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* How to create dynamic web pages with ASP.NET web forms and web server controls
* How to display and manipulate data using ADO.NET and Visual Studio .NET components * How to persist state in different ways, within the "stateless" web environment * How to create XML files and XML schema, and how to use them for data transfer * How to integrate your web applications with others, through web services * How to make your application more secure, via the security features in ASP.NET and IIS * How to eliminate bugs and unexpected failures, through effective debugging and exception-handling techniques * How to improve the performance of your application and prepare it for release
NOTE: There is an Apress title called Programming the Web with Visual Basic .NET (Torkelson, Peterson, Torkelson) but this title is aimed at a higher-level audience and is more of a ‘transition’ book than an inspirational skills improvement book.
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