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The Sun Rises in the West

528 pages

"Under the cover of an islam that has been distorted by ignorantists, some fanatics, corruptors of the faith, who are at ease with ignominy, commit the most terrible crimes against God and humanity. By distorting Islâm and all the universal, moral values, they are cultivating discord, hatred of others, violence and sectarianism. Although it is undeniable that these demonic criminals target and threaten civilisation as a whole, Muslims are the first victims of their theories and their nightmarish practices."

This scientific treatise, extended to all Quran readings, is a unique masterpiece in its genre; it constitutes a rigorous and irrefutable argument against obscurantism. In the same way, it re-establishes the original Message of Islam, for both Muslims and non-Muslims.

Science, conscience, peace and tolerance; these values are the form and the content of the Quran and of Islam, masterfully presented to us by the author of this book, through an applied and demonstrative analysis.

The Sun Rises in the West by Farid Gabteni is published in two volumes: Science for the Hour and Programmed Coincidence. Each of them features a preface by a doctor in history and philosophy of science, the first by Doctor Ismaël Omarjee and the second by Doctor Fouzia Madani.



  • ·Preface
  • ·Preliminary information
  • ·In The Name of God, بسم الله

·Linguistic analysis of the terms of the opening in the Qurân (the basmalah, البسملة)

  • ·Modern science, atheist or theist?
  • ·The original Message of Islâm
  • ·Science of the Qurân
  • ·Introduction to the Qurân
  • ·General table of the Qurân no.1
  • ·The Origin (الرحمن)

·The primexplanation, the ta'wîl (التأويل)

  • ·The Arranging (الرحيم)

·The pilgrimage, the argumentation (al-ḥajj, الحج)

  • ·Messianic air

·Lifting of the cover, kashfu al-ghiṭâ’ (كشف الغطاء)

  • ·Conclusion
  • ·Appendices


  • ·Preface
  • ·Numerals speak
  • ·The letter codes of the Qurân
  • ·The verse-count codes of the Readings
  • ·Double coding, letters and verse-counts
  • ·Conclusion
  • ·Appendices
  • ·Works cited

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The Sun Rises in the West

Farid Gabteni

© SCDOFG, 2017


All rights of reproduction and translation reserved

Originally published as Le Soleil se lève à l’Occident

© SCDOFG, 2016

Digital publishing made by IS Edition, Marseille.

ISBN (versions numériques) : 978-2-9554674-6-6


The Sun Rises in the West presents a lot of arabic characters that can be not properly displayed on some e-readers devices.

We recommand you to read this eBook on tablets (iPad, Samsung, etc.) or smartphones through your traditional reader application (Ibooks, Kindle for smartphone/tablet,  etc.).


"… This book speaks to all faiths, opinions, and philosophical approaches. In fact, the issue addressed by your study encourages reflection and meditation. Everyone, whatever their faith, will gain by following your approach to enable an understanding and mutual respect for the cultural diversity of humanity. As a head of a university institution, who is also from a Muslim country, I can only congratulate you for the work you have done and encourage you to persevere in this direction. As a university professor, I find your approach to be rational – in a word: scientific."

Pr. Ahmed Bouras,

Rector of Larbi Ben M’Hidi University

Oum El Bouaghi (Algeria), July 25th 2016


"… I wish to express to you my congratulations for this work which will, without doubt, contribute to spreading the great Universal values of Islam."

Idriss Mansouri

President of the University of Hassan II Casablanca

Casablanca (Morocco), June 7th 2016


"I congratulate you on the publication of your book entitled The Sun Rises in the West and I thank you for your gift, especially for your account and logical analysis of the problems of our current societies. In your book, you have defended universal and human values with a scientific and logical method, and with meticulous and remarkable research. Yours sincerely and with deepest respect."

Mahjoub Aouni

President of Monastir University

Monastir (Tunisia), May 18th 2016


"This new publication, which expands your intellectual output, provides a useful perspective on Islam and on the message of peace, love and tolerance that it conveys. I warmly congratulate you for the quality of the book and salute your engagement in the quest for knowledge – the source of social, economic and cultural progress."

Roch Marc Christian Kaboré

President of Faso

Ouagadougou (Burkina Faso), May 11th 2016


"I thank you for your kindness in offering me your erudite book, The Sun Rises in the West, which aims to promote the original message of Islam in a perspective which re-establishes the link between faith and science. As well as congratulating you for the quality of your expository effort, I encourage you to pursue your research in a spirit which highlights the extent of the wisdom of the Koran. Yours sincerely, with brotherly salutations."

Abdelmalek Sellal

Prime Minister of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Algiers (Algeria), May 11th 2016


"I received with great consideration and profound gratitude a copy of the new edition of your work entitled, "The Sun Rises in the West". It is my pleasure to express my deep appreciation and sincere thanks for this kind attention. I acknowledge your great efforts in conveying the true image of Islam to international public opinion. I wish you good fortune and success in future precious contributions. Yours with deepest respect."

Pr Tahar Hadjar

Minister of Higher Education and of Scientific Research of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Algiers (Algeria), May 10th 2016


"… This remarkable work, spread over three tomes, is documented, rich, and well aligned with your convictions (…) This publication will contribute to the enrichment of the institution’s stock of reference books available to researchers …"

Mr Driss Khrouz

Director of the National Library of the Kingdom of Morocco

Rabat (Morocco), May 10th 2016


"… I wish to express to you the high regard in which I hold all those who, like you, contribute to a deeper and truer understanding of religions. Your book is part of a battle against obscurantism and its derivatives. I hope that it reaches the audience it deserves and that it finds great success."

Jack Lang

President of the Arab World Institute

Paris (France), May 3rd 2016


"… Your work will be an inexhaustible source for all questing scholars, not only for its answers on an eschatological level, but also, more simply, for its pacifist and placatory dimension, in that it enables, thanks to the discovery and knowledge of the Other, the dissipation of prejudices and fears for harmony between peoples."

Bassirou Sène

Senegalese Ambassador in France

Paris (France), April 29th 2016


"… Infringements of cultural diversity and religious liberty are violations of inalienable human rights, while also threatening the very foundations of our societies – their social make-up, their cohesion. I also wish to sincerely congratulate you for your commitment, synonymous with an authentic, rigorous and scientific plea in favour of the promotion and defence of the universal values which are at the heart of UNESCO’s mission, and which defend a vision of humanity which welcomes cultures and religions in their plurality and their cultural wealth – a humanity where mutual respect and harmonious coexistence are a daily quest …"

Irina Bokova

Director General of UNESCO

Paris (France), April 28th 2016


"… The Sun Rises in the West: Science for the Hour has become a global reference. At the confluence of the linguistic and the numerical, you have drawn from the infinite fountain of the Koran to demonstrate, with clarity, the simultaneously eternal and infallible nature of the Word of God. Beyond divisions and dogmas, in a laudable show of intellectual generosity, you have extended the scope of your research to the Sacred Books of monotheism, to arrive at results which contribute to the consolidation of an Islam of amalgamation (…). Please accept my heartfelt congratulations for the quality and depth of this work. Yours sincerely."

Abdoul Mbaye

Prime Minister of the Republic of Senegal

Dakar (Senegal), May 15th 2012


"… I wish to congratulate you for the courage, the method, and some of your conclusions. This is definitely an effort to follow, and you shed sometimes unexpected light on the Koranic text …"

Abdelwahab Bouhdiba

President of the Tunisian Academy of Sciences, Letters and Arts "Beit Al-Hikma"

Carthage (Tunisia), September 12th 2000


"… Your work unites science and mathematical rigour with the discovery of religious faith. You thereby provide an additional insight to the understanding of the Koran and multiply the mathematical and physical proofs of its modernity and coherence …"

Hassen M. Fodha

Director of the United Nations Information Centres

Paris (France), August 18th 2000


"… We thank you for your profound interests and your blessed progression … in your book The Sun Rises in the West – Science for the Hour… we pray that God allows you more investment and gifts and that He helps you to support His Religion and to elevate His Word …"

Sheikh Ahmad ben Hamad Al Khalili

General Mufti of the Sultanate of Oman

Sultanate of Oman, August 8th 2000


"… I wish to give a big thank you … for your efforts to spread science and knowledge …"

Ammar Sakhri

Minister of Higher Education and of Scientific Research of the People’s Democratic Republic of Algeria

Algiers (Algeria), June 11th 2000


"… All those who are interested in Koranic studies are indebted to this work, and should look upon it as a new opening, and the same goes for all those who work in metaphysics …"

H.E. Dr Abdel-Hadi Tazi

Member of the Royal Academy of Morocco

Rabat (Morocco), June 6th 2000


"… One can only bow before the quality of your work and the long list of encouragements and congratulations that you have received from erudite figures. The mystery of faith, like the mystery of numbers, is certainly of divine origin; scientifically searching for a common denominator surely demonstrates a superior spirit …"

Raymond Biancheri

Adviser to the Cabinet of H.S.H. The Prince of Monaco

Monaco (Principality of Monaco), May 31st 2000


"… It is certainly a unique event in its genre; an unprecedented effort and one to be thankful for. May God bless you for the call to Uniqueness and for spreading the celestial message with a new style and distinguished persuasion. I pray to God that your work achieves its aim and that He will gratify you with the best reward …"

Doctor Saleh Awadh Omar Aram

Rector of Ajman University of Science and Technology

Ajman (United Arab Emirates), May 14th 2000


"… I thank you many times over for the blessed effort that you have made in your valuable work which encourages reflection and meditation …"

Dr. Larbi Kechat

Rector of Adda’wa Mosque

Paris (France), May 3rd 2000


"… We thank you for this scientific contribution, which affirms once again the miracle of our Generous Koran …"

Prince Moulay Rachid of Morocco

Rabat (Morocco), March 27th 2000


"… We wish to thank you for the presentation to Our Majesty of this intellectual work, which demonstrates an effort, a reflection, and the height of Faith and of Truths of the Invisible provided by the Celestial Books expressed by the Generous Koran which dominates them all. God rewards you for your work and may He Accompany you in even more gifts to the service of Conviction. Please accept our salutations and best prayers …"

Mohamed VI

King of Morocco

Rabat (Morocco), March 15th 2000


"… In asking the Almighty to accompany you in your search for the truth, His Holiness implores divine Benedictions upon you and on all your loved ones … "

Monsignor P. Lopez Quintana

Vatican Secretary of State

The Vatican, September 11th 1999


"… The Secretary General has a great interest for all cultures and religions represented within the United Nations organisation (…). It is with much interest that we have discovered the works set out in your writings. We encourage you in the pursuit of your research … "

Gillian Martin Sorensen

United Nations Assistant-Secretary General for External Relations

New York (United States), August 4th 1999


"… One has only to start one paragraph to instantly have the desire to continue (…) Your work reveals unknown worlds and enables the discovery of truths hidden within words and letters. The language of numbers has spoken and has proven to be extremely revelatory (…) Your work greatly deserves to be known to a large audience … "

Moïse Cohen

President of the Israelite Consistory of Paris

Paris (France), July 29th 1999


"… Here is a work which will certainly stand the test of time, such will be its indelible imprint which will revolutionise the perspectives of the scientific community on ancient religious texts and in particular on the Koran, Book of Islam (…). Your works published in this book are the first on this numerical phenomenon in the Koran to be so exhaustive and to lift the veil on the subject. They are also the first which one can qualify as scientific …"

Jean Dubreucq

President of the International Centre for Scientific Research (C.I.R.S.)

Paris (France), July 18th 1999


"… This work, a strong testimony and of a rare quality, is of great religious significance on the perfection of the Koran. I wish to give a warm tribute to the talented researcher, the rigorous and inspired exegete that you are. Your approach is an essential contribution for a better understanding of the sacred, irreducible and timeless character of the Holy Koran …"

Abdou Diouf

President of the Republic of Senegal (1981-2000)

Dakar (Senegal), April 23rd 1998


We should also mention the commendations and encouragements from:

Pr. Yahia Boughaleb, President of Chouaib Doukkali University, El Jadida – Kingdom of Morocco (03/06/2016)

P. Germanos Germanos, O.A.M, Rector of Antonine University, Baadba – Lebanon (12/05/2016)

Dr Ali Kettani, President of Universidad Islamica Internacional Averroes de Al-Andalus, Cordoba – Spain (31/07/2000)

H.E. Professor, Doctor Nassir El-Din El-Assad, President of the Royal Academy for Islamic Civilization Research, Amman – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (17/05/2000)

Professor, Doctor Ali Abdullah Al-Shamlan, General Director of the Kuwait Foundation For The Advancement of Sciences, Safat – State of Kuwait (22/12/1999 – 17/04/2000)

Professor Abdullah ben Mohammad Al-Faisal, President of King Saud University, Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (17/04/2000)

Professor Yahya Mahmoud ben Junaid, Secretary General of King Faisal Center for Research and Islamic Studies, Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (17/04/2000)

Professor, Doctor Faiza Mohammed Al-Kharafi, Rector of Kuwait University, Safat – State of Kuwait (12/04/2000)

Doctor Saleh ben Abdurrahman Al-Athel, President of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (11/04/2000)

Engineer Moneef R. Al-Zou’bi, General Director of the Islamic Academy of Sciences, Amman – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (09/04/2000)

Doctor Abdul-Aziz ben Abdullah Ad-Dukhayyil, Rector of King Fahd University of Petroleum & Minerals, Dhahran – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (07/04/2000)

Doctor Abdullah ben Ahmad Al-Rasheed, Vice-President for the Promotion of Scientific Research of King Abdulaziz City for Science and Technology, Riyadh – Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (05/04/2000)

Professor, Doctor Mohammad Adnan Al-Bakhit, President of Al al-Bayt University, Amman – Hashemite Kingdom of Jordan (04/04/2000)

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