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de wiley-blackwell

Biologische Bodensanierung

de wiley-blackwell

Not just another overview book on endocrinology,How the Endocrine System Works presents a humorous and highly informative collection of nine easy-to-digest "lectures" discussing the fundamental workings of the endocrine system in health and disease.
This absorbing addition to the "How it Works" series provides a concise and scientifically reliable introduction to endocrinology without the use of broad glossary terms and extraneous detail that can make a text hard to follow. This book focuses on function rather than anatomy and definition, so that you can reach an appreciation and a clearer understanding of this intricate system.
Students will find this book to be the perfect introduction to their entry-level courses, as well as a quick review for exams. Professionals will enjoy the simple approach to a complex topic, and the general reader will satisfy a basic curiosity about the glands and hormones of the human body.