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Together But Something Missing

192 pages

Power struggles - Lack of communication - Unconscious needs - Fear of rejection - Different interests - Out of date habits - Fear of intimacy - High expectations - Too busy.If even one of these issues causes problems in your relationships, then this book is for you. As Britain's top personal development guru - and married himself - Ben Renshaw is able to throw strong light on what we can all do to improve our relationships, no matter what the problem. In his view there are ten principles of a successful partnership or marriage: Letting go of the past. Knowing what you want to say 'Yes' to. Realising that Now is New. Deciding how you want to be. Fearing less, talking more. Sexual healing. The inevitability of change. Living a life of gratitude. Making love more important than the relationship. Remembering the spirit zone. Full of thoughtful, realistic advice, this is the book no caring, sharing person can afford not to read.

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Together But Something Missing