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Information Handling in Astronomy - Historical Vistas


This book offers a unique review of how astronomical information handling (in the broad sense) evolved in the course of the 20th century, and especially during its second half.
This volume is a natural complement to the book Information Handling in Astronomy published in the same series. The scope of these two volumes includes not only dealing with professional astronomical data from the collecting instruments (ground-based and space-borne) to the users / researchers, but also publishing, education and public outreach.
In short, the information flow in astronomy is thus illustrated from sources (cosmic objects) to end (mankind's knowledge).
The experts contributing to this book have done their best to write in a way understandable to readers not necessarily hyperspecialized in astronomy while providing specific detailed information, as well as plenty of pointers and bibliographic elements. Especially enlightening are some `lessons learned' sections.
This book will be very useful for researchers, teachers, editors, publishers, librarians, computer scientists, sociologists of science, research planners and strategists, project managers, public-relations officers, plus those in charge of astronomy-related organizations, as well as by students aiming at a career in astronomy or related space science.

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Foreword (Editor)
Table of Contents
Half a Century of Intense Maturation (A. Heck, Strasbourg Astron. Obs.)
Evolution of Time Measurement in Astronomy (E. Biémont, Univ. Liège & Univ. MonsHainaut)
Evolution of Data Processing in Optical Astronomy: A Personal Account (R. Albrecht, Space Telescope European Coordinating Facility)
IHAP: Image Handling and Processing System (P. Grosbøl & P. Biereichel, European Southern Obs.)
FITS: A Remarkable Achievement in Information Exchange (E.W. Greisen, National Radio Astronomy Obs.)
The Munich Image Data Analysis System (K. Banse, European Southern Obs.)
AIPS, the VLA, and the VLBA (E.W. Greisen, National Radio Astronomy Obs.)
Changes in Astronomical Publications during the 20th Century (H.A. Abt, Kitt Peak National Obs.)
The Evolution and Role of the Astronomical Library and Librarian (B.G. Corbin, US Naval Obs.)
The Development of the Astronomy Digital Library (G. Eichhorn et al., Smithsonian Astrophys. Obs.)
From Early Directories to Current YellowPage Services (A. Heck, Strasbourg Astron. Obs.)
Precollege Astronomy Education in the United States in the Twentieth Century (J.E. Bishop, Westlake Schools)
The Birth and Evolution of the Planetarium (C.C. Petersen, Loch Ness Productions)
The Changing Role of the IAU in Providing and Organising Information (A. Batten, Herzberg Inst. Astrophysics & D. McNally, Univ. Hertfordshire)
Was the Carte du Ciel an Obstruction to the Development of Astrophysics in Europe? (D.H.P. Jones, Cambridge Inst. of Astronomy)
Amateur Data and Astronomical Discoveries in the 20th Century (S. Dunlop, Univ. Sussex)