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Take Control of Font Problems in Leopard

151 pages

Are you suffering from mysterious font problems using Microsoft Office, the Adobe Creative Suite, or other programs in Mac OS X Leopard? Help is at hand, with troubleshooting steps and real-world advice that help you solve problems fast. If you've experienced seemingly inexplicable trouble with characters displaying incorrectly, being unable to type a particular character, fonts missing from Font menus, Font Book crashing, or Character Palette misbehaving, turn to font expert Sharon Zardetto for help.

Read this ebook to find the answers to questions such as:

  • Where do fonts belong on my hard drive?
  • In what order do fonts load, and what happens if I have multiple copies?
  • How do I use Safe Mode to troubleshoot a font problem?
  • How do I use another user account to troubleshoot a font problem?
  • How do I move a font file that doesn't want to move?
  • Why does bold and italic text look double printed in Word?
  • Why does my font's name have brackets around it in the InDesign font list?
  • Why can't I install a PostScript Type 1 font?
  • Why doesn't the Input menu show up in my menu bar?
  • People keep telling me to "just delete the caches." What are they? Where are they? Why does deleting them solve a font problem?

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