LIBRARYOF CONGRESS 184E W84.J5 1Copy Judaism—Patriotism Fraternalism Compliments of SIMON WOLF April, 1922 By Transfer AUG 14 1922 ! FOREWORD. nameAmong the men who have shed lustre upon the Jewish in the United States of America none is deserving of greater recog- nition than Simon Wolf, of Washington, "the grand old man of ' theAmerican Jewry. ' For sixty years he has been a watchman on when-tower of liberty. His voice has rung forth in clarion tones in jeopardy. It is aever the civil or religious rights of Jews were toprivilege indeed to pay the meed of appreciation and admiration In opinion ofso untiring a worker for the true and the good. the this patriarch, youthful in spirit, represents the finestmany, so American in religion and American in na-type of the Jew. Jew tionality he combines in rare fashion these two supreme loyalties. The three eloquent addresses published herewith stress the high aims of his fine life, namely, love for humanity, love for his coun- try and love for his religion. This is indeed a triple cord that can- not be broken. God be thanked for Simon Wolf ! May his tribe increase David Philipson. Cincinnati, 0., April, 1922. — —Judaism Patriotism Fraternalism Dele-Response of Hon.
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