5F COHEN (rue du Grand R.J.) ...... .5H GABRIEL (place) .............. .7D
BAUREIN (rue) ................. 8I COLON (place R.) . 8F GAMBETTA (place) .2D
BEAUBADAT (rue).............. . 4E COMBES (rue) ................ .5D GANTS (impasse des) ......... 3J/3I
BEL (rue J. J)............... 4C/5C COMÉDIE (place de la).......... . 5C GANTS (rue des) ............... 2J
BELFORT (rue de) ........... .2F/2J CONDÉ (rue de) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6C GARAT (rue)................... 7J
BELLEVILLE (rue de) ............ 1I CONDILLAC (rue) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 3C GASSIES (rue Tr.) .............. . 7E
BERGERET (rue)................ 8I CONTRESCARPE (rue) ......... 7I/8J GENSAN (rue) ................ .8G
BERT (rue Paul) ............... .5G COQUILLE ............ (rue de la)7E GENSONNÉ (rue) . 3E
BERTHUS (impasse)............ . 2C CORCELLE (rue)............... . 6F GINTRAC (rue Elie).............. 7J
BIGOT (rue) ................... 8J CORDELIERS (rue des)........ 7H/8H GOURGUE (cours)............ 4A/5A
BIR-HAKEIM (place de).......... . 9F COSTEDOAT (rue Ed.).......... 4J/4I GOUVÉA (rue)............... 5G/6G
BIROUETTE (impasse) ........ 4F/4G COUBERTIN (rue Pierre de)....... .6G GRADIS (rue) .................. 6I
BLANC DUTROUILH (rue) ...... 4A/5A COURBIN (rue)................ .6D GRANDS HOMMES
BOËTIE (rue la).............. 2E/3E (place des)................... . 4CCRÉON (rue de) ............... . 3F
BONNAC (rue Georges) ....... 1E/3D GRASSI (rue de)............. 4D/4ECURSOL (rue de) .............. .4H
BONNAFÉ (rue) ............... . 2E DABADIE (rue) ................ .8H GRATIOLET (rue) ............... 7I
BORDEFRANQUE (passage) ...... .5D GUÉRIN (rue) ................. . 5FDARNAL (impasse)............. . 3C
BORDELAISE (Galerie) .......... .5D DAURADE (rue de la Maison) . . . . . .5D GUESDE (rue J.)................ 9J
BOUCHERIES (rue des) .7G GUIENNE (rue) .6GDEMONS (rue Pr.).............. . 3A
BOUDET (rue)................. . 4A DESFOURNIEL (rue) .......... 2H/3H GUIRAUDE (rue) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5E
BOUFFARD (rue)............... . 3E DESPAUX (rue)................ .8H HALLE (rue de la).............. . 8F
BOULAN (rue)............... 2E/3E DEVISE (rue de la) ........... 5E/7E HAMEL (rue du)................ 9J
BOUQUIÈRE (impasse) ......... . 7F DIDEROT (rue) . 4C HENRI IV (rue) ................. 4I
BOUQUIÈRE (rue)............ 6F/7G HÔPITAL (passage de l’)......... .4GDIEU (rue) ................... .6D
BOURGEOIS (quai) ........... 7E/8E DIEUZAIDE (rue Révérend Père)... . 1E HÔTEL DE VILLE (rue de l’)....... . 3F
BOURSE (place de la) .7D HUGLA (rue)................ 7G/7HDONISSAN (rue)................ 5I
BOUSCATIER (impasse) .......... 3J DOUANE (quai de la) ......... 7D/7E HUGO (cours Victor) ......... 5G/8G
BOUVIERS (rue des)............. 9I DOUVES (rue des) .............. 9J HUSTIN (rue) ............... 3A/4A
BRAGARD (rue) ................ 7I DROUYN (rue) ................ .2H
BRIAND (cours Aristide) . . . . . . . . 3I/5I DUBERGIER (rue Duf.) ........ . 4F/6I I-J
BRISTOL (allée de)........... 5A/6A DUBURG (place)............... .9H INTENDANCE (cours de l') ..... 3D/5D
BROCA (rue P.)............... 6I/7I DUCOS (rue Th.)................ 1J JABRUN (rue Père Louis de)...... . 4E
BROCHON (rue G.) ............ .4D DUCRU (rue) 3G/4G JAURÈS (place Jean) . . . . . . . . . . . . 7C
BUFFON (rue) 3C/4C DUDON (rue) ................. . 5E JOFFRE (rue du Maréchal)....... .3G
BUHAN (rue) ............... 7F/7G DUFAU (rue).................. . 2F JOUHANNET (rue) ............. .6D
BURGUET (rue Jean) ............ 4I DUMERCQ (rue)............... . 15 JUDAÏQUE (rue) ............. 1D/3D
DUPLOYÉ (rue E.)............ 7E/7D JUIN (cours du Maréchal)...... 1G/2F
C-D JULLIAN (place)............... . 6E
CANCÉRA (rue du) ........... 5E/7E E-F
CANDALE (rue de) .............. 6I ELYSÉE RECLUS (rue)......... 2F/3F L-M
CANIHAC (rue) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5H/5G ENGHEIN (rue d') .............. . 4A LABIRAT (rue)................. .5H
CANTELOUP (place)............ .9H ENTRE 2 MURS (rue) ........... .6D LACORNÉE (rue)............. 1G/2H
CAPERANS......... . (rue des) 6E/6D ESPRIT DES LOIS (rue)........ 5C/7C LAFARGUE (place) . 6F
CAPUCINS (place des) ........... 8J ETUVES (rue des)............ 4G/5G LAFAURIE
CASTÉJA (rue).............. 1C/2C EVÊCHÉ (passage de l’) ....... 7F/7E DE MONBADON (rue)......... 3A/3C
CASTELMORON (rue)........... . 3E FAURÉ (rue)................ 7G/7F LALIMENT (rue) ............... .1DPANORAMIC RESTAURANT / SEASONAL CUISINE / WATERFRONT TERRACE
✆ +33 (0)5 56 778 118 - www.lecafeduport.comLAMOUREUX (rue Charles)....... . 6C NEUVE (rue)................ 7F/7G SAUVAGEAU (rue C.)............ .9H
LANDE (rue la).............. .5I/5H OBSERVANCE (rue de l')......... .7H SERPOLET (rue du) .......... 6F/6E
LANOIRE (rue) ................ .5H ORLÉANS (allée d') .......... 5C/7B SERVANDONI (rue)............. .2H
LARRIEU (place A.) 2J SÈZE (rue de)............... 4B/5B
LATOUR (rue de C.) ............ .2G SOLEIL (rue du) .8G P-Q
LAURIERS (rue des) .6D SOMME (cours de la)............ 6JPAINLEVÉ (rue P.) ........... 4D/5D
LAUTREC (rue Toulouse)....... 2E/3E SOUBIRAN (impasse)............ 5JPALAIS (place du) ............. . 7F
LEBERTHON (rue)............... 5J PALAIS DE L’OMBRIÈRE (rue du) 7F/7E SPORTS (passage des).......... .6G
LEBRUN (rue) 1B/2B ST-CHRISTOLY (place) . 4EPALAIS GALLIEN (rue du)...... 2A/2D
LECOCQ (rue) 1G/2G STE- EULALIE ................ .4HPALAIS GALLIEN (place du) ...... . 2A
LEUPOLD (rue).............. 7D/7E STE-CADENNE (impasse)........ .8HPALANQUES (rue des) ........ 4F/4G
LEYTEIRE (rue)................ .7H STE-CATHERINE (impasse)....... . 5EPARLEMENT (place du) ......... .6D
LHÔTE (rue).................. . 3B STE-COLOMBE (rue) ........... . 7FPARLEMENT STE-CATHERINE (rue du) .
LIARD (rue l.)................ 5I/5J 5D/6D STE-EULALIE (place) ........... .4H
LIBÉRATION (cours de la)......... 2I PASSAGE ST-EORGES (rue du).. 6D/6F ST-FORT (rue) .............. 1B/2B
PASTEUR (cours) .............. .5HLIGIER (rue) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .1G/2I ST-FRANÇOIS (rue).......... 6H/8H
LOS ANGELÈS (allée de)....... 5B/5A PAULIN (place P.) . . . . . . . . . . . . 4D/5D ST-GENÈS (rue de) 3J
LOUIS (rue).................. . 6C PAVIE (impasse)................ 3J ST-GEORGE (rue du passage) .. 6F/7F
LOUIS XVIII (quai).............. . 7B PELLETAN (place C.) ........... .8H ST-JAMES (rue)............. 6F/6G
LOUP (rue du) 4F/6F PÉREIRE (rue Rodrigues) ........ .1D ST-LAZARE (impasse) .......... .2D
PERMENTADE (rue) ............. 8ILURBE (rue de) ............. 2C/3C ST-MICHEL (rue).............. .9H
LYAUTEY (quai du Maréchal) ... 7C/7D PESSAC (rue de) ............... 3J ST-PAUL (impasse) ............ . 6F
MABIT (place) ................ .5H PETIT ST-PIERRE (rue).......... . 7E ST-PIERRE (impasse) ........ 7E/7D
PETITE RUE DE SAINTONGE....... 2JMABLY (rue) 4B/5C ST-PIERRE (place) ............. . 7E
MAGENDIE (rue) 5I PEY-BERLAND (place) .......... . 4F ST-PROJET (impasse) .......... . 5E
MANÈGE (rue du).............. .1D PHILIPPART (rue F.) 6D/7D ST-PROJET (place) . 5E
MARBOTIN (rue)................ 9J PHILIPPE (rue G.)............ .8I/8H STRASBOURG (rue de)........ .1J/2J
MARENGO (rue de) 8I PILET (rue)................... .8G ST-RÉMI (rue) .............. 5D/7D
MARGAUX (rue)............... . 5E PILIERS DE TUTELLE (rue des).... .6D ST-SERNIN (rue)............. 2D/2E
MARGAUX (impasse) ......... 5D/5E PLANTEROSE (rue).............. 9I ST-SIMÉON (rue) . 6E
MARIN (rue F.) .............. 1E/1D PLATE- FORME (rue de la)....... .4G
POITEVIN (rue)................ . 1BMARNE (cours de la) ............ 7J T-V
MARTIGNAC (rue) ............. . 4C POMIERS (rue S. de) .......... 7I/8I TANESSE (rue)............... 4J/4I
MAUBEC (impasse) .9G PONTETS (rue des) ............ .9G TASTET (rue) 1H/3G
POQUELIN MOLIÈRE (rue)........ . 4EMAUBEC (rue) ................ .9G TEMPLE (rue du) ............ 4D/4E
MAUCAILLOU (place du).......... 8I PORTE CAILHAU............... . 8E TESSIER (rue H.) ............ 5H/5G
MAUCOUDINAT (rue) ......... 6E/7E PORTE DES PORTANETS (rue de la) 8F TÊTE (rue M.)................. . 1E
MAURIAC (impasse)............ .8G PORTE DES SALINIÈRES......... .9G TEULÈRE (rue) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6G/7G
MAURIAC (rue)................ .8G PORTE DIJEAUX (rue la) .4D THIAC (rue) ................ 1C/2C
MAUTREC (rue) ............... . 5C PRESSENCE (place de)........... 5I TIFFONET (rue) ............. .6J/7J
MAZARIN (rue)................. 4J PROSPER (rue) ................ 2I TOMBE LOLY (rue) . . . . . . . . . . . . 5I/6I
MENUTS (rue des) . . . . . . . . . . . .8G/8I PUITS DESCUJOLS (rue du) ...... .7D TONDU (rue du) 1J/3H
QUEYRIES (quai des) ........... . 9BMERCI (impasse de la).......... . 5E TOUR DU PIN (rue de la) ........ .9G
MERCI (rue de la)............ 5E/6E QUINCONCES (Esplanade des).... . 6B TOURNON (cours de) ......... 4B/5B
MÉRIGNAC (rue de) .......... 6E/7D QUINCONCES (place des)........ . 4B TOURNY (allées de) .......... 4B/5C
MÉTIVIER (rue)................ .6D TOURNY (place de)............. . 3B
MEYNARD (place).............. .9H R-S TRAVERSANNE (rue)........... 8I/9I
MICHELLET (rue Ed.) ........... . 2E RAVEZ (rue) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6F/6G 30 JUILLET (cours du) ........ 5B/5C
MIE (rue Louis) ................ 2J RAYNAL (place du Colonel)....... . 2F 3 CONILS (rue des) .......... 4E/4F
MILLARDET (rue A.) . . . . . . . . . . . . . 2E REMPARTS (rue des) ........... . 3E 3 CHANDELLIERS (rue des)...... . 7E
MILLIÈRE (rue)................. 4J RENIÈRE (rue) .............. 7G/8G TURENNE (rue).............. 1A/3B
MIQUEU (rue Arnaud)......... 6F/6E RÉPUBLIQUE (place de la) ....... .3G TUSTAL (rue) ............... 5F/5E
MIRAIL (rue du) ............. .6G/7I RICHELIEU (quai) . 8E VACHE (rue).................. . 7E
MISÉRICORDE (rue de la) 4I RODESSE (place).............. .1H VALADE (rue L.) . 2E
MONTAIGNE (rue M.) ........... . 4C ROHAN (place)................ . 3F VALÉRY (rue Paul)............. .1H
MONTBAZON (rue) 2F/3F ROLLAND (rue) 2C/3C VERDUN (cours de) .......... 4B/4A
MONTESQUIEU (rue)............ .3D ROUSSEAU (rue J. –J.)........ 4B/4C VERTEUIL (rue)................ . 2E
MOULIN (place Jean)........... . 4F ROUSSELLE (rue de la) ......... . 8F VEYRINES (rue) ............. .5H/5I
MOULINIÉ (rue) .............. 5I/6I RUAT (rue de) ................ . 3E VICTOIRE (place de la)........... 6J
MOUNEYRA (c.) ............... .2H SAIGE (rue) .................. .5D VICTOIRE AMÉRICAINE (rue de la) 3A/4A
MOUNEYRA (rue) ............ .1I/3G SAINCRIC (rue)................. 5I VIDEAU (impasse) .............. 4J
MOUSQUE (rue du pont de la) .... .6D SAINTE CATHERINE (rue) ...... .5D/6I VIEILLE TOUR (rue de la) ........ .3D
MUGUET (rue du).............. .8G SAINTONGE (rue de)........... 2I/3I VIGNES (rue des) . . . . . . . . . . . . .9I/9H
MULET (rue du) ............... . 6E SALINIÈRES (quai des).......... .9G VILLE DE MIRMONT (rue de la) ... . 3A
MUNICH (allées de) .......... 5B/6B SARGET (passage)........... 4C/4D VILLEDIEU (rue) ................ 4J
SARRAIL (place du Général)....... 6I VILLENEUVE (rue)............ 2E/3E
N-O SAU (rue de la) ............. 6G/7G VINET (rue) .................. . 7E
NANCEL PÉNARD (rue Ch.)....... . 2E SAUMENUDE (rue) . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8I VITAL CARLES (rue) .......... 3D/4E
NAVARRE (rue de) .............. 2J SAUTEYRON (rue)............... 5J VOLTAIRE (rue).............. 4C/4DCultural Events – Festivals
Manifestations – Événements
Celebrations 10
Fairs – Shows 12
Free dance classes and services: « Danse avec nous Bordeaux »
This association in partnership with the town hall and other dance schools offers – all summer long - free dance
classes and services called «Dansons sur les Quais». From mid-July to mid-August, Louis – XVII Dock facing the
paths of Munich, initiations for professionals and beginners have been set up as well as demonstrations of rock,
salsa, swing or ballroom dances. A floor of 750 m2, a music scene, catering, motivated volunteers, everything is
there to bravely dance. Whether you are a beginner, more experienced, shy or extrovert, dance gathers everyone in
a good-natured atmosphere! On the program: 1hour of initiation, 4hours of dance evenings animated by DJs, from
Thursday to Saturday! Training courses before the evenings organised throughout the year. For more information
contact the association (membership: €15 giving a right to discounts on evenings).
Quai Louis-XVIII
BORDEAUX & +33 (0) 6 64 94 68 56
From mid-July to mid-August 2015.
A path of 750 m ², a music scene, catering, volunteers motivated, everything is here to dance without complex.
How one original, more experienced, or timid extrovert, dance gathers everyone in a convivial atmosphere! The
event planning initiations and dancing parties organised by various combinations of many styles of dancing, in
the country to the inevitable salsa through the rock!
Organised every two years, on the banks of the Garonne, BORDEAUX FÊTE LE FLEUVE
«the Bordeaux wine feast! « has become the interna-www.bordeauxfetelefleuve.com
tional demonstration unmissable of Bordeaux. Here you bge@bordeaux-tourisme.com
can discover, on one site, the diversity of the wines of From June 25th to June 28th, 2015.
80 names of Bordeaux and the Aquitaine Region. An This year, the river is honoured! The festival of the wine
exceptional program for lovers of dishes and wines for taking place the even numbered years, 2015 will be an
laymen, which allows you to discover all the architectural opportunity to celebrate the Garonne, along the docks
beauty of the city, the vineyards surrounding it and many and Pont de Pierre. As each time, the stalls and the varied advantages of the regional specialities. The next edition activities will flower to pay homage to one of the largest will take place in 2016.
symbols of the city. Are expected large and small boats,
sailboats, concerts, exhibitions, outdoor cinema, shows FÊTE DU VIN NOUVEAU
pyrotechnical... A family and friendly festival not to be ET DE LA BROCANTE
missed! But the wine will not be outdone, with the famous Rue Notre-Dame
Vinexpo lounge, gathering of the largest business of wine 3rd weekend of October.
in the world! Bordeaux, capital of the fine wines and the To celebrate the arrival of autumn while bargain-hunting
and tasting new wine with roasted chestnuts, it is cuisine of Southwest France, will welcome in the setting of
enough to every year the Chartrons offers! Superb rue Bordeaux Celebrates the River, one of the largest shopping
Notre-Dame is the festival! Renowned for its antique to sailing: the Solitary from the Barber Eric Bompard
dealers and second-hand dealers, no less than 80 profes-Cachemire, with departing over 45 sailing boats.
sionals exhibit their amenities. The whole is punctuated
BORDEAUX FETE LE VIN by street performers and various animations. A good
www.bordeaux-fete-le-vin.com opportunity to rediscover the district rue Notre-Dame,
otb@bordeaux-tourisme.com a neighbourhood in the change. The shops of decor
Every two years in at the end of June. and design flower!
The best of Petit Futé addresses from round the corner
to all over the world! www.petitfute.uk.comWELCOME
© Thomas Sanson12 FAIRS – SHOWS
Fairs – Shows
Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux Parc des Expositions de Bordeaux
& +33 (0) 5 56 11 99 00 / +33 (0) 9 69 39 10 33 2, cours du 30-Juillet
www.foiredebordeaux.com www.vinexpo.com – info@vinexpo.com
foire@bordeaux-expo.com Each odd year in June.
The most recent edition: from May 9th to May 17th, 2015. In 1981, created by the Chamber Of Commerce And Industry of
Open from 10am to 8pm without interruption. Admission: Bordeaux, the Vinexpo lounge was affirmed with the editions
E8 (E-Ticket: E7, Reduced rate: E6). Free for children under such as important appointment of the world operators in
12 years old, for the foreign visitors (on presentation of a the area of wines and spirits. Vinexpo welcomes the actors
passport or an identity card delivered abroad), and every of all producting regions of wines and spirits in the world.
day from 6pm except night. Run with selected visitors, only professional, from more
For its 94th edition, the largest trade event in the Southwest than 140 countries, it takes place every 2 years, at the end
will once again delight visitors like traders. In the program, of June. Meeting point of the profession, Vinexpo is the place
9 days of opening spread over 2 weekends and one holiday, (remodelled during the 2015 edition) privileged to discover
2 nights and a playground dedicated to children. The the latest innovations in the area. In 2015, Vinexpo invites
success is growing every year: more than 300,000 visitors three areas in free-tasting to explore two emerging
2covered the 240,000 m  of exhibition and 2 200 stands in trends, the rosé ones and sparkling wines (sparkling), and
2014. The space is divided into several sectors: house and a family to be rediscovered, sweet wines (sweet).In the centre
environment, which has many techniques and innovations of the lobby, a 3 concept- bar called Negro Spiritual will stage
in the fields of construction, land, equipment and deco- the spirit brands through cocktails made by mixologists of
ration, interior and exterior. The leisure and practical-life reputation. Note that this year Vinexpo innovates and creates
sector, which offers a very wide choice of activities, from a personalised rendez-vous management. Exhibitors and
vehicles to handicraft through the well-being and services visitors can express their needs and research, Vinexpo will
for seniors. An international sector which annually presents perspective in his wallet decision of holidaymakers and can
thirty countries, their culture, their productions as well as organize meetings targeted. Thus, a Chilean exhibitor seeking
the village of associations. Finally, the primacy is given a Singaporean importer or a Belgian purchaser in search of
only in Paris, Bordeaux also has its Agricultural Show with Italian wine is available from the efficiency of meetings made
its local producers, its great schools and its unmissable on the lounge. The cuisine will be given to the spotlight:
animals! Many events punctuate this parallel event, such arranged along the lake, the catering offer will be wide and
as cooking classes and professional meetings, in particular plural, from the restaurant to the food trucks. A common
Aquitanimia, show of breeding and bovine genetics and point will gather all offer, the exhibitors can bring, without
Equitaine, for actors in the equine sector. corkage fee, their bottle of wine for lunch.
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Medium Budget 16
Small Budget 29
Regional Cuisine 31
Specialities 35
World Cuisine 37
Fast Food & Delivery 46
Gourmet Journeys 48
© iStockphoto.com - Kcline14 HIGH BUDGET
High Budget
LA TUPINA slate are the main materials composing the decoration. But
6, rue Porte-de-la-Monnaie let’s go back to the menu. In the program, semi-cooked
& +33 (0) 5 56 91 56 37 foie gras, fresh almonds, chutney Cérasus in banyuls or
www.latupina.com – latupina@latupina.com king crab, mirror of citrus and iced turnip, as a starter. To
Open all year. Every day from 12pm to 2pm and from 7pm follow, fillet of Saint-Pierre with the perfumes of the Orient
to 11pm. Booking advised. Menu at E35 with 3 glasses of or Mac Molle: fillet of veal, fried foie gras, grated potatoes,
wine and menu at E65 with cheese, been useful for lunch juice of truffles. Finally, keep a place for the desserts that
and dinner. Lunch menu: E18 (starter, main course and are delicious and beautifully presented: grand cru Manjari
coffee. Except Saturday, Sunday and public holidays). Wine chocolate, guacamole sudachi, creamy raspberries or lemon
by the glass. Groups welcome. Terrace. Valet. meringue sphere.
If you want to discover or find the flavors of the Southwest
LE PRINCE NOIRgastronomic heritage, book a table at La Tupina. Since
1, rue du Prince-Noir1968, the chef Jean-Pierre Xiradakis strives to find the
LORMONT & +33 (0) 5 56 06 12 52best products from the corner to concoct simple and
www.leprincenoir-restaurant.frtraditional dishes which remind those of our grandmothers,
contact@princenoir.frla «tupina» in Basque means: Cauldron. In the dishes, the
Open all year. Monday to Friday for lunch from 12pm to 2pm products of an extreme quality worked to give the best
and for dinner from 8pm to 10pm. Menu from E28 to E80. À of themselves. You can relish the egg cocotte with foie la carte: Around E30. Lunch menu: E28. American Express. gras, cod steak with garlic and olive oil, and potato fried Groups welcome. Garden. Terrace.slice. On the landward as sea side, the origin of products What is this mysterious castle which we see on the ring
is often of our land: asparagus Blaye, Landes duck, game, road next to the bridge of Aquitaine? It is the castle of the
fish of the estuary, black pig in Pyrénées. Cassoulet and Prince Noire! Only the name makes dream! The cuisine that is
fries are obviously homemade and these are cooked in hidden behind the castle too. Long time held by the famous
duck fat for our greatest pleasure. The desserts are a chef Jean-Marie Amat, it is a new starred chef from the Pays
call to the childhood memories, you can literally melt in Basque who took back the reins of the kitchens: Vivien
with toast or crème brûlée with liquorice. The full menu is Durand. At only 35 years old, this student of Alain Ducasse
perfect with its 3 glasses of wine. The service is courteous, (and already starred!) wants to offer a simple and refined
the large fireplace in the entrance indicates the color of friendly cuisine. In this surprising place between classical
the decor, in line with the menu, mimicking a period of and modern decoration, with bay windows overlooking the
farmhouse, with bottles of ageless Armagnac, old tiles, garden where grow some vegetables, you can see from afar
utensils of yesteryear. Needless to say that the wine list is the car traffic, the Garonne, the left bank of Bordeaux like
large and handpicked. Overt the year, the restaurant has nobody else! In the dishes, the show is also beautiful and
become an institution of regional cuisine. good: foie gras poilé with parsley, green asparagus of season
with shaved radish, fried squid and its confit potatoes, duck
LES CRIQUETS fillet with saté accompanied with wheat and orange, Norway
130, avenue du 11-Novembre lobster and its cauliflower pulp. A delight! The desserts
BLANQUEFORT & +33 (0) 5 56 35 09 24 also sparkle like a firework: semi-cooked mousse in the
www.lescriquets.com – hotel@lescriquets.com chocolate of Madagascar, sweets in oranges, lemon-basil
sorbet... At lunchtime, an accessible formula (to which this o
new chef is attached) is to discover every day. This year, the Open Tuesday to Friday and Sunday from 12pm to 2pm;
Prince Noir enters the very prestigious circle of «tables de la Tuesday to Saturday from 7pm to 10pm. Menu from €40
collection» selected by the boss Alain Ducasse. This is the to €75. Children’s menu: €15 (main course and dessert
castle life, provided it lasts!or €21 full). Lunch menu: €18 (starter, main course or
main course, dessert.€21starter,maincourseanddessert). L’IGUANE
American Express, Diners Club, Holiday voucher. Groups 83, avenue du Président-John-Fitzgerald-Kennedy
welcome. Terrace. MÉRIGNAC & +33 (0) 5 56 34 07 39
The restaurant of the Hostelry Les Criquets is a pure marvel www.liguane.fr
in the heart of Blanquefort. The entrance is majestic, we contact@liguane.com
park the car in a raised garden through the terrace, divine. Open Monday to Thursday for lunch and dinner; Friday for
It is true that the restaurant is a haven of peace, a real place lunch. Opening certain public holidays. L’Olive de Mer, the
of rest, both for lunch on terrace than in the dining room. brasserie, is open Monday to Friday for lunch and dinner,
Tablecloths, cutlery and silver carafe of water, refined dishes, Saturday and Sunday for dinner. Booking advised. From
we serve the bread to the unity and the wine by the glass E37 for dinner. Lunch menu: E25 (amuse-stops, starter
or directly from the bottle, at the table. Wrought iron and and dish, preciousnesses).RESTAURANTS
What is this mysterious castle which we see on the ring road LE COHÉ
next to the bridge of Aquitaine? It is the castle of the Prince 8, rue Roger-Cohé
PESSAC & +33 (0) 5 56 45 73 72Noire! Just the name makes us dream! The cuisine is also
www.le-cohe.comhidden behind the castle. Long time held by the famous
Open all year. Tuesday to Saturday for lunch from 12pm chef Jean-Marie Amat, it is a new starred chef from the
to 2pm and for dinner from 7: 15pm to 10pm; Sunday for Pays Basque who took back the reins of the kitchens: Vivien
lunch. Menu from 25E to 60E. Carte: Approximately 50E. Durand. At only 35 years old, this student of Alain Ducasse
Children’s menu: 8E. Lunch menus: from 10.50E to 20E, (and already starred!) wants to offer a simple and refined
only on weekdays. American Express, Holiday voucher. Groups friendly cuisine. In this surprising place between classical
welcome (from 10 people, menu from 30E to 70E). Terrace. and modern decoration, with bay windows overlooking
Take-away. Catering service at home.the garden where grow some vegetables, you can see from
Franck Angelaud has been delighting us since 1999 in his afar the car traffic, the Garonne, the left bank of Bordeaux
«Le Cohé» restaurant; he derived the name from the street like nobody else! In the dishes, the show is also beautiful
in the centre of Pessac. You are invited here for a business and good: foie gras poilé with parsley, green asparagus
lunch at the foot of the restaurant, a romantic meeting, in of season with shaved radish, fried squid and its confit
a little place with new flame-coloured walls and the sound potatoes, duck fillet with saté accompanied with wheat and
of a lapping fountain imposingly set at the entrance. The orange, Norway lobster and its cauliflower pulp. A delight! service is attentive and while an appetizer is brought to you, The desserts also sparkle like a firework: semi-cooked slices of homemade bread are brought to you. The meal right mousse in the chocolate of Madagascar, sweets in oranges, up to deserts are consistent because the dishes are cooked
lemon-basil sorbet... At lunchtime, an accessible formula with passion. Casserole eggs with foie gras and grilled bacon
(to which this new chef is attached) is to discover every served in a small pot, tasty main courses; walnuts of scallops
day. This year, the Prince Noir enters the very prestigious in bell cream mushrooms, pork rib with Banyuls cream and
circle of «tables de la collection» selected by the boss Alain rice will delight you and whether you choose meat or fish
Ducasse. This is the castle life, provided it lasts ! as main course, the chef will let you enjoy yourself. Savour
the house speciality: pancakes cakes with caramel milk L’APPART
sauce as dessert. Lunch menus at 12; 15; 18 or 20E are 15, rue Maubec
always accompanied by a glass of wine (lovers of wine will MÉRIGNAC & +33 (0) 5 56 47 39 91
appreciate this attention). Finally, the chef offers a selection Open Tuesday to Friday for lunch and dinner; Saturday for
of take-away meals to enjoy at home, if you do not wish to dinner. Booking advised. Menu from E36 to E48. Lunch menu:
dine on the lovely terrace.E24 (starter and main course or main course and dessert).
Daily special at lunchtime E16. Possibility of privatizing the LA GRANDE MAISON
room. Garden. Terrace. 10, rue Labottière & +33 (0) 5 35 38 16 16
This is the place that you cannot discover by chance. Yet, it reservation@lgmbordeaux.comwould be needed. This restaurant is discreetly installed in a
Closed on Monday. Menus from €100 to €200.
house in Merignac-Capeyron, opposite the Post Office. The The patron Bernard Magrez and Joël Robuchon, 28-star
main room is arranged as an apartment: large tables on the chef, opened at the end of 2014 La Grande Maison. Lovers
ground floor and an atmosphere for private conversation of culinary excellence, welcome to paradise; get ready on the upstairs on the mezzanine. And recently, the hotel to live a real culinary experience. The concept is simple was expanded of a new room and a very intimate wooden and demanding: combining innovation, modernity and terrace surrounded by a small garden. The apartment can tradition. For the innovation, the menu which changes, now accommodate 40 guests, while respecting the concept
of course, with the seasons includes four services of three created in 2006: eating in an atmosphere that is both relaxed
contemporary starters, followed by a tradition dish and and cozy. And above all, enjoy sophisticated dishes and always
personalised dessert plates. Thus, the bread trolley is full of in a friendly atmosphere. Because the most important – we
promises: olive oil, saffron, squid ink, pesto, focaccia... You all agree – is happening in your dishes. We tasted – and loved
are immersed in the atmosphere with a gourmet symphony – the foie gras with gingerbread crust, chieggia beets sauteed
caviar and spider crab as beautiful as it is delicious. Then come in balsamic caramel and its strawberry lollipop, a section of
lobster in sweet-sour fine slices of turnip with rosemary, roast turbot with hazelnut butter with white asparagus with
stuffed langoustine cooked in ravioli with steamed green champagne ratafia its strong juice and dessert, our choice
cabbage and other delicate creations. The choice is wide and was focused on mille feuilles of strawberries and cream with
the flavours subtle and captivating. For the traditional dish raspberry with its sorbet caramelized bananas. It makes you
(Chateaubriand beef and foie gras in an Rossini interpretation want, but on your arrival, you will have other suggestions,
with old Porto for example), the emphasis is on the carving because the menu – composed of four starters, four main
and the service in the dining room, a real pleasure! The cheese courses and four desserts – changes every month. The chef
trolley is sublime and you finish with sumptuously revisited always ensures to propose a vegetarian starter, one with
traditional desserts. It goes without saying that the cellar fish and the last one with meat, and two dishes of fish and
is wonderful; unique in the world, it has 259 references meat. But do not panic for desserts: you will always find
of classified and assimilated Grands Crus of Gironde and the famous blown, revisited each time, and the fondant
dazzling Champagnes. The passion of the chef Robuchon for chocolate. Here, do not hesitate to rely on the chef: he offers
two surprise tasting menus with two starters, one or two traditional cuisine, in its purest and most beautiful aspects, is
main courses and two desserts chosen by himself. A good enhanced with talent by the chef Tomori Danzaki. A unique
option for those who are not able to decide! moment to experience in a house which is resolutely large.16 MEDIUM BUDGET
Medium Budget
LE BISTRO DU MUSÉE Le Bistrot des Quinconces is an institution in Bordeaux. In
37, place Pey-Berland & +33 (0) 5 56 52 99 69 the heart of the place of the same name. It was known
www.lebistrodumusee.com by the Bordelais under its former name, le Bistrot des
bistrodumusee@wanadoo.fr Négociants. Its terrrace, heated in winter, offers stunning
Open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 10.30pm. Menu from views of the famous monument to the Girondins with its
E13.60 to E32.90. Children’s menu: E7.80 (ground beef fountain and column. Chic brewery atmosphere for this
or net of fish and an ice-cream). Wine by the glass. Terrace. establishment in the style Art-Deco with its wall sconces,
Perfectly located, facing the cathedral in the heart of its large seats, its mirrors and its ceiling moldings. The
Bordeaux, this chic brasserie welcomes every day, and menu proposes a wide choice of dishes adapted to the
especially each noon, lot of business lunches and other seasons, but the flagship dishes remain the famous prime
work breaks. You will appreciate the terrace ideal at the rib of 1.2 kg and its homemade fries, the tasting plateau,
first rays of sun. The interior of the bistro is not left out with composed of shrimps, oysters, crab, and whelks as well as
its beautiful stones and its decoration religiously facing the the Rossini Scallops. The Chef’s suggestions are made from
vineyard. In every season, its menu but you will be tempted fresh products of the market and renewed every day. The
by the mesclun salad and fillets of roasted quail, gravy, sea desserts are a pleasure for the eyes as for the palace. The
bass fillet baked on skin, pesto of rocket and tomatoes confit, wine list is much studied and reflects a rigorous selection.
roasted whole duck breast, with honey and spices. As for Accompanied by a friendly and efficient service, you will
desserts, lovers will throw themselves on the flaky fine tart appreciate a traditional meal or a drink on the terrace at
with apples, custard and vanilla ice cream or the cannelé in this address typically bordelaise.
profiterole with chocolate sauce and vanilla ice cream way.
LE BISTROT DES ANGES 10, place de la bourse & +33 (0) 5 56 30 00 80
19, rue Rode & +33 (0) 5 56 79 14 57 www.bordeaux-gabriel.fr
www.bistrotdesanges.fr reservation@bordeaux-gabriel.fr
Open on Monday from 10am to 8pm; Tuesday to Friday Open all year. Daily for lunch from 12pm to 2.30pm and
from 10am to 2am; Saturday from 2.30pm to 2am. Daily from 7.30pm to 10.30pm. Booking advised. Menu from
special: E10. Lunch menus: starter, main course or main E22.90 to E44.50. À la carte: Around E40. Wine by
course, dessert with wine or coffee: E13, fixed rate formula the glass. Terrace.
starter, main course, dessert, wine or coffee: E15.50. Terrace. Located in central house of place de la Bourse, on the
Bistrot des Anges is a brasserie on the place du marché des first floor of the building that also has a michelin-starred
Chartrons which has proved a runaway success. And for good restaurant and bar, this upscale address especially offers an
reason, although the hotel owner changed, it is always Nono exceptional view of the esplanade and the mirror of water.
in charge of the kitchen and this, for our greatest pleasure. In this classic architectural setting of the 18th century, the
Vincent meanwhile, welcomes with professionalism and Bistro has chosen to focus on simple and contemporary
conviviality all the guests. It is in a relaxed and friendly universe. On the menu, you will find traditional dishes, and
atmosphere that you can take time on the large sunny plenty of local produce, prepared with care, in a warm and
terrace or in the dining room, decorated in a style seafront friendly atmosphere. The head terrine and pig’s trotters
with indigenous Australian trend. The bar in beautiful with foie gras with gribiche sauce, is a model of balance,
old wooden invite you to enjoy a small beer. The dishes and the flaky pastry, melting leeks with mustard and
meanwhile, are copious and enhanced with a little finesse, Andouille, successful marriage of softness and character.
always in gourmet flair. The lunchtime menu leaves a great Special mention also with veal kidney, traditional of the
choice for all needs with three starters and desserts including house which has proven its worth. The menu favours
five choice of dishes. With the «regular» menu, you will find thus the authenticity and the nobility of products, while
among others, the cream of camembert with his fingers of changing with the sandstone of the seasons. And for those
bread and salmon in three ways as starter, delicious squid who would like to enjoy the terrace adjacent to the bar
stuffed with the piperade and with the navarin lamb tagine on the ground floor, the Ten, at lunchtime, they can order
way in main course, as well as an excellent found brioche dishes from the Bistro there.
bread and roasted with caramel cream for dessert. Whether
BRASSERIE DU MEDOCit is for bar or restaurant, you come out of it always happy!
66, cours du Médoc
LE BISTROT DES QUINCONCES 7oxygene@gmail.com& +33 (0) 5 56 39 47 04
4, place des Quinconce&s +33 (0) 5 56 52 84 56 Open all year. Monday to Friday from 9am to 10pm; Saturday
Open all year. Every day from 7am to 11pm. À la carte: Around from 7pm to 10pm. Diffusion of the football matches and
E20. Daily special: E14 (starter + main course + dessert). Rugby. Starters from E3.50, main courses from E8.90 and
Menu from E24 (starter, main course and dessert). Chèque desserts from E3.50, coffee E1. Wine by the glass. Groups
Restaurant. Groups welcome. Terrace. welcome (by reservation). Wifi.RESTAURANTS
The charm is already running from the street, the large Designed with the very good taste of Franck Chaumes, le
bay windows already let see a decor of the most chics Café Bellini is both chic and relaxed, with a beautiful interior
since the cours du Médoc. Upon entering, you will not decoration: majestic bar in solid oak, old lamps, huge mirror
be disappointed by the original Art Déco style: large and plants, warm colors, velvet armchairs, tables placed
green mosaics on the wall, retro wall lamps and some in small alcoves... At lunch, The Café Bellini is appreciated
Asian touches for discreet, but efficient contrast. The for its tasty Club-sandwich hearty and superbly presented,
reception is professional and warm, you feel pampered. the equally famous Caesar salad, or other more refined
As for catering, the quality-price ratio is unbeatable. On dishes like the creamy risotto with seafood. For dessert, we
the menu, you have a wide choice of starters and salads, offer pastries of chez David, and how to resist the delicious
from Landes appetizer with its medallion of foie gras, Dunes: chouquettes filled with cream, both gourmet and
to the marinated with its herring, its warm potatoes light! Around 4 pm., It’s a tea room atmosphere with a
and red onion (E7 each). The dishes are as good as variety of Dammann Frèresand a menu full of ice creams
generous, for example, the steak square on the grill and and sorbets. And around 6 pm.: afterwork atmosphere
its sauce with porcini at E15.90 or the house specialty: with a nice selection of cocktails accompanied by the
the delicious sole with mushrooms at E17. The bread of gourmet casseroles. At dinner time, immerse yourself in
craft production is to die and the wine list will satisfy all the soft light of the Murano columns and the beautiful old
tastes and budgets. The establishment is run by a dynamic crystal chandelier with, every thursday evening, a festive
team that looks forward to make this place unmissable, a musical atmosphere!
bet undoubtedly winning.
15, place des Martyrs-de-la-Résistance 138, cours Victor-Hugo & +33 (0) 5 56 91 78 46
& +33 (0) 5 56 96 38 93 Open every day. Last sitting at 11.30pm; at midnight Friday
www.restaurant-lebroceliande.fr and Saturday. À la carte: Around E30. Daily special: E9.
Closed the three last weeks in August. Open Tuesday to Friday Chèque Restaurant. Terrace.
for lunch and dinner; Saturday for dinner; Sunday for lunch. Au Café des Arts reigns a Parisian atmosphere as in a
Menu from E24 to E34. Main courses between E16 and brewery of Saint-Germain of the beginning of the century:
E26. Lunch menu: E14 (on weekdays). À la carte. American banquettes, Art Déco decoration, dishes in good traditional
Express, Holiday voucher, Chèque Restaurant. Groups recipes. Meet at the intersection of the rue Sainte-Catherine
welcome. Baby chairs. Garden. Terrace. Air-conditioning. and the cours Victor Hugo where you will enjoy hearty and
It is in the friendly setting of an apartment that Patrick delicious dishes! A safe bet but especially, an institution
and Sylviane Foulon welcome their guests, happy to find a in Bordeaux, le Café des Arts is a place where it is good
traditional, refined cuisine that showcases regional produce. to come at any time, inside or on the terrace. A beautiful
The chef presents them in irresistible market suggestions place of conviviality!
and other seasonal apetizers. Regulars enjoy escalope of
LE CAFÉ DU PORTfoie gras with apples and Calvados, thin slices of duck breast
1, quai Deschamps & +33 (0) 5 56 77 81 18with Graves wine, tournedos with foie gras, the roll of fillet
of bar to the butter with tarragon, roasted monkfish with www.lecafeduport.comothe mustard cream, salmon with vanilla, duck leg confit
Open daily for lunch and dinner. Booking advised. Set with onion puree and the inexpressible pan fried veal kidneys
menu at E37. Children’s menu: E14. Lunch menu: to morel sauce. Everything will delight your tastebuds and
E17 (starter, main course and dessert, except Sunday the choice will be difficult. The specialties are also declined
and public holidays). Chèque Restaurant. Reception of with the seasons with the arrival of asparagus, Scallops or
groups (from 50 to 250 people, personalized menus). Baby pike at the favourable times of the year. Wine and food
chairs. Garden. Terrace. Parking.pairing is perfect thanks to the wines of the months offered
Good restaurant and great view. The promise is perfectly by Sylviane Foulon and the suggestions of the season to
kept. Inside, it feels like a huge fisherman’s hut, decorated be sipped on the shaded terrace. Undeniable advantage,
with beautiful lamps that bring more light to the place. Brocéliande uses cru in 50 Cl bottles and guests can take
Set on the banks of the Garonne, the panoramic view of home of the remaining thanks to a doggy bag. Enough to
the Pont de pierre, the quays and the Saint-Michel’s spire, finish an excellent meal by tasting an old Armagnac or a
is simply breathtaking, especially in the evening with a Calvados of which the establishment has a fine collection.
beautiful sunset and a good glass of wine: it is divine. Enjoy the terrace in the inner garden, it is advisable to book.
Romantic dinner, group meals between friends or family, And the big bonus, the aperitif is offered to the readers of
you will be charmed by this place and its cuisine. According the Petit Futé (on presentation of the guide)!
to the seasons, try finely-polished fish, delicious meats or
CAFÉ BELLINI gourmet desserts. The cuisine that is served here is a mix
15, allées de Tourny & +33 (0) 5 56 51 15 11 of Provencal, Southwestern and Charente specialties. The
www.cafebellini.fr evening menu will delight all taste buds. The menu changes
cafe-bellini@orange.fr every three months; you can then regularly return without
Open Monday to Saturday from 8am to 1am. Caesar Salad the risk of growing tired. In addition, the staff is pleasant
Chicken E18. À la carte: Around E30. Club sandwich: E14. and listening to guests. A beautiful terrace will welcome
Gourmet cassolettes (in afterwork): from E5 to E12.50. you on sunny days, with stunning views of Bordeaux. It
American Express, Holiday voucher, Chèque Restaurant. is an address to be recommended and to try at every hour
Groups welcome. for its various atmospheres!18 MEDIUM BUDGET
Café des Gourmets
Cuisine traditionnelle & régionale7 rue Fernand Philippart
05 56 81 96 50 +33 (0)5 56 81 96 50
CAFÉ DES GOURMETS It is in the district of Bassins à flot that Le Café Maritime
7, rue Fernand-Philippart reveals its charm in a huge arranged shed. Taken in June
& +33 (0) 5 56 81 96 50 2010 by a new team with on his board Yohan Alias, former
www.bordeaux-restaurant-gourmets.fr chef of Rives de Fieusak for connoisseurs, the place has lost
letoile33@gmail.com none of its attraction. Loft chic atmosphere for the dining
To lunch: from 12pm to 2pm (except Sunday and Monday) To room, the beautiful part was given to wood and ethnic
dine: from 7pm to 10.30pm (except Sunday). Menus and à touches (furniture of Bali, japanese-style chandeliers balls)
la carte for lunch and dinner. Lunch menus from E11.50 to providing both peace and friendliness to the place. On the
E14 - Menus: 16 and E24. Wine list. Wine by the glass. table the quality is with go with a menu turned to the
Reception of groups by reservation. gastronomy and the inventive cuisine from the starter – for
Set out to discover new terroirs and new flavours without example the foie gras with terrine marbled semi-cooked with
ruining yourself. Between Place de la Bourse and Place du porcini powder with an artichoke espuma, bread chips – to
Parlement, the Café des Gourmets is «the address» made the dessert. The dishes vary between land and sea. As for
for lovers of meat and wine. The menu is mouthwatering, meat, the choice will be difficult between veal chop cooked
offering different kinds of meats: prime rib, Bordeaux-style in brown butter and garlic confit, version of polenta: creamy,
rib steak, lamb shank, plate of grills, but also salmon tartar fried and in espuma and a nougat of chuck with the nuggets
with fines herbs, fried scallops and prawns as well as other of foie gras, on soft leeks, a carrot cream and a juice in porto.
fishes. You will also like the homemade duck terrine with Seafood are not left with salted cod confit and served with
foie gras, cocotte eggs and its omelettes. The menu gives its straw way cod, mashed potatoes and parsley oil. The
a choice among several options, you will find freshness, menu changes in autumn and on sunny days by always
taste and all in generosity! An extensive and varied wine adapting to the seasonal products. Le Café Maritime it is
list. Each month, a new suggestion of wines directly from also the opportunity to enjoy a cocktail on the terrace. The
producers; sometimes even great castles at an unbeatable place is ideal for private meals as professionals.
price! Whether the red, the white or the rosé, you will find
CAJOU CAFFEfor sure your ideal to delight the palate. Friendly service.
Place Camille-Jullian& + 33 (0) 5 56 52 50 50
LE CAFÉ MARITIME www.cajou-caffe.fr – contact@cajou-caffe.fr
Bassin à flot n° 1 oQuai Armand-Lalande
Open every day from 11 am to 1 am. Bar/coffee service & +33 (0) 5 57 10 20 40
open from 6: 30 am. Set menu at E27 (full or E23 starter www.cafemaritime.com
and main course or main course and dessert). Lunch menu: Open Monday to Wednesday from 12pm to 2pm and from
E14.50 (starter + main course + dessert + glass of wine). 8pm to 10pm; Thursday and Friday from 12pm to 2.30pm
Wine by the glass. Brunch E15, Daily special E8.30. Terrace.and from 8pm to 11.30pm; Saturday from 8pm to 11pm.
The vast Caffé Cajou terrace stretching now on a whole Saturday after 11pm service smaller menu. Booking advised.
façade from the Camille Jullian Square is inevitable! Shaded Menu from E31 to E44. Main courses from E18.50 to E21.
in summer and heated in winter, the terrace is the ideal Lunch menu: E17.80 (stater and main course or main dish
place to come for a drink or to eat between one shopping and dessert). Wine by the glass. Fixed rate formula 3 in 1 at
trip and a film show in Utopia on one of the most popular lunchtime at E19: starter, main course and dessert been useful
squares of Bordeaux. The dining room is pleasant with at the same time. Groups welcome (organization of banquets,
receptions and evenings, from 10 to 300 sitted people). Terrace. its cosy chic brasserie atmosphere. In addition to all the
Activities. Free Wifi. Free parking approximately 500 places. drinks found in the classic bistro, the card offers dishes RESTAURANTS
that vary according the day: duck leg and its orange sauce,
beef carrots, spare ribs, roasted cockerel... and always
flank steak with chips. Not to mention the dishes on
the menu: grilled prime cut of beef, pork tenderloin and
grilled salmon. Pancakes, chocolate fondant, ice-cream,
crème brûlée and others make up the dessert menu. On
Sunday, the brasserie offers a copious brunch: fruit juices,
hot drinks, bacon, crumble, cheese, scrambled eggs and
French toast. No stress, service is non-stop!
14, rue des Bahutier&s +33 (0) 7 87 04 28 97
Open Tuesday to Sunday from 7pm to 1am. Wine by the glass.
Tasting menu E27. Starter main course E23. Main dish and
dessert E21. Main course E18.50.
Let yourself be attracted by the blue of this facade, like the
sky of the île de Beauté. A little taste of Corsica in Bordeaux!
Warm and friendly reception for this place arranged with
taste: a beautiful parquet, a pleasant long bar, a beautiful
staircase, antique furniture and bay windows, and a petrol
blue canopy. You feel simply good, whether you are in the
bar or at the table. In the restaurant, upstairs you can (re)
discover the Corsican cuisine. Try for example the local
meats, zucchini stuffed with broccio and mint, continue
with lasagne of chestnuts with mushrooms and finish
with nougat ice cream with honey of chestnut. Are you
more tapas bar? On the ground floor, sit at the counter
or on small table to taste delicious Corsican dishes, for a
moment of conviviality and relaxation. Try sheep’s milk
cheeses of Torra Vescovato, terrine of homemade foie gras
with muscat of Cap-Corse, crumble of hot goat cheese
with pistachio nuts and toast of lamb braised with stewed
onions. You can pair all of it by a good bottle, to choose in Grills
the most extensive wine list! Finally for those who would
like to bring back a piece of Corsica at their home, the deli in the charcoal
offers cheeses, terrines, jams, spreads, wines, spirits... An
56, rue Saint-Rémi - Bordeauxexcellent address, we tell you so A prussima A Cantina!
(See you very soon). Tél. +33 (0)5 56 52 00 52
56, rue Saint Rém&i +33 (0) 5 56 52 00 52
Open all year long. Every day from 12pm to 2pm and from
6.30pm (last service at 10pm). Booking advised. Menu from
E13.90 to E25. Lunch menu: E13.90. All-you-can-eat
starter buffet. Holiday voucher, Chèque Restaurant.
The address is well-known in this street full of restaurants.
The Cheminée Royale remains a certain value, an almost
institution! So yes, there is in fact a fireplace in the restaurant,
which warms guests during the winter, but especially
delighting them throughout the year, because in this fireplace are
roasted duck confit, rib steak, lamb leg, beef steak, in short,
everything that makes carnivores salivate! At lunchtime, you
will appreciate the simple and hearty menu that offers an
all-you-can-eat buffet of starters; you will also like the fresh
tuna steak and homemade pie. The menu offers in season
delicious dishes such as casserole eggs with green asparagus
or original fish soup with Espelette chilli. On the wall, the
restaurant is also decorated with bottles of all Bordeaux
wines. A vast choice that will delight connoisseurs. Let us also
welcome the staff who can speak English, Spanish and Italian
for tourists. 20 years of experience that make the difference.
LE CARREAU In a vitamin and attractive decor, punctuated by colourful
30, rue du Pas St Georges fabrics and great lamps of Asian inspiration, Le Coin de
& +33 (0) 5 57 85 90 13 Camille has chosen a balanced and inventive cuisine.
Open all year. Monday to Saturday from 12pm to 2.15pm Every lunchtime a meat course and other one of fish
and from 7pm to 11.30pm. Booking advised. Set menu are offered on the menu of the day, they vary according
at E18 (for lunch with starter, main course, dessert). À to the desires of the chef and the offer of the market.
la carte: Around E30. Wine by the glass. Everything is fresh, cooked on site and as far as possible,
Brice and Benoît, who already own Le Carré, in Chartrons, of organic origin. In the evening, the menu is more
opened this new restaurant at the end of 2014, with the refined and changes with the seasons. In spring, for
ambition to rehabilitate the cuisine of bar. They have example, crumble of goat’s cheese and walnut or velvety
created a huge bar, made of white wood and black marble, with oriental spices and wild prawns are served as a
running the length of the room, with an impressive row of starter and fillet of sea bass with fennel confit with
drinks. Local cuisine, direct and frank, where the wine is orange, port-wine sauce, as well as slice of flank steak
put on the front of the stage. Here, delicacy has the Gascon of marinated sirloin, as a main course. The desserts
soul, with its duck hearts, its squid, its oysters, black pork are also homemade, chocolate or fruity, they are very
and its foie gras. In the evening, one tapas around a bottle greedy. As for nutritional, a small legend on the menu
under the central glass roof of this magnificent building. At is used to identify gluten-free dishes. A beautiful place
noon, you are tempted by a plate of brasserie. The tartare where you can take the time to enjoy your meal and
by the knife is impeccably seasoned, and Milanese wiener have a good time.
accompanied with a risotto with mushrooms, alternates it
COMPTOIR CUISINEwith a crunchy wonder and soft taste. For the cellar, lots of
2, place de la Comédieburgundy, especially the second wines of the grand crus,
& +33 (0) 5 56 56 22 33and some nuggets from other regions. As for desserts,
www.comptoircuisine.comyou rediscover with delicious regional specialities: fluted,
contact@comptoircuisine.comlwhite sand dunes and love. A very good address with a
chauvinistic states of mind! o
Annual closing: December 24th at the evening, December LE CHIEN DE PAVLOV
25th and January 1st. Open daily for lunch and dinner. 45-47, rue de la Devise & +33 (0) 5 56 48 26 71
Carte: Around E40. Child’s menu: E9. Lunch menu: www.lechiendepavlov.com
E18 (on weekdays). Wine by the glass. Groups welcome marymaxresto@gmail.com
(private room starting from 25 people, 2 set menus from Open on Tuesday from 7pm to 10pm; Wednesday to
E38 to E46). Terrace.Saturday from 12pm to 2pm and from 7pm to 10pm;
This exceptional address in the heart of the Golden Triangle, Sunday from 11am to 3pm. Set menu at E14 (lunch
under the leadership of Chef Kendji Wongsodikromo, offers menu with a daily special and a drink). À la carte: Around
upscale bistro cuisine with a touch of exoticism. The concept E25. Wine by the glass. Checks are not accepted. Chèque
of this establishment put in place by the Boyer couple is Restaurant. Take-away.
supported by the name « Kitchen Counter ». In effect, you No doubt, this place will whet your mouth. On arrival, you
are prompted to eat sit at the counter. This arrangement are pampered by a staff, which explains you the menu with
allows a « cooking show » : the chef and his team prepare a smile. Here, the identity of the cuisine uses fresh products
your meal right in front of your eyes. Several options are and the originality of the continuously changing recipes.
available: choose the horn of meats Louis Ospital or Jabugo It is good, it is fine and full of character. Under the stone
Pata Negra (Roll’ S Royce of hams); a bistro dish such as vaults, a pretty vintage decor creates a cosy atmosphere in
beef tartare by the knife and its chips; a vegetarian dish the two connecting rooms. On the wall, slate set the tone.
like the risotto arborio to the truffle melano aestivum. But This day, risotto with truffle celery and Parmesan come
the specificity of «Kitchen Counter» is to provide lunch close to perfection. The marinated salmon with quinoa was
«Fresh market products» from Monday to Friday. It is a 3 found flavoursome. As for the filet mignon, accompanied
in 1 consisting of a starter, a main course and a dessert by black rice and pickled peppers, he made a success of
served in once; practical, fast, and good food. The menu both balance, both creative and well proportioned. For
changes with the seasons: ravioli goat’s cheese in Speck, desserts, delicacy is awarded, including a memorable
fine along veal half-cooked with tandoori, sauce vitello cheese cake. In short, a real favourite for this young bistro
tonnato, breast of John Dory grilled with artichokes and and first-class. Several cocktails are available at the aperitif.
smoked duck, Jean d’Alos cheese selection. The place is And for those who wish to prolong the pleasure, cooking
beautiful, both chic and casual. Outstanding cuisine for a classes twice a week are also planned. Sunday Brunch.
great place and also brilliantly showcased at the Epicural.
COMPTOIR D’ORNANO56, rue du Pas-Saint-Georges
& +33 (0) 5 56 52 15 09 227, rue d’Ornano
Open Monday to Wednesday from 12pm to 2.30pm; & +33 (0) 5 56 98 43 63
www.comptoirdornano.frThursday to Saturday from 12pm to 2.30pm and from
7pm to 11pm. Menu from E29.50 to E36.50. Lunch william.pencole@orange.fr
menu: E17.90 (starter, main course and dessert). Wine Open Monday to Friday for lunch; Monday and Thursday to
by the glass. Saturday for dinner. Open the evenings of matches at home. RESTAURANTS
Menu from E23 to E35. Lunch menu: E14 (starter, main trompe-l’oeil style and the airs of bistro reinforce the
course, dessert). Wine by the glass. American Express, warm reception effect of this timeless address. The
Chèque Restaurant. Groups welcome. terrace overlooking the street is protected by a thick
William Pencolé, the chef, worked with Michel Portos in curtain of ivy. The products come directly from the
Bistroy, you can go there with your eyes closed! However Marché des Capucins. The menu is already rich of safe
the outside is nothing special, but on entering you are bets, and that are presented to us not on one but on two
pleasantly surprised by the simple, soft and modern slates, including that of the market with suggestions as
decor. To start, the reception is charming, the chef is fresh as affordable: salad of tricandilles seasoned with
attentive to his guests. Then the dishes, original and the sherry vinegar, artichoke carpaccio with foie gras
creative, are a real treat and revisit the bistro cuisine – the tasty vegetables, fondant foie gras... The duck
with local products. Finally a gourmet restaurant where trilogy of Auros (breast, foie gras, lanyards) amazes the
you are on your plate! Here you eat good fresh products diners, as well as the fishes auction, fresh and wild. The
(garden tomatoes), dishes as traditional as inventive, dishes of nearby tables perfume: the almost of French
arranged on the dishes in an original and personalized veal thick pinkish roast, gourmet platter of lamb from
way: pumpkin soup, Norway lobster fritos as starters, the Pays Basque. The desserts are to be ordered at the
paved of sea bass, mashed potatoes and sauce with beginning of the meal: the delicious baba and its small
morels in main course or the superb dessert: chocolate glass, carpaccio of ewe and apple Espelette... unless you
drift... a whole programme. The lunch menu changes fall for the plate of small delights of the mother Dupont.
every day. One of the strong points is the quality-price A taste of market, a sacred knack, a selection of relevant
ratio, you have in the plate superb dishes at a price more wine, service as friendly as professional. Moreover, since
than reasonable without forgetting the cellar offering a the beginning of 2013 they offer us four guest rooms in
hundred references and favors raw corner. the charm of yesteryear and tastefully decorated right
in front of the restaurant, in a 18th century building LA CÔTE DE BŒUF
renovated in 2012.49, rue Lafaurie-de-Monbadon
& +33 (0) 5 56 44 03 35 FERNAND
Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Menu 7, quai de la Douane
from E19 to E26. Lunch menu: E12.50 (starter, main & +33 (0) 5 56 81 23 40
course and dessert. E10.50 starter or dessert and main www.fernand-bordeaux.com
course or 9.50 the daily special). Prime rib for two E48, fernand-bordeaux@orange.fr
a person E27. Open daily for lunch and dinner, continuous service on
From the outside the astonishing decor which hides inside Sunday. Reservation recommended. For lunch: daily
is not revealed. The vegetation perfects an atmosphere of special at 15.90 E. Bistrot Menu: starter/main course
pergola even indoor garden under a large skylight in the or main course/dessert at 24,90 E, starter/main course/
room with white tones, tables with leather chairs though dessert at 29.90 E; Fernand menu at 39.90 E. Children’s
the paneling of the walls. The meat is of course honoured, menu (- 12 years) at 12.90 E. American Express. Groups
the prime rib to be enjoyed for two or solo is the house welcome. Terrace.
specialty. At lunchtime the formula of very good quality/ Fernand is a genuine Bordeaux institution. If a tourist
price ratio varies between the daily special (salmon, questions us by asking where to dine one evening on
for example), the Tartar and part of the butcher, the his passage in Bordeaux, without hesitation, we would
last two accompanied by delicious fried in homemade suggest him to go there. First because it is located in potatoes way – the potatoes with yellow flesh and one of the most beautiful places of Bordeaux, next to sweet enough are remarkable! The terrine of melon, Place de la Bourse, facing the water mirror, then for its
pistachio and Sauternes accompanied by rocket and dining room, former print shop that has managed to berries of pink pepper bring freshness to the dish. In the keep the yesteryear charm and finally for its beautiful evening, the menus are even more sough after and foie terrace, combining romance and conviviality. Fernand is gras, duck breast and the rib are also available. Desserts
a chic brasserie, where the class of the French service is are rather traditional: chocolate cake, white cheese with
extremely popular, where the tartar is prepared on a side honey... The service is friendly and fast, a beautiful table in front of the guest and where the waiters come address.
numerous if you are in large table, so that everyone is
served at the same time. The reputation of the address CHEZ DUPONT
was also forged on the quality of the products, meat and 45, rue Notre-Dame
fish alike. You can eat, sea side, lamprey in Bordeaux’s & +33 (0) 5 56 81 49 59
www.chez-dupont.com way, blue lobster, as well as majestic seafood platters
and land side, prime rib with its marrow slice of bread chez.dupontbordeaux@gmail.com
with parsley sauce or a succulent rack of lamb with herbs. Open all year. Tuesday to Saturday from 11.45am to
2.30pm and from 7.30pm to 11pm. Main course at The «c’est tout un art d’être un canard» dish will make
E20 approximately. Fixed rate formula of the market at lovers of Southwestern cuisine fade and the butcher’s
piece allows small budgets to offer themselves a beautiful lunchtime: starters and desserts from E3.95 to E4.95,
main courses from E8.95 to E10.95. Terrace. address. Note that the wine list is finely prepared and
This attractive restaurant in the former treats well referred the desserts hearty and gourmet. A place to be of the
tourists and a beautiful local clientele. The library in landscape of Bordeaux.22 MEDIUM BUDGET
GLOUTON LE BISTROT availability and efficiency are the key words in room.
15, rue des Frères Bonie Notice to the epicureans!
& +33 (0) 5 56 44 36 21
LE GRAND CAFÉwww.gloutonlebistrot.com
65, cours de l’Intendancebonjour@gloutonlebistrot.com
& +33 (0) 5 56 52 61 10Open all year. Tuesday to Saturday from 12 pm to 2: 30 pm
Open every day from 7: 30 am to 2 am. Brasserie service and from 7: 30 pm to 10 pm. 11 pm Friday and Saturday.
from 11 am to midnight. Children’s menu: E10. Fixed rate Daily menu: E14 (plat+dessert+café). Daily specials
menu: E14.90 (Petit Jus menu: salad, meat, dessert). «to share» E18, « starters» from E8 to E10, «main
Express menu: main course and glass of wine: E9.90, courses» from E14 to E21, the cheese platter at E8,
starter, main course or main course, dessert: E17. Fixed « desserts» from E3.50 to E7. Main courses proposed
rate menu with starter, main course and dessert: E23. with the take-away.
Terrace.This gourmet bistro started in July 2014 and what
Ideally located in a pedestrian area of the Itendance a great discovery! This young couple, Elizabeth and
courtyard, Grand Café is the perfect meeting point Ludovic Le Goardet, keeping with the times, perfectly
before a shopping session or after a film show. You can reflects the image of this new cozy and warm restaurant.
enjoy the large terrace, heated in winter, but especially The welcome is friendly and you will feel at home very
the summer to sun bathe in the sun while enjoying a quickly. At the second instance, it is the presentation lemonade. You can also eat there. For the cuisine, the of the dishes that will make your mouth water at a
menu is classic and full. Ideal to eat at the aperitif single glance. The menu is simple, yet refined and the
(sandwiches, burgers, club sandwiches...) or for a quick offered products are fresh, high quality and worked
lunch (special mention for the Caesar salad with a crispy with taste; they will delight your taste buds, we bet
Parmesan). It is therefore a good address, unavoidable it! Personally we had a crush for the beef cheek ravioli when you walk into the centre, which has the advantage served with early vegetables: a delight! The little plus
of being open daily and is served quite late. For fans, of this gourmet bistro that makes it different from the menu changes every day. Efficient and courteous other restaurants is the fact that the chef is open to
service.every type of order, whether you’re vegetarian, group,
or you want to find the recipes of your grandmother in L’ORLÉANS
your plate! Some dishes on the menu are also available 36, allées d’Orléans
to take away. On sunny days you can enjoy the terrace & +33 (0) 5 56 00 50 06
which is a continuation of the Place Pey Berland. This www.brasserie-lorleans.fr
place that combines elegance and sobriety is then a very brasserielorleans@orange.fr
nice surprise whether you are considered «greedy» or Closed on December 24th at the evening and on December
not by those around you, one thing is certain: you will 25th, as well as on December 31st at the evening and on
necessarily find your happiness. January 1st. Open every day and public holidays from 12pm
to 2.30pm and from 7.30pm to 11.30pm. Late-evening LE GRILL BORDELAIS service after the shows. Booking advised. À la carte: Around
12, rue des Piliers-de-Tutelle E35. Daily special: E12 (on weekdays). American Express, & +33 (0) 5 56 81 00 64 Holiday voucher, Chèque Restaurant. Groups welcome
Open on Monday from 7pm to 11pm; Tuesday to Friday (privatizable room). Covered and heated terrace.
from 11.30am to 2.30pm and from 7pm to 11.30pm; Renovated with great panache by Franck Chaumes,
Saturday from 11.30am to 2.30pm and from 7pm to this beautiful institution of Bordeaux located close to
0h30; Sunday from 11.30am to 2.30pm. Set menu at the place des Quinconces has all the charm of Parisian E30 (for dinner). Lunch menu from E10 to E23. Wine breweries where you come to find yourself after a show.
by the glass. Groups welcome. Red bench seats, antique objects, old photos, form a
Le Grill Bordelais, run by a young couple passionate setting that gives this place a soul and a particularly
of traditional cuisine, is a restaurant that combines warm atmosphere. The menu offers a generous traditional
impeccable table service and tasty food. First of all, the cuisine including roast lamb shank and veal stew of the
place is very pleasant, on the exposed stone walls take mother «Andrée» in winter and hake in Spanish, mashed
place the bottles of wine and the suggestion panels potatoes with olive oil, in summer. The waiters, will
referring to the vineyards of the region. Specializes in advise you with refinement in your choices, especially in
grilled meats in the fireplace, many meats are offered that of wines which count nearly 200 references. Groups
à la carte: Charolais steak, rack of lamb, andouillette, up to 50 people will be delighted to be received in the
sirloin, kidney, veal chops, prime rib... accompanied by beautiful back room that can be privatized to organize
absolutely delicious homemade fries! Choose your piece an evening party, up to 100 people in cocktail and dinner
of meat and enjoy to see it roasting on the embers of buffet. Do not hesitate, the house is truly benevolent!
fireplace at the end of the room... The lunch menu is made
according to your desire, the daily special following a CHEZ MÉMÉ.COM
starter or preceding a dessert, all washed down with wine 51, rue St Rémi
at will (E5)! Plan a small nap following... The evening & +33 (0) 5 56 48 03 20
menu is very complete and pleasant. Moreover, smile, www.comchezmeme.comRESTAURANTS
Menu from E12.90 to E19.90 (daily special with 9.90 for your mood, purse... Le Port de la Lune is an institutional
lunch). À la carte: Around E40. brasserie in Bordeaux. A warm and original setting
This young canteen is dedicated to flavours of yeste- evoking postwar parisian brasseries. Slightly subdued
ryear. Here we love good French cuisine, with a dash of lights, charming retro deco ... You could almost forget
modernity in the decor. Farm poultry, meat of course, your neighbours at table! The atmosphere is relaxed
fish wild and seasonal fruits and vegetables, the dishes and the menu does not neglect the foodies who will
are generous and authentic, including the stew, the appreciate bistro and seasons dishes, as well as the oysters
coast of farm, pork or veal liver with the same puree bed, from the nearby Arguin bed or Marennes Oléron:
and sauce Master of cellar. A small delicacy, all dishes famous special oysters from Gillardeau. You can also
can be rewarded with a slice of fresh foie gras, for an enjoy a red wines, white, rosé and Grands Crus. Enough
extra from E4. And for dessert, you literally melts for to enjoy a good meal with jazz music in the background,
Tatin Breton way. Good to know: every sunday is the before extending the evening in Comptoir du Jazz next
unavoidable free-range chicken roasted, to taste without door!
moderation with family or friends.
L’OMBRIÈRE 6, place de la Victoire
13-14, place du Parlement & +33 (0) 5 56 91 28 15
& +33 (0) 5 56 44 82 69 www.pub-saint-aubin.fr
www.restaurantlombriere.com Open every day from 7 am to 2 am. Non-stop service from
contact@restaurantlombriere.com 11 am to 1 am. Menus from E16 to E20. Child’s menu:
Open every day from 10am to 2am. Service from 11.45am E8. Lunch menu: E13. Brunch Sunday from 11 am to
to 3pm and from 7pm to 11pm. Plates, large salads, tapas, 4 pm E15.50. Breakfast E6. Groups welcome (up to
oysters, desserts and drinks been useful from 3pm to 120 people). Terrace. Activities. Broadcast of sport events.
6.30pm approximately, in summer service hot main courses The Saint-Aubin brasserie relies on a very good traditional
à la carte also. Menu from E16.90 to E25. Children’s French cuisine and a rather exclusive atmosphere. You
menu: E8.60. Fixed rate formula: E13.50 (starter and will find formulas buffet packages, menus, snacks or
main course or main course and dessert). Terrace. Groups breakfast and Sunday brunch menus. There is basically
welcome & Seminars from 15 to 120 people by reservation. something for everyone. It is a very pleasant place to
In the historic heart and pedestrian of Bordeaux, on enjoy, especially when the weather permits you to enjoy
the Parlement Sainte-Catherine place, the L’Ombrière their large terrace!
Restaurant is open every day for lunch and dinner.
LA REMISECome to discover the rich and varied menus,
tradi19, rue des Faussetstional cuisine of the Southwest and gastronomy of
& +33 (0) 5 56 48 20 01Bordeaux. Some specialties: beef fillet grilled way
Open Monday to Saturday from 7pm to 11pm; Tuesday to rossini, walnut of young pig marinated with honey
Friday from 12pm to 2pm. Booking advised. Menu from and orange or chicken curry, pineapple, grapes and
E15.50 to E28.50. Lunch menu: E11 (3 starters, 3 main toasted almonds, fried vegetables. Summer on the sunny
courses and 3 choices of desserts). American Express, terrace or inside with a contemporary decor with trendy
Holiday voucher, Chèque Restaurant. Groups welcome furniture, you will enjoy quality cuisine. In the evening,
(maximum 30 to 40 people). Terrace.you will also enjoy the Coffee area. The staff is always
In the neighborhood of old Bordeaux where the restau-efficient, friendly and smiling. In the afternoon, you
rants abound, several years ago that La Remise satisfies a can sit quietly on the benches of the terrace to enjoy a
regular clientele and punctual guests. In the evening, la dessert or a refreshing drink with tapas. Family, friends,
Remise is an excellent address. Everything is in cooking: whatever the occasion you will spend a pleasant time at
in summer, the dishes reveal all their flavor à la plancha L’Ombrière!
and winter, it is the cooking with the vine shoot of
PORT DE LA LUNE vineyards in the fireplace at the end of the room that
58-59, quai de Paludate delights lovers of grilled meat and fish (everything is
& +33 (0) 5 56 49 15 55 cooked in front of the guest). The aroma, flavors and
www.leportdelalune.com quality are there. Judge rather: the homemade foie
Open every day from 12 pm to 2: 30 pm and from 7 pm gras with spéculoos offers us a wonderful large gap
to 1 am. Menu from E18 to E25. Children’s menu: between Southwest cuisine and Belgian specialty! We
E9.90. Lunch menu: E14 (starter or dessert and main were also tempted by scallops, risotto with tomatoes
course, except weekend and public holidays). Océane confit and juice with chorizo. To conclude, we have
plate E17.50 (bulots, almonds, shrimps, oysters n°4, yielded to the temptation of the mirror to the violet,
aïoli), large salads between E16 and E17. Chèque white chocolate and cherries! Furthermore, the reception
Restaurant. Groups welcome. Sale of caviar of Aquitaine is quite charming. At lunchtime, the menu changes daily
region « Perlita» on the spot or take-away. and attracts all gourmets of the district with a choice of
It is with great pleasure that Petit Futé tells you that 3 starters, 3 main courses and 3 desserts change with
the restaurant Port de la Lune has reopened its doors! the seasons. You will feel good and you want to come
For a drink, lunch, late dinner according to your desire, back very soon...24 MEDIUM BUDGET
RESTAURANT BU of escalopes of foie gras on the menu: breaded and fried
25, rue du Pas Saint-Georges cream of Port, with pineapple, Mango or the lentil stew!
Le Restaurant du Loup pleases the locals and tourists: a & +33 (0) 5 56 52 87 48
www.baravin-bu.fr good address in the heart of Bordeaux.
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 2pm and from
LA ROBE7pm to midnight. Lunch menus at E14 and E16, evening
3, quai Louis-XV&III +33 (0) 5 56 69 04 80menus from E25. Groups welcome.
www.la-robe.frKnown for its wine, the BU is also known for its cuisine,
contact@la-robe.comit now offers you at noon and in the evening a cuisine
Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Set menu at that is both simple and inventive, fully prepared on site
E20 (starter and main course or main course and dessert). by using fresh ingredients and where the key words
Carte: Around E35. Lunch menu: E14 (starter of the day are: respect for the product, quality, flavour,
imagina+ daily special or daily special + gourmet coffee). Daily tion, aesthetics... At lunchtime you benefit of a formula special: E9. Terrace.at E16 (daily special at E10.50) with 2 starters, 2 main The address has recently changed its chef, team and courses and 2 desserts, varying daily. Unbeatable quality/
menu! In this well decorated restaurant, with soft colours price ratio! In the evening, even superior speed with a and clearly designed to please women. Purple, pink and menu-card varying every month, a fixed menu varying also grey, a room downstairs and on a mezzanine, soft every 3 months, and a tasting menu. Some examples: lighting, female drawings, and an almost 100% female egg cooked at 64 °C, green asparagus, bottarga and fresh team! In the plate the menu is varied: salads with foie gras,
herbs. Pressed foie gras with candied pears and roasted salmon, with burrata (Italian cheese), generous meat, hazelnuts. Veal, local asparagus, mustard orange cream. quite incredible homemade burgers, notably with beef Bleu lobster, pumpkin ravioli, chanterelles and raw cider. and cheeses with fine peppery sauce, accompanied by
Creamy with Touron, coffee gel and confit fennel. Chocolate small crispy potatoes. The rightly cooked hake steak is
coulant, corn emulsion and hazelnuts. All these dishes are accompanied by well cooked tagliatelle. It is also worth of course accompanied by wines, because the Bu is also mentioning that the presention is very fine. The plates are
one bar of wines of the most original: a smart card is given nicely furnished and the dishes are attractive! For dessert,
to you on arrival allowing you to access to 4 automatic depending on the day you can choose a small ice, the fruit
machines distributing 32 references constantly renewed of the moment, the tiramisu with spéculoos or the selected
and available in various sizes (3, 6 or 12 cl). Great idea if cheeses. Here they also offer many fine wines from castles
you want to afford you one classified great vintage wine, that the restaurant knows well. The wines are sometimes
renowned domains or rare wines without breaking your conceived and designed by winemakers. On sunday, the
wallet! Of course the qualified staff is there to advise you restaurant also offers brunch, friendly on the banks of the
among the 220 wines on the list. A place to recommend Garonne on the terrace during nice weather. It is not the
without moderation! most affordable restaurant of the hotel but it is serious.
66, rue du Loup 18, rue Saint-Joseph
& +33 (0) 5 56 48 20 21 & +33 (0) 5 56 81 32 04 / +33 (0) 6 10 01 18 77
www.restaurant-du-loup.com contact@salle-a-manger-bordeaux.fr
restaurantduloup@numericable.fr Open Tuesday to Thursday from 12.30pm to 2pm. Booking
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 2pm and from advised. À la carte: Around E20 (for the dishes about E11 to
7.30pm to 9.30pm. Booking advised. Menu from E27 to E15). Wine by the glass. The prices vary depending on the
E38. Lunch menu: E13 (starter or dessert, main course offer of the day. Groups welcome (by reservation, maximum
and glass of wine. E17 full fixed rate formula). Holiday 50 people). Catering. Privatization for meetings between
voucher, Chèque Restaurant. friends or professional, on the premises or on your premise.
Find one of our favourites in the small rue du Loup: Workshop kitchen, theme nights.
Restaurant du Loup. Here, everything is almost too good A little unusual restaurant in the heart of Chartrons! As its
to be true. The decor is significantly influenced by the Art name suggests, you feel like to be invited into the dining
deco period (the restaurant exists since 1932!) and the room of a particular and it’s very pleasant to come to eat
welcome of Martine Peiffer is smily, warm and relaxed, with friends. The lunch break becomes quickly a moment of
she knows in advance that she will delight guests of the relaxation and epicurean in this rather airy and cool room in
preparations of Pierre-Eric Faure. The whole setting is summer and warm in winter. The decor tastefully combines
romantic and cozy. If you choose the menu, you will the old and contemporary: visible stones, concrete floor,
have a hard choice to make among the offered dishes, beautiful wine library, eclectic furnishings… For a moment
although Pierre-Eric regularly renews its menu, with of frank friendliness, take a seat around the large table
the seasons, you will find for example in starter small of a former castle kitchen. And if you want to see what
pan-fried scallops, coconut milk and vanilla scent, with simmers behind stoves, sit at the counter. Both in the oven
then escalope of sturgeon of Bordeaux, on Grave wine and in the mill, the hostess, Virginie Mustel, is not only a
lees, you can finish with a smooth with pistachio or the sparkling hostess but is especially an outstanding cooker.
fondant chocolate marquise «Michel Guérand». Tasty After a morning trip to the market where she takes care to
dishes, homemade desserts, what more? Fans of foie choose the best products, she concocts delicious recipes
gras will also be served as they will find a wide choice inspired by the seasons. No fixed card, no menus, here, the RESTAURANTS
starters, main courses and desserts offered are displayed cream, liégeois. You will appreciate the cuisine but also
every day on the kitchen blackboard. Pretty presentation the reception that will ensure that le Soufflet, you want
on the plate, silver service… everything is done with taste to come back!
and refinement. Virginia also receives by reservation and
LA TABLE BORDELAISEdesigns custom-made events. She also organizes theme
10, rue des Piliers-de-Tutelleevenings, workshops kitchens, tastings, exhibitions...
& +33 (0) 5 56 01 27 96
SAVEURS D’AQUITAINE – TABLE GOURMANDE www.la-table-bordelaise.fr
latablebordelaise@gmail.com16, place des Quinquonces
Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 2pm and from & +33 (0) 5 56 81 95 02 / +33 (0) 6 13 03 23 94
contact@truffeextrafrance.fr 7pm to 10.30pm. Service until 11pm Saturday. Menu from
E17 to E25. Lunch menu: E13.50 (starter and main course o E11.50, main course and dessert E10.50). Wine by the
Open all year. Monday to Friday from 11am to 2.30pm and glass. Groups welcome.
from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. Closed Monday for dinner and The setting brings us back to the Bordeaux years before. An
Tuesday for dinner. Menu from E10 to E100. Lunch menu: almost outmoded kitsch decor, applications and walls in wood E15 (stater and main course or main dish and dessert). and green colors. A discreet restaurant in a street that bubbles
Wine by the glass. Tapas from E4.50. Groups welcome. of world, activity and others restaurant. La Table Bordelaise
Take-away. Shop. is a solid address with classic menu: beef mitre, escalope of
Imagine a chic bistro 100% Southwest where black chicken, duck confit, grilled andouillette, the classic we tell
diamond is within the reach of mouth. A place created you. The snails or foie gras remind you that you are in France
for fans of tasty cuisine (Southwestern) and Great Wines... and in Southwest! For the most gourmets, a whole duck of
This place exists. It is a delicatessen-bistro where the truffle the region is offered with small potatoes. The fish also are
is honoured and which has recently started, at number finely prepared and change depending on the year. At the
16 of the famous place des Quinconces in Bordeaux, end of the meal a homemade tart or a sheep cheese of the
thanks to Mathieu Trellu, truffle grower. The decor is simple, Pyrenees will close the loop. Some seasonal fresh fruits are
with shades of black and grey, the atmosphere is warm also available and also vary according to the seasons. Above
and relaxed. It is with all open kitchens that the team of the main room, another room equally large can be booked for
Saveurs d’Aquitaine welcomes and advises you on the a family event or a group meal. Do not miss: a very rich wine
offered dishes. Each day is different because Mathieu list of local Bordeaux that will delight tourists and lovers!
and William have decided to transport you in a creative The reception is simple, friendly, discreet, finally Bordeaux!
tasting, constantly renewed. You will discover and therefore
enjoy a new menu every day (that you can check on their LE VIN RUE NEUVE
facebook page). The delights menu comes up with ideas Square Jean-Bureau
23, rue Neuve & +33 (0) 5 56 43 17 49around fresh truffle that you enjoy in the lunch dishes such
www.levinrueneuve.comas escalopines of pigs and stuffed potatoes, or as tapas in
the evening such as truffle brouillades or cream of courgette Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Closed
Saturday for lunch, Sunday and Monday. Meats about E30, and ham with truffle. Your taste buds will not be left over
fish between E21 and E26. Lunch menu: E18 (starter by tasting the mini beef burger with parmesan, not fallen
+ main course + dessert, daily special E13). Terrace.hot apples or the French toast and its fruit coulis. The
Le Vin Rue Neuve is an address that is worth seeing. Nestled address is excellent and ideal to learn how to taste truffle
in an alcove of the rue Neuve, this restaurant allows you to and quality produce of Southwest France because you are
have dinner in full center of Bordeaux, but peaceful. The here in a specialist who will tell you about it with passion.
decoration of places – in black and white tones – is neat
LE SOUFFLET and design. Antony and Stéphanie Barcelona decided to
10, rue d’Arlac unite their passion and their knowledge of good wine with
& +33 (0) 5 56 96 72 28 a delicate and delightful cuisine. They found this perfect
Low season: open Tuesday to Friday from 11am to 2.30pm harmony with the chef Thomas. The dishes, prepared
and from 7.30pm to 10pm; Saturday from 12pm to 2pm with market products selected with attention are fine and
and from 7.30pm to 10.30pm; Sunday fro 2pm. sought. The dishes arouse curiosity and envy: monkfish
High season: Tuesday to Saturday from 11am to 2.30pm stew of shitaké, caramelized cauliflower, leaves oyster in
and from 6.30pm to 10.30pm. High season from June salad, pigeon and its chest, its confit thighs with duck fat,
to August. Menu from E19.80 to E27.50. Lunch menu: small potatoes with thyme, grilled foie gras and salmis
E13.50. Wine by the glass. American Express, Holiday sauce or variation around the lobster. For dessert, you can
voucher, Chèque Restaurant. Groups welcome (menu at linger over the cake with mascarpone and white chocolate,
E38.50). Baby chairs. praline ice cream and roasted pistachios or gourmet coffee
This is a very nice place! The owners of the place, Madam that bears his name. The service is pleasant and fast, you
Sautour and his daughter Cathia, offer us very hearty will feel at the heart of all the attentions because here,
dishes that will satisfy undoubtedly the most demanding we do not hesitate to make you taste wines to guide you
stomachs. From the gourmet salad through the prawns, all in your choice. The atmosphere at lunchtime is different
the dishes of this friendly establishment breathe authen- and the cuisine is less elaborate, but you will not be
ticity and love of good cuisine. The menus delight us: disappointed however. Hardly opened that its name was
salad of duck, Landes duck confit, chocolate cake, ice already on the lips of lovers of good restaurants.26 MEDIUM BUDGET
LA TERRASSE SAINT-PIERRE Because we early made make this establishment a greedy
7, place Saint-Pier&re +33 (0) 5 57 85 89 17 stage of first choice! On sunny days, a pleasant shaded terrace
www.laterrassesaintpierre.fr allows you to enjoy the quaint surroundings by having a drink
leparvissaintpierre@orange.fr or taking your meal. It is strongly advised to book! A friendly
Open all year. Service uninterrupted noon to midnight, 7 days and attentive reception.
a week. Set menu at E20.90 (been useful until 10pm). À
L’Ô À LA BOUCHEla carte: Around E25. Children’s menu: E10.90. Lunch
Poteau d’Yvracmenu: E14.90. Wine by the glass. Tea room the afternoon.
5, avenue du PérigordAmerican Express, Chèque Restaurant. Groups welcome (up
ARTIGUES-NEAR-BORDEAUXto 80 people). Baby chairs. Terrace.
& +33 (0) 5 57 34 20 64 – lucatine@free.frUnder the shade of the trees in this historic and well-known
Open all year. Monday to Friday for lunch from 12pm to 2pm place of Bordeaux, la Terrace Saint-Pierre seduces visitors,
and from 7.30pm to 10.45pm; Friday and Saturday for lunch walkers, tourists who want to feel the Southwest! The fresh
from 12pm to 2pm and for dinner from 7.30pm to 10.45pm. liver fried with figs, the fried prawns with Scallops or roasted
Booking advised. Menu from E23 to E45. Children’s menu: camembert will leave you babas. Have you ever taken the
8.95 E.9, E95 (from). Possibility for groups by reservation time to peel and taste a duck carcass? It is the opportunity
except opening days. Terrace. Shaded terrace. Garden of especially when it is the Royal duck carcass, specialty of
summer. Air-conditioned room. Private parking.the house accompanied by potatoes with mushrooms. A
An address that offers quality and reasonable prices, it Rossini tuna steak has also seduced us. The menu offers
should be shared. That is why they recommend you L’Ô à little choice, it is a good sign, there are energy and quality.
la Bouche. In bad weather, you can settle down in the room The desserts are very original and sought after: profiteroles
in simple decor, embellished by exhibitions of painting. But of cannelés (the famous small cakes of Bordeaux) or a
you are still advised to come when the sun is there, so you sweet crème brûlée with vanilla and bourbon. The wine
will discover the small very pleasant shaded terrace and list is rich in choices, 200 in all and some rare spirits can
the garden. The visit is done, let us move to serious things: seduce specialists. The terrace is really charming and the
the carte and the menus. To make your choice, you have to restaurant serves late which is appreciated in France! Inside,
look up and look at the slates: tab, tartar (prepared just as an upstairs a room can accommodate all year round groups
it should be), fillet of sea bream with plancha, duck portion for family events or with work. It deserves a little prayer...
grilled with spicy wine juice, fish duo, Chef’s suggestions
LE RELAIS DES GOURMETS and his favourite (return from market) which surprises
Avenue de la Libération and delights, but when there is more, there is more! The
D911 cuisine claims to be «gourmet» with simple brasserie-type
AMBARÈS-ET-LAGRAVE & +33 (0) 5 56 38 85 90 dishes and some more sophisticated ones. Detail that will
www.le-relais-des-gourmets.com please gourmet people: the starters buffet with seafood,
Closed Sunday for dinner and Monday for dinner. Open on meats, original salads, salmon... It is almost hard to get
Sunday and Monday for lunch (last sitting at 2pm); Tuesday to desserts which are nevertheless worth it. For tasting
to Saturday and public holidays for lunch (last sitting at 2pm) without making feel guilty, you can finish with a small
and for dinner (last sitting at 10pm). Booking advised. Set gourmet coffee which is aptly named. What you like is the
menu at E29.50 (for lunch/evening). Children’s menu: E12. relaxed atmosphere and the cuisine of the place an upscale
Lunch menu: E16 (E19.50 for dinner. Starter, main course, chouïa, but where you can, anyway, come and eat at every
cheese or dessert, 1/4 of wine). Groups welcome (group lunchtime. Groups are also welcome.
menus, minimum 15 people, at E30, E35 and E45). Terrace.
L’AMARYLLISLocated 10 minutes north of Bordeaux, in an old monastery
of the 18th century, you will be conquered by this restaurant 146, avenue Saint-Médard
offering a controlled and quality cuisine. The owners defend EYSINES & +33 (0) 5 56 12 33 09
a cuisine where the focus is on a selection of the best products lamaryllis33@orange.fr
of our regions. The beautiful building lined with old plane Open Tuesday to Saturday from 12pm to 2pm and from 8pm
trees consists of three rooms in a rustic decoration and warm to 10pm. Booking is essential, only by telephone. Menu for
dinner at E16. Lunch menu: E13. 1/4 of wine at E2.50. atmosphere. The softness of blonde stone, warm of the
Holiday voucher, Chèque Restaurant. Garden. Terrace.wooden beams maintain an atmosphere that is both rustic
This is an exceptional address! The restaurant is always full, and refined. The restaurant rooms, decorated in the same
lunch and dinner (approximately 80 seats in room), and spirit, encourage to sit comfortably and to carry away by the
without reservation it is simply impossible to find a table. mood. At noon, despite the crowds, the waltz of the service
Where does such a success come from? Extra fresh products, is impeccably set to serve nimbly the chef’s specialties, but
a unique and hearty menu updated from day to day, with: also the formula at lunchtime also served in the evening is an
excellent quality/price ratio. The most is that it changes every starter, main course, dessert at an unbeatable price with a
week, to make you discover new dishes, without getting very vast choice: a dozen starters, main courses and desserts
bored! Here, the key word is to serve a generous cuisine made to choose; a simple and tasty traditional cuisine with a
from tasty and quality products: Prime rib for two peoples friendly service. The two owners are entirely dedicated
(around 1.2 pounds), variegated in Bigorre black pig, oysters, to guests: one in the reception room and the second, in
two lamb sweetbreads and sweetbreads, tuna tartare. As for the kitchen. And it shows! Each dish is accompanied by
the assortment of fish so zarzuela, duck tartare with fresh vegetables in gratin and delicious homemade fries. And to
foie, Scallops pan-fried, cuttlefish with plancha, they will finish smoothly: ice creams and sorbets (Dame blanche, tout
make only more difficult the choice to make when ordering. coco, coupe Amarena, etc.), chocolate fondant... A real treat.Open sevendays a week from 10am to 2pm
1, place Saint-Pierre 33000 Bordeaux Tel. +33 (0)5 57 85 90 35
Monday to Friday from 7pm until midnight
Saturday to Sunday from 12pm to 3pm/7pm until midnight
Fresh products Service from noon until midnight – sevendays a week
7, place Saint-Pierre - 33000 Bordeaux Tel. +33 (0)5 57 85 89 17
Come and discover our market
cuisine with the lavours
f our regions in the heat
f the old Bordeaux28 MEDIUM BUDGET
LE CHALET LYRIQUE Friday and Saturday from 7pm to 10pm (last sitting at
169, cours du Général-de-Gaulle 9.30pm). Passed 9.30pm it is advised to call or hold in
GRADIGNAN advance. Booking advised. Set menu at E15.90 (starter,
& +33 (0) 5 56 89 11 59 main course, dessert). Children’s menu: E9 (main course,
www.chalet-lyrique.fr dessert and drink). Fixed rate formula: E26 (for lunch and
info@chalet-lyrique.fr dinner). Wine by the glass. Groups welcome. Baby chairs.
Garden. Terrace. Private parking.Open all year long. Monday to Friday from 12pm to 2pm
and from 7.30pm to 10pm; Saturday from 7.30pm to 10pm. In a green setting at the exit of Gradignan, le K2 displays
Menus from E29 to E37. Lunch menu: E13.50 (starter, main an impressive metal structure and beautiful bay windows
course and coffee or main course, dessert and coffee). Terrace. opened on the nature. The room is bright and the high
ceilings, the decoration a combination of design objects The restaurant of Chalet Lyrique hotel is a reference of
prestige in Gradignan. The pleasant terrace with its fountain and natural materials. It is in this atmosphere of brewery
and ancient olive trees seduces customers who appreciate modern and refined that the new chef Christophe Lagarde
the traditional cuisine, renowned for its meats, fishes and proposes a market cuisine, simple products sublimated
by a knack and an inventive interpretation, such as this fresh seasonal products. We must say that everything is
homemade and just five persons work in the kitchen to starter, the hot goat farmer in Paris-Brest way served with
prepare all these delicious dishes. At lunchtime, the brewery a pesto of rocket or the cod with crumble with chorizo, and
its mashed potatoes with olive oil. It is beautiful and tasty. serves an affordable daily menu, and in the evening, the
For dessert, the chef values the classics of Bordeaux and restaurant proposes two different menus and dishes that
change according to the season. Meats and fishes are offers canelés in profiteroles, with vanilla ice cream, hot
honored. Foie gras as a starter, tuna or t-bone in main chocolate, Chantilly, or how to delight lovers of these two
specialties at a time. The wines list, meanwhile, honored course and of course, the profiteroles for dessert, emblematic
the nearby vineyards and allows you to discover excellent gluttony and historic of the House, here’s a sample of what
awaits you at Chalet Lyrique. The welcome is friendly and wines of Graves and Pessac-Léognan. The service is discreet
and professional, in room Audrey knows his trade and courteous and, the staff does not lack small attentions.
knows to take care of its guests. A good address, both for
K2 a business meal as to gather with family on the beautiful
355, cours du Général-de-Gaulle shaded terrace.
& +33 (0) 5 56 87 82 69 LULU DANS LA PRAIRIE
53, avenue Marcel-Dassaultwww.restaurant-k2-gradignan.fr
MÉRIGNAC restaurantlek2@gmail.com
& +33 (0) 5 56 34 86 02o www.luludanslaprairie.comOpen Monday to Thursday from 12pm to 2pm and from lulu@luludanslaprairie.com
7pm to 10pm (last sitting at 9.30pm); Friday from 12pm oto 2pm and from 7pm to 10pm (last sitting at 9.30pm);
Open Monday to Friday from 12 p.m. to 2: 30 p.m.,
Wednesday to Saturday from 7 p.m. to midnight. Reservation
recommended on weekend. Set menu at 25 E (menu with
appetizer, choice of 2 starters, 2 mains courses, 1 gourmet
dish, wine and coffee included). Dishes between 15 and
21 E. Prime rib for two at 52 E. Salads between 9 and
14 E. Desserts between 5 and 10 E, 3 E for a scoop of
ice cream. Groups welcome. Baby chairs. Garden. Terrace.
Popular! In the good sense. It is really what sums up
this UFO restaurant located on the road leading to the
airport. A large restaurant that recalls a little «dinner» in
the USA: big parking outside and inside, a real ambiance!
The decor is a mix of references to well-known films (and
popular!) but also to collective sports, football shorts
and shirts, photos and references to players, countries,
flags, alcohol brands and spirits, a real museum, they are
everywhere even on the ceiling! Obviously the restaurant
is equipped with big screens to follow sport encounters.
Friends, buddies, colleagues meet there to take the mojito
or the aperitif around a plate, then indulges with good
homemade burger (anti-Ronald!), pasta with Scallops or
a beautiful salad 100% freshness. Beware of quantities
here we are never left hungry! Carnivores will crunch the
giant rib steak, duck or a surprise that the chef has for
you. If there still a little space, cinnamons in profiteroles
Place Pey Berland.
or cabbage praline will delight gourmands! Obviously Plaisirs d’Entrecôtes is a new address where you can
the meal is enlivened with music, songs, dances, jokes. feast with a tender meat of superior quality. The setting
It is not a bar, it is not a restaurant, it is not a disco... it is elegant, black leather chairs and fabric tablecloths on
the tables. The decoration reminds us that we are in a is Lulu in the meadow! Frank cuisine, simple, generous
wine region, vineyards and bunches of grapes embellish wine, unpretentious. Here and the owner say Lulu dans la
the ceiling (do not worry, they are not the real ones, they prairie is «a unique restaurant in the world at Merignac»!
do not risk to fall on the head!) and oak casks adorn the
PLAISIRS D’ENTRECOTES room. The unique formula offers a batavia nuts salad
6, rue Louis de Funes as starter, followed by a piece of sliced sirloin steak
VILLENAVE-IN ORNON accompanied by a homemade butter sauce and fresh
& +33 (0) 5 56 84 88 88 fries at will. To accompany your meal, a good selection of
www.plaisirsdentrecotes.fr wines is offered to you as well as cocktails with or without
zhango@hotmail.fr alcohol. As for desserts, you will surely find one that you
Open every day from 12pm to 2.30pm and from 7pm to like, among the many proposals made by the waitress
11pm. Single fixed rate formula at E17. Desserts E5.50. (rum baba, mousse with spéculoos, gourmet coffee...).
Groups welcome. The reception is charming. Treat yourself! «
Small Budget
L’AÉRO BAR BRASSERIE Open all year. Monday to Wednesday from 11am to 11pm;
12, cours du Chapeau-Rouge Thursday to Sunday from 11am to midnight. Sunday
& +33 (0) 5 56 44 80 90 brunch E14.50. Poisson between E16 and E19, Tartar
Low season: open Monday to Friday from 7: 30 am to 6: 30 pm. between E14 and E17. Children’s menu: E9. Lunch menu:
High season: Monday to Friday from 7: 30 am to 10: 30 pm. In E14.50 (wine or coffee included. Daily special at E8.50,
summer late closing, that can go until 10 pm. Wine by the glass. stater and main course or main dish and dessert E10.50).
For dinner salads and beef tartare. At lunchtime daily special Wine by the glass. American Express, Chèque Restaurant.
at E8.80, dessert of the day at E4. Groups reception. Terrace. Groups welcome (up to 45 people. Business meal, buffet,
Aéro looks like a parisian brasserie with its red banquettes, caterer). Terrace.
closely spaced tables, dynamic atmosphere, counter and Nothing to do with Brigitte Bardot, here, the initials BB
bar stools. But it is on the terrace that you can fully enjoy are those of partners, Benoît and Bruno, who had the
the place, with an unbeatable location on the majestic good idea to install their restaurant on the charming
Chapeau Rouge court. The menu and the prices offered place of Chartrons. Inside, stylish and neat decor, in
by Delphine and Gaël, whose reception is impeccable, the shades of mouse gray and pink purple, offers a
make this place a true landmark for the neighborhood modern and pleasant setting. And when the weather regulars, in a young and friendly atmosphere: large meal permits, you can enjoy the adjoining terrace which also salade, beef tartare, slices of bread of the day... On the extends on the other side of the street, directly on the
menu, steak, flank de solomillo, duck breast or whole paved place, next to the huge pots of red flowers. As for the
salmon with plancha can charm lovers. The desserts are all dishes, you will not be disappointed either. The menu
homemade, in addition to the chocolate mousse with crème is so rich and varied that you can stay a long time to brûlée available every day, a dessert is offered on slate at meditate in front of the large slate. The time of your price that defies all competition! Guests will find every day reflection, waiters, efficient and smiling, will rush to different suggestions and the brasserie now offers delicious bring you a basket of fresh bread accompanied by a
salmon and duck, beef burgers! As for wine, the restaurant
small anchoïade. You will have a choice between roasted reserves nice surprises including South – American wines
camembert or cocotte eggs with foie gras as starter, and coming to complement the regional supply. The opening
generous salads including those from the Landes and of the bar in the evening offers appetizers and a wine bar,
its toast of homemade foie gras, Burdigala hamburger to enjoy the view of the Grand Theatre. In short, this is a and its homemade fries. As for sea, you like the fillet of perfect place to eat quickly and well, without breaking the
Saint-Pierre and its duo of puree and for land, you love bank. The service is impeccable and attentive.
the duck Parmentier... Otherwise, an excellent choice
LES BB MAJEURS remains the Tartar (traditional, Italian-style or
orientalstyle). Another strong point of the place, its continuous 10 bis, place du Marché des Chartrons
& +33 (0) 5 56 81 54 04 service that even allows you to come to enjoy a drink
www.lesbbmajeurs.com at any time. Thematic and extremely friendly evenings
lesbbmajeurs@gmail.com are organized: informations are on the site!30 SMALL BUDGET
LE BISTROT DU DOCTEUR GREGOIRE of uncle Arsène (green salad, raw vegetables, gizzards,
27, rue Camille-Godard & +33 (0) 5 57 87 12 98 bacon, toasts, farmhouse pâté), cassoulet of the Mother
Open Monday to Friday from 8.30am to 6pm (last sitting at Plouc, black pudding with apples from the garden and
3pm). Open on Saturday from 9am to 4pm in summer. Lunch desserts at your choice between old French toast (always
menu: E15 (starter, main course, dessert and coffee. Starter not found), frérot chocolate cake and cake of the mother
or dessert and main course at E12, daily special at E9.20). Plouc (depending on his mood). The menu is presented in
Wine by the glass. Chèque Restaurant. Groups welcome (up the form of school notebook where you can even leave a
to 30 people). Terrace. little note. On the menu, conviviality to spend a pleasant
You feel good at Docteur Grégoire! Ideally located on the and festive moment!
charming small place Camille Godard, in the district of
HÔTEL MERCURE BORDEAUX CITÉ MONDIALE – Chartrons, the Bistro has everything to please. The decor
CENTRE DE CONGRÉSis typical with its tiled walls, large bar, mirrors and its slate
18, parvis des Chartrons & +33 (0) 5 56 01 79 79hung on walls. The menu offers traditional dishes of bistro
www.citemondiale.com – info@citemondiale.combut efficient: beef tartar, salmon steak, duck breast with
Open Monday to Friday for lunch; Sunday to Thursday for herbs, omelettes, large salads... The dishes are generous,
dinner. Bar open from 10am to 10pm. Daily special: E9 (fixed very well cooked with fresh ingredients, and served quickly.
rate formula starter, main course or main course, dessert: All dishes and desserts are homemade. The day suggestions
E13.90).change regularly, during our passage: marinated chicken
Mercure World of the City is not just a hotel, it is also two with zucchini fritters or artichoke duo, chocolate fondant
dining rooms and a wine bar. On the ground floor, the or crumble of pineapple. To accompany your meal, the
20 offers a traditional cuisine made with fresh market restaurant offers a selection of wines from the region. On
produce, at affordable prices. The dining room is an illu-the terrace or inside, in the two available rooms, you have
minated and quiet place, ideal for professional or private a good time in company of friendly and available team,
lunches. The wine bar, with its large leather armchairs, is even overwhelmed.
could hardly at the coffee break or an aperitif. In summer,
LE BISTROT MOLIÈRE come to the weather, the panoramic terrace opens to us
8, place Saint Christol& y +33 (0) 5 56 81 95 30 and offers attractive lunch menus, with a view over the
Open all year long. From Monday to Saturday. Menus from Garonne, in the sun. There are very few tables and the
€11 to €14. Carte : around €8. Lunch menu: €11 (starter place is almost secret, it is advisable to book.
+ main course + dessert). Wine by the glass. Terrace.
LE PETIT SAINT-PIERREBistro atmosphere, wooden tables and chairs and a large
1, place Saint-Pierr & e +33 (0) 5 57 85 90 35bar for this small brasserie located in the heart of Bordeaux,
www.lepetitsaintpierre.frfacing the municipal Athenée and very close to the famous
leparvissaintpierre@orange.frrue Sainte Catherine. Ideal for a lunch break a shopping day
Open at weekends for lunch and dinner and every evening between friends. The boss and his friendly team welcome
of the week. Suggestions: Starter E7 - Main courses E12 - you with a broad smile and offer you a menu of the day
Desserts E5. Menu: E19.90 -. Chèque Restaurant. Groups at 11 euros that includes starter, main course dessert or
welcome. Baby chairs. Terrace.coffee. The dishes are simple but tasty, and you will easily
It is the real small restaurant with quiet terrace, easy find the homemade desserts irresistible. When it comes to
to discover especially when the weather is good here in the atmosphere, it is very friendly, without being intrusive,
the heart of the Place Saint-Pierre. In this lively and cute but you can gladly joke with waiter and the neighbour
neighborhood, the restaurant serves every day and all year on the other side. In summer, a pleasant terrace under
round, a compulsory step especially for tourists. Opposite the the plane trees of the small place Saint-Christoly, in the
church, you can not mislead yourself, here only great classics middle of Japanese fountains, is put up to have your lunch
are offered: terrine of duck foie gras, shrimp flambéed in in a cool place. A real small neighbourhood bistro which
parsley or the salad of gizzards with small bacon as starter. is unpretentious but does more!
The dishes also remain French and Southwest traditionals:
CHEZ LES PLOUCS confit legs of duck with their fries, the duck breast with
10, rue des Faussets & +33 (0) 5 56 52 35 36 pepper or the parmentier of beef stew (rather original).
Open all year. Every day from 7pm. Menu from E12.80 to For dessert, the profiteroles, the fine apple pie or the
E19.80. À la carte: Around E30. Wine by the glass. Groups chocolate cake are also safe bets. The suggestions change
welcome. Terrace. according to the day, the opportunity to taste a fish or a
Okay, it is necessary to override the name of this restaurant dish in sauce that the chef will have decided. A complete
which can leave perplexed... To take in the second degree of and rather affordable formula will delight gourmands. It
course! The staff dressed in overalls and wearing a beret will is effective and especially very well located!
welcome you with good humour and warmth, just to feel
at home, or rather like at the grandmother’s house who lives LE P’TIT QUÉBEC CAFÉ
in the depths of a campaign that no GPS knows. Happiness 93, rue Eugène-Jacquet & +33 (0) 5 56 96 90 57
is in the field, that is the spirit of the Ploucs. What is good www.auberge-quebecoise-bordeaux.fr
Open Monday to Friday from 7.30am to 10pm. Service from does not need pretension or molecular cuisine. Seated
comfortably at the tables dressed in checkered tablecloths, 11.30am to 3pm and from 6pm to 10pm. Dish from E5.50 to
between two potholes and three bales of hay, you can taste E12. Fixed rate formula: E17 (hamburger + Putin + beer
the specialties of the raw. No frills in the menu: giant salad + dessert). Chèque Restaurant. Terrace. Take-away.RESTAURANTS
A small brewery in a good franquette that has his little menu is reasonable in terms of price, the restaurant even
success thanks to the workers of the St. Augustine district. offers a menu specially designed for students with fries
The owner, Marc Dorion, (which also owns the Auberge at will! Homemade fries too! The work never stops, the
Québécoise hotel just above the restaurant) delight us restaurant is open every day even on Sunday and for those
with his Quebec accent and tasty expressions. In a warm in a hurry of the week an express menu at E9.90 is also
and friendly atmosphere, you can take sandwiches, salads, available. A simple and efficient work.
tartars or parts of the butcher. More original, you can order
LA FERMEa bison steak! A wink of an eye to his native land, the
9, avenue de Chavailleshomemade burgers are served with a Quebec specialty:
Bordeaux LacPoutine, a chips’ portion with melted cheese and good
BRUGES & +33 (0) 5 56 39 49 20sauce that goes with it. For dessert, you will enjoy
cheewww.lafermedebruges.comsecakes, crumbles, pies with maple syrup, and pecans or
restaurantlaferme@gmail.comdelicious brownies. The students often come for a drink on
Open 7 days a week noon to midnight. Menu from E16.50 to the terrace or in the bar. All the day, sporting events are
E20.80. Lunch menu: E10.80 (starter, main course and rebroadcast, and when it is a hockey match, all Quebecers
dessert). Groups welcome (from 20 to 200 people). Garden. Bordeaux are there!
LA TABLE D’ARRIETA A few minutes away from the center of Bordeaux, you
41-43, rue Saint-Rémi & +33 (0) 5 56 81 74 30 are in the countryside: the wash house, the old well, the
latabledarrieta.fr – latabledarrieta@orange.fr garden, the tractor, farmers and even the cows! Finally two
Open all year. Every day from 11.45am to 2.30pm and from representatives of the Cow Parade. The decor is set. The
6.45pm to 11pm. Menu from E15.90 to E19.90. Lunch atmosphere is chic and rustic at the same time, decoration of
menu: E9.90. Chèque Restaurant. the tables is class, you feel very quickly comfortable and you
Open since only 2013 school year, La Table d’Arrieta is named immediately want to come back. It is a small haven of peace
after its chef in the kitchen: Yannick Arrieta. Well-known chef right in the middle of the business area where, on sunny
on the square of Bordeaux after having worked in several days, you can enjoy the pergola, garden and deckchairs
addresses known in the city. Today he thus took over this at the edge of the pond. Ideal to take a break between
restaurant (and so much the better, as the present former noon and 2pm or to celebrate a birthday. At lunchtime,
brand was to be forgotten!) and after having renovated the the formula buffet of starters, main course and buffet of
places he is at the head of a beautiful team of ten people in desserts offers one of the best quality/price ratio in the city,
the kitchen and dining room. In this large restaurant in blond as the dishes, despite their prices, are quite simply delicious
stones all the dishes are homemade and the desserts are and finely presented. You can savour the Supreme capon
designed by the pastry chef. The great salads are copious, with chestnuts and its cooking juice, escalope of liver fried
gazpacho is a delight, fishes are tasty. The chef also offers with white grapes and even roasted lobster. Townspeople
an exquisite and hearty risotto, served in a hot dish. The and nostalgic of the countryside will appreciate.
Regional Cuisine
mustard sauce are some ideas not to miss. But here the lyonnais
bouchon is not the one of cork used to close the bottles of Chez Olivier
Bordeaux no no! It is a reference to the famous bouchons 52, quai Bacalan & +33 (0) 5 56 39 42 30
Open Monday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Possibility of Lyon, these small unmissable restaurants of the capitale
des Gaules! So it is impossible not to taste the velvety of privatization the weekend. Booking advised. Set menu at
pike quenelles of crabs or the famous grilled andouillette E27 (starter + main course + dessert, for dinner). Lunch
menu: E19.50 (starter + main course + dessert). American came straight from the Rhône-Alpes region! For dessert,
Express, Chèque Restaurant. Groups welcome. Terrace. the chouquettes are fun, the original pineapple carpaccio
It is certainly the most Lyon of Bordeaux restaurants! On the and according to the day you will fall on the famous pie
with praline expensive to the heart of Lyon! The wine list quays, a few meters from the Garonne, this small charming
restaurant is decorated with portraits of ancestors, bottles also comes out of its borders of Bordeaux and offers many of
of wine, a nice little bar and large panoramic pictures of Côtes-du-Rhône and Beaujolais that can combine you with
Bordeaux. The young boss and his team quickly fill up these names! Olivier, the boss, puts in these places all his
at lunch and dinner time and it is deserved. The menu energy and opened this year a cellar, a few steps from the
is full of beautiful ideas: salmon with fresh goat cheese, restaurant where some French tapas, oysters and glasses of
poached egg with Perigord sauce, saddle of rabbit with wine are to be tasted with joy! All but a puppet this Olivier!32 REGIONAL CUISINE
LA CRÊPE D’ANGÈLE .........................Crêperie simple charm with what to attract the greatest number
20, rue Georges-Bonnac of customers. Note that the creperie also offers training
& +33 (0) 5 56 51 02 33 and courses of creperie and future creperie owners. A
www.lacreperie.fr warm creperie is reflective of the savoury and sweet
la-creperie@wanadoo.fr delights served here! Sit inside or on the terrace, which
Open all year. Sunday to Thursday from 12 pm to 11: 30 pm; is just in front of the UGC.
Friday and Saturday from 12 pm to 12: 30 am. Continuous
LA CRÊPERIE DU PARVIS ...................Crêperieservice. Tea room. Classical menu at 9.90 E. Galettes
17, avenue du Maréchal-Leclercbetween 2.80 E and 10 E, pancakes between 2.80 E
MÉRIGNAC & +33 (0) 5 33 51 20 25and 9.50 E. Child’s menu: 6.40 E. Lunch menu: 8.80 E
Open Monday to Saturday for lunch from 12 pm to 2 pm and (Monday to Saturday from 12 pm to 3 pm: emmental egg
for dinner from 7 pm to 10: 30 pm. Catering for groups and galette + green salad or galette of the day + green salad
the organization of birthday parties for children, on Sunday. and coffee or a butters pancake with sugar or duo of
iceMenu from E6.70 (for high school students). Child’s menu: creams). Gourmet coffee 6 E. Groups welcome (30 people
E5. Lunch menu: E10.70. Cinema menu at E15.40. max. upon reservation). Terrace. Take-away.
Groups welcome. Baby chairs. Terrace. Parking in the street For those who do not know this establishment yet where
free from 11: 30 am to 2: 30 pm and for dinner from 7 pm.Brittany is honoured especially galettes and pancakes; here
This is a creperie not to miss especially if you have children is a very friendly restaurant, with many good points that
because the owners, Eric and Sylvie Grandvoinet love and will obviously delight you. Let us start with the charming
pamper children (which is not the case in all restaurants...), service given by this small creperie full of warmth which
they have their little place for them with their games, is of an unbeatable speed. Finally, let’s examine the dish.
toys and books. With or without children, people like to A small overview will make your mouth water: emmental
come here because the cuisine is delicious and copiously galette ham or two eggs, for the standard ones; gizzard
served. Everything is homemade: handmade pancake comfit, bacon, potatoes or emmental ground beef for
batter according to tradition, salted butter caramel, meat lovers; grilled bacon, prune cream or duck breast,
chocolate, vinaigrette, etc. will give you a treat and even apples with butter and grapes for those who appreciate
men who often feel reluctant to go creperies because of the sour side. The pancakes are also varied, we appreciated
the probability of being hungry after the meal like going the gourmet coffee with three mini pancakes (chocolate,
only to Crêperie du Parvis. The menu is original: salads, caramel and jam). Cider is essential and completes this
pancake with homemade foie gras, périgord with foie gras friendly Breton meal. This creperie of human size has a
Menu of the day, Children's Menu, schoolboy and formula cinema.
17, avenue du Maréchal Leclerc – 33700 Mérignac
Tél. 05 33 51 20 25
Free parking from 11:30 to 14:30 and from 19h in the eveningRESTAURANTS
and smoked duck breast, etc. are some of the delights.
It is regularly renewed with a specialty that the chef
tests for one month before integrating it. Moreover, the
galettes available à la carte are served with green salad.
For desserts, ice-creams in addition to galettes will give
you a treat. In short on the plate, it is both trendy and
generous. The place is spacious and the decor is refined;
the service is pleasant and efficient. Smokers can enjoy
the small terrace overlooking the street.
CRÊPERIE RENO ...............................Crêperie
34, rue du Parlement-Saint-Pierre
& +33 (0) 5 56 51 65 79
Open Tuesday to Saturday for lunch and dinner. Booking
advised. Lunch menu: E10 (1 full pancake or of the day,
1 crepe butters sugar or to the chocolate and 1 quarter of
cider). Wine by the glass. Pancakes between E4 and E8.90,
Open 7/7salads between E8 and E10.20 and crepes between
E2.60 and E6.20. Chèque Restaurant. Take-away. from 11:45 am to 23 pm
They can say, in the Saint-Pierre district in Bordeaux all
restaurants are not worth. It is necessary to sort out thus
a little. Here, you say without hesitation, this is probably
one of the best creperies of Bordeaux. In this restaurant
all in length with stone walls and in a completely eclectic
decoration, you love all. The buckwheat galettes are
crunchy and the choice is more than wide: mushrooms,
bacon, cheese, black pudding, tomato, tuna, it is up to
you to choose the filling! Very hot galettes those are even
difficult to finish so the dish is hearty. The restaurant also
offers beautiful and large salads with ham, Cantal, nuts.
For dessert you are tempted by a sweet crepe and its
homemade whipped cream beaten by hand, or its caramel
with salted butter, also homemade. The address offers a
lunch menu that includes a galette, a quarter of cider or
coffee and a sweet crêpe. Honest. Here, before, it was the
shop of coffee roaster and here too, is the place where
the singer Luis Mariano sang for guests at its beginnings
to receive a fee! Today the place is decorated with film
posters, objects of recycling from around world, but also
with frequently renewed paperbacks because the guests
even has the right to take one of them, it is made for that!
LA PETITE SAVOIE ................................Savoy
27, rue des Argentier&s +33 (0) 5 56 51 21 80
Closed in summer. Open every day from 7.30pm to 11pm.
Last order at 11pm. Booking advised. À la carte: Around
E22. Chèque Restaurant. Groups welcome.
Cheese lovers, this place will delight the taste buds. Here,
the scenery is total, it is due in particular to the smell of the
melted cheese that tickles our nostrils while we are trying to
decide between the tasty regional specialities: unmissable
Raclette, tasty fondue with three cheeses, reblochonnade,
brasérade or terrible tartiflette. Enough to satisfy the most
gourmets: excellent quality cheese with raw milk and
beautiful cold cuts... The (very) gourmets will finish off
on a high note with a dessert with wild blueberries. End
the meal with the digestive famous, the Chartreuse! The
friendly decor and the really friendly reception compose a 20, rue G. Bonnac • BORDEAUX
Petite Savoie completely consistent with the idea that we
have. When it is hot, the restaurant is closed: the owners +33 (0)5 56 51 02 33
return to Savoy to refuel good products and enthusiasm www.lacrepedangele.fr
for the coming back home!
LE TXISTU Open Tuesday to Sunday for lunch from 12 pm to 1: 30 pm;
Quai des Chartrons Tuesday and Thursday to Saturday for dinner from 7 pm
Hangar 15 to 10 pm. Menus from E19.50 to E32. Child’s menu:
& +33 (0) 5 57 87 38 30 E10. Lunch menu: E12.80. Groups welcome. Baby
www.le-txistu.fr chairs. Terrace.
Open all year long. Closed Monday and Tuesday for dinner. This restaurant set on the road to Le Porge has choice
From Tuesday to Sunday for lunch; Friday and Saturday assets, starting with its spacious dining room where, for
for lunch. Booking recommended. Lunch menu: €13.70 once, you are not neck and neck, even if the restaurant
(starter of the day + main course + coffee). Carte: dishes can accommodate up to 120 people! Ideal for big events.
between €14 and €25. Children’s menu: €10. Heated As for decoration, the sea dominates the place, and the
and covered terrace. fresco made by Karedu representing a fishing village of
Winds of change are blowing through this Basque enclave of the pool reflects a glaring truth, all that is missing is the
the banks of the Garonne river. Major work was undertaken cries of seagulls! You can choose between the terrace, the
in spring 2015, and the whole decoration was revised. various dining rooms but also the private lounges, the
Completely renovated with an extended room, modern classy one. Comfortably installed under the watchful eye
furniture, and a cosy and hushed atmosphere, the Txistu of the spacesuit enthroned near the bar, you will then pay
offered a significant facelift. It remains a safe bet of the homage to a marine and local cuisine, always preceded by
sheds, a friendly restaurant where guests will be delighted small aperitif biscuits and appetizer of the day. Homemade
with their choice. As for the menu, there are also some terrine of foie gras, sucking lamb, mullet fillets; everything
changes, with a beautiful place created for fresh fish, cod is delicious there. The welcome is charming, the service is
back, sea bream à la plancha, or parillada. But you will professional and attentive, the atmosphere is both friendly
find the musts that made the success of the house: Basque and romantic. Note that the menus are particularly hearty,
burger, veal axoa, Iberian pork rib, without forgetting the at low price at lunch and dinner times. The 3 menus largely
unmissable dish of the house (salad, sheep, Basque pâté, give us a choice, including the Aquitaine menu where
piperade, abdominal fillet, egg and chips. To quench a everything is included, from the aperitif to the coffee, via
small hunger, a series of tapas is also available. The service the wine. People love it!
is friendly and smiling. And the stunning view always
meets expectations. FLEUR DE HOUBLON .......................... Als ace
Centre commercial des Rives-d’Arcins
LA PTITE ADRESSE 5, rue Louis-de-Funès
29, rue de la Mouline VILLENAVE-IN ORNON & +33 (0) 5 57 35 98 47
AMBARES-ET-LAGRAVE www.fleur-de-houblon.com
& +33 (0) 5 57 83 69 17 Open Sunday to Thursday from 12pm to 2.15pm and from
laptiteadresse33@gmail.com 6.30pm to 10.30pm; Friday and Saturday from 12pm to
Open all year long. Open for lunch from Monday to Sunday. 2.15pm and from 6.30pm to 11pm. Fixed rate formula:
On Thursday, Friday and Saturday for dinner. Menus from E11.50. Terrace. Take-away. Activities.
€17 to €21.50 (only at lunchtime during weekdays: Starter/ Restaurant of Alsatian specialties, Fleur de Houblon
main course or main course/Dessert + quarter of wine at will charm you. Upon entering, you dive into the typical €12.50 – Complete formula with quarter of wine at €15. atmosphere of the craft beer factories: fermentation
Children’s menu: €9.50. Reception of groups (seminars). tanks, giraffes at the bar... If you still have a doubt,
Garden. Terrace. Car park. taste one of the productions of the house: beer amber, La Ptite Adresse is hidden in a wooded corner at 29 rue de la Blonde, White, Girondine or Special, to discover every Mouline. « Petite » (small), we recognise that we would like season. Enough to satisfy lovers! For others, it is
recomto subtitle it « big and beautiful » considering the quality of mended to choose one of the craft lemonade, with the cuisine prepared in this restaurant created in 2004. Only a preference for that in the violet. If the flavor has fresh market produces are offered for tasting in the dishes conquered you, you can take home some bottles to of the chef. Refined while being modest, the cuisine of the
be enjoyed with family or friends. For dish, you can La Ptite Adresse has traditional and even regional flavours.
choose between unmissable sauerkraut, traditional or Let’s take for example the sea bream à la plancha and its of Strasbourg, or the casserole of Alsace consisting Espelette juice. It is also modern with Asian notes, let us
of spätzele, mushrooms, sausage of beer, cream and mention but the sweatbreads in Yakitori way announced in
Munster. Lovers of tartiflette or flammekueche declined the gourmet menu. For fans of burgers, you will not regret
in all the sauces will be equally delighted: from the that of La Ptite Adresse which is homemade Charolais beef
classic to the Caribbean garnish, and even in sweet burger, with or without foie gras. For groups, a private
version for dessert, accompanied by ice creams and large room has been made available not far from the first
fruits, the choice will be difficult! And to feast without room and its large terrace. Bravo to these young talents!
counting, several options are also tempting, notably
LE TOURNEBRIDE ................Southwest France that of lunch (weekdays), with the Planche du Jour at
55, rue Alexis-Puyo E8.10 (starter or dessert + main course + galopin of
beer or lemonade). In short, a good way to eat after a SAINT-MÉDARD-EN-JALLES
& +33 (0) 5 56 05 09 08 morning shopping in Rives d’Arcins center. Regularly,
www.restaurantletournebride.com a concert comes to animate the evenings of the Fleur
le.tournebride@hotmail.fr de Houblon.