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Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook Pro

384 pages

Quickly get up to speed on your MacBook Pro

This handy resource is not only visually appealing but offers excellent step-by-step guidance to your MacBook Pro. Following the illustrated instructions will empower you to accomplish everyday tasks quickly and easily. The book covers the basics such as powering on or shutting down the MacBook Pro and working on the Mac desktop with the new Mission Control and Launchpad--to downloading applications with the Mac App Store, running Windows applications, and more. Use this clear, visual guide and quickly learn the ins and outs of your MacBook Pro.

  • Covers new hardware updates, Mac OS X Lion, iLife, iTunes, and more
  • Shows you how to work on the desktop, configure widgets on the dashboard, run Windows applications, and do your own troubleshooting

Teach Yourself VISUALLY MacBook Pro offers fully illustrated instructions for learning how to use your MacBook Pro to its full potential.

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Part I Discovering MacBook Pro
Chapter 1 Exploring MacBook Pro
Chapter 2 Looking Through the OS X Finder Windows
Chapter 3 Managing the MacBook Pro Desktop Space
Chapter 4 Working on the Mac Desktop
Chapter 5 Working with Mac Applications
Chapter 6 Personalizing MacBook Pro
Part II Getting Connected
Chapter 7 Connecting to a Network and the Internet
Chapter 8 Connecting MacBook Pro to Other Devices
Chapter 9 Traveling with MacBook Pro
Part III Using the Internet
Chapter 10 Using iCloud Online Services
Chapter 11 Surfing the Web
Chapter 12 E-Mailing with Mail
Chapter 13 Communicating in Real Time
Part IV Going Further with MacBook Pro
Chapter 14 Printing on Paper or Electronically
Chapter 15 Managing Contacts
Chapter 16 Managing Calendars
Chapter 17 Maintaining a MacBook Pro and Solving Problems
Chapter 18 Enjoying Music and Video with iTunes
Chapter 19 Using a MacBook Pro with iPhones, iPods, and iPads
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