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Who I'm Not

208 pages
Danny has survived everything life has thrown at him: being abandoned at birth, multiple abusive foster homes, life as a con man in training. But when his latest "protector" dies suddenly, Danny has to think fast or he'll be back in foster care again. He decides to assume the identity of a boy who disappeared three years before. If nothing else, he figures it will buy him a little time. Much to his astonishment, his new "family" accepts him as their own, despite the fact that he looks nothing like their missing relative. But one old cop has his suspicions about Danny, and he's not about to declare the case closed. Inspired by a true story, Who I'm Not is a powerful portrait of a boy whose identity is as fluid as a river and as changeable as a chameleon's skin.
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T E DS T A U N T O N WHO I’m not WHO I AM i , imno t
WHO I AM i , imnot
WHO I AM i , imnot T E D S T A U N T O N
Copyright ©2013Ted Staunton
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Staunton, Ted, 1956 Who I’m not [electronic resource] / Ted Staunton.
Electronic monograph. Issued also in print format. isbn 9781459804357 (pdf).isbn 9781459804364 (epub)
 I. Title. ps8587.t334w56 2013jc813’.54 c20139018719
First published in the United States,2013 Library of Congress Control Number:2013935300
Summary: A kid in trouble with the law assumes the identity of a boy who vanished three years before.
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Josep Conrad,he Mirror of te Sea
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