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DIY Coffee

26 pages

DIY Coffee collects five hot MAKE magazine projects to supercharge your java:

  • Home-Built Coffee Roaster
  • Bottomless Espresso Portafilter
  • Toaster Tea Popper
  • Perfect Espresso Temperature Hack
  • Web-Fired Coffee with X10 Automation

Got a jones for caffeine and technology? Mod your espresso machine to dial in the perfect shot, with precise temperature control and a filter hack that kicks out maximum tasty crema. Roast your own with a hand-built custom coffee roaster. Hack a toaster timer to perfect-brew your tea every time. And fire up your coffee pot from the internet using X10 automation. Using home-grown techniques and off-the-shelf parts, caffeine junkies will find everything they need to overclock the fix from their favorite shade-grown beverage.

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Make: Projects
DIY Coffee
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Bottomless Portafilter
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Larry c otton
Will o ’Brien
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john F. Murphy
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1 c offee r oaster
Coffee from boutique beans can come close to nirvana,
but roasting your own beans will bring you even closer.
That’s why I call this roaster the Nirvana Machine.
by Larry Cotton
13 Bottomless Portafilter
Mod your espresso maker’s filter holder
for a tastier cup.
byWill O’Brien
15 toaster tea Popper
Perfect brew by the clock.
by Johnathan Nightingale
17 Hot on the spot
Get consistent shots by adding precise
temperature control to your espresso maker.
by John F. Murphy
23 Automate using X10
What good is a coffee pot if it can’t be
controlled from the internet?
by Dave Mabe
Make: Projects DIY Coffee Projects i
Photography by Larry Cotton

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