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Partition complète, Dubarocque, Lambert, Edward

29 pages
Pratiquez les partitions de la musique Dubarocque partition complète, pièces, par Lambert, Edward. Cette partition de musique moderne écrite pour les instruments suivants:
  • 0/0/2/2 0/2/1/0 timps piano

La partition comprend plusieurs mouvements et l'on retrouve ce genre de musique classée dans les genres
  • pièces
  • pour 2 clarinettes, 2 bassons, 2 trompettes, trombone, timbales, piano
  • partitions pour clarinette
  • partitions pour basson
  • partitions pour trompette
  • partitions pour trombone
  • partitions percussion solistes
  • partitions pour piano
  • pour 9 musiciens

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Edition: Edward Lambert
Durée / duration: 6 minutes
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'du barocque...'
Edward Lambert
...it lacked coherent melody, was unsparing in dissonances, constantly changed key and metre, and speedily ran through every compositional device.
Anonymous letter to a French jourmal in 1734 complaining of music by Rameau which was described as 'du barocque'.
‘ gh’music - which aims to surprise by the boldness of its sounds and passes for song rou while pulsating with speed and noise.
English journal of 1738
A baroque music is that in which the harmony is confused, charged with modulations and dissonances, the melody is harsh and little natural, the intonation difficult, and the movement constrained.
Rousseau 1768
2 clarinets in Bb 2 trumpets in Bb trombone 2 bassoons timpani piano
Duration: ca. 6 minutes The score is notated in C
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