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Both Sides of the Border

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This volume complements Shared Space: Rethinking the U.S.-Mexico Border Environment, edited by Lawrence Herzog and Environmental Management on North America's Borders, edited by Richard Kiy and John Wirth.
This volume expands the range of issues addressed in previous volumes as well as focuses on comprehensive assessments of cooperative efforts of the U.S. and Mexico to solve environmental problems. All environmental media are addressed along the border: land, air, water, as well as sources of pollution (transportation, agriculture, energy, industrial production, urban growth, hazardous waste generation) and biodiversity resources (migratory aquatic and terrestrial forest and insect species). Academic, government, environmental management and policy audiences can benefit from the volume to address environmental policy for borders around the world because the chapters integrate natural science and social science theory, analytical methods and data into the arena of international environmental policy analysis.

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Foreword Acknowledgements Introduction
I. Law, Politics, and Institutions for a Border Environment
Improving Institutional Response to Environmental Problems Mark J. Spalding Impact of Two NAFTA Institutions on Border Water Infrastructure Nicole Carter and Leonard Ortolano Binational Cooperation and the Environment at the U.S.Mexico Border: A Mexican Perspective Roberto A. Sánchez
II. Characteristics of the Border Community
Characteristics of Border Communities75 Chris L. Gianos “Off the Backs of Others”: The Political Ecology of Credit, Debt, and Class Formation and Transformation Among the Colonias of New Mexico and Elsewhere97 Carlos VelezIbanez, Guillermina Nunez, and Dominic Rissdo Immigration, Agriculture and the Border117 Philip Martin
III. Border Water
Financing Bilateral Water Projects on the U.S.Mexico Border: Past, Present and Future George Frisvold and Margriet Caswell Lessons in Transboundary Resource Management from Ambos Nogales Suzanne Levesque and Helen Ingram Changes in Trade Policy and Wastewater Emissions for a Border Watershed Linda Fernandez The Geography of Water Transfers and Urbanization in Baja and Southern California Suzanne Michel Restoring Instream Flows Economically: Perspectives from an International River Basin James F. Booker and Frank A. Ward
IV. Air Pollution, Transportation, Energy, Hazardous Materials
Solving Transboundary Air Quality Problems in the Paso del Norte Region Carlos A. Rincón Border Congestion, Air Quality and Commerce Richard W. Halvey U.S. Transportation Responses to NAFTA: A Window on U.S.Mexico Transport Issues GianClaudia Sciara The USMexico Border Energy Zone Martin J. Pasqualetti Whither Hazardousmaterials Management in the U.S.Mexico Border Region? Robert Varady, Patricia Romero Lankao, and Katherine Hankins
V. Biological Resources, Terrestrial and Aquatic Habitat Protection
Divergence in Californian Vegetation and Fire Regimes Induced by Differences in Fire Management across the U.S.Mexico Boundary385 Richard A. Minnich and Ernesto FrancoVizcaíno Whales and Shared Coastal and Marine Management of the Border Pacific403 Mark J. Spalding Sea Turtle Conservation across the Shared Marine Border429 Peter H. Dutton, Laura Sarti, Rene Márquez, and Dale Squires Migration of Exotic Pests: Phytosanitary Regulations and Cooperative Policies to Protect U.S. Ecosystems and Agricultural Interests455 Lori Lynch
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