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Do you have patients referred to you suffering from NAFLD?
Are you looking for an expert guide to the latest in clinical management?
If so, this is the book for you, providing an expert and comprehensive analysis of NAFLD: what it is, why it happens, who is likely to suffer from it, and how to decide on the best management options for your patients.
This book focuses clearly on providing first-rate clinical guidance as to the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of patients in the clinical setting, based wherever possible on the latest evidence and scientific understanding of disease mechanisms.  With each chapter fully revised and updated with the very latest in AASLD,  EASL and Asia-Pacific guidelines, this second edition provides:
  • Four brand new chapters, including “NAFLD and cardiovascular risk factors” and “Non-invasive methods to determine severity of NAFLD/ NASH”
  • A clear overview on the causative mechanisms of NAFLD
  • Self-assessment via key points and multiple-choice questions throughout
  • The very latest in clinical drug trials
  • Analysis of NAFLD in relation to obesity, diabetes, high cholesterol and liver cancer
  • A consideration of NAFLD importance in Asia (particularly including Japan and China) and South America, as well as Europe and North America
NAFLD is a serious condition that is increasing in prevalence globally from year to year.  Non-Alcoholic Fatty Liver Disease:A Practical Guide, is essential reading for all hepatologists and health professionals managing patients who have this condition.
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