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Partition complète, Rhapsody of St. Bernard, Jesu Dulcis Memoria

180 pages
Retrouvez les partitions de musique Rhapsody of St. Bernard partition complète, Rhapsodies, de Smith, David Stanley , Op. 38. La partition early 20th century écrite pour les instruments tels que:
  • Soprano
  • contralto
  • ténor
  • basse
  • men's chœur
  • semi-chœur
  • chœur
  • orchestre

Cette partition enchaine plusieurs mouvements: 2 parties, 12 sections et l'on retrouve ce genre de musique répertoriée dans les genres
  • Rhapsodies
  • pour 4 voix, chœur masculin, chœur mixte, orchestre
  • partitions pour voix
  • partitions pour soprano voix
  • partitions pour alto voix
  • partitions pour ténor voix
  • partitions pour basse voix
  • partitions chœur masculin
  • partitions chœur mixte
  • partitions pour orchestre
  • pour voix et chœur avec orchestre
  • langue anglaise

Retrouvez encore tout une collection de musique pour orchestre, contralto, chœur, Soprano, ténor, men's chœur, semi-chœur, basse sur YouScribe, dans la rubrique Partitions du début des années 20.
Edition: New York: G. Schirmer, 1918. Plate 27396.
Libbretiste: St. Bernard de Clairvaux (1090–1153) (translated by composer)
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Dulcis Memoria)(Jesu
andFor Soli OrchestraChorus, Semi-Chorus,
Translation theEnglish by Composer
!:„; :.,',', ,-,,;,,in r^^- m£2
Dulcis Memoria){Jesu
— with Semi-Chorus.No. I Chorus,
is ofdear Thee,dulcis memoria, Jesu! my thoughtJesu
it offerscordi Inward free,Dans vera delightgaudia,
can thereet omnia No sweeter vision be,Seil melsuper
me!O softdulcis presence, enfoldingEjus praesentia.
What more is there,Nil canitur suavius, melody pure
What theme that moreNil auditur poets sing fair,jucundius,
What nobler can manNil dulcius thought declare,cogitatur
5Than God's own blessed HeirDei films.Jesus Jesu,Quam
of the contrite mind,Jesu, hopeJesu spes poenitentibus,
Gracious to all toward Theees inclined,Quam pius petentibus,
of souls andbonus te Saviour blind,quaerentibus, bleedingQuam
those who Thee do find!invenientibus. But what toSed quid
the fount and of soul,dulcedo cordium, Jesu! lightJesus,
Whence streams ofFons veri, lumen mentium, living beauty roll,
from the Father's scrolExcedens omne Truth, copiedgaudium
from source toEt omne desiderium. Surpassing pure, goal.
—No. II Duet for Soprano and Contralto.
fairest of God's domain!Jesu,decusJesu angelicum.
To ear Thou art a sweet refrain,In aure dulce canticum,
On that on hearts ofthirst, pain,In ore mel lipsmirificum,
Thv manna like softest rain.falls,In corde nectar coelicum.
I stealTumbam Lord,perfundam rletibus, Sorely despairing,
Toward here to makeLocum tomb,replens gemitibus, Thy appeal;
at dear feet I kneel,pedibus, Jesu, ThyJesu provolvar
breathless with zeal.Strictis haerens amplexibus. Clinging, holy
—No. Ill with Semi-Chorus andChorus, Quartet
Princerex admirabilis, Jesu, ever-glorious!Jesu
Lord of Hosts victorious!ThouEt nobilis,triumphator
more than marvelous'Of radianceDulcedo ineffabilis,
us!desiderabilis. be ruler overTotus Master,
27396—No. IV Aria for Tenor.
Mane nobiscum, with and wedomine, Dwell, Lord, us, grant may
Et nos illustra Behold ourlumine, Thy light upon way;
Pulsa noctis Scatter and socaligine, night's gloom, array
Mundum dulcedine. as in noonreplens Earth, heaven, bright day.
cor nostrum visitas When in our heart ThouQuando visitest,
Tunc lucet ei Then madeVeritas, truth, manifest;gleamsThy
Mundi vilescit vanitas Vain mortal cares no more molest,
Et intus fervet caritas. But rests in lovethere,peace expressed.
Amor dulcissimus His love! our sweetJesus beatitude,
Et vere us tosuavissimus, mood;Persuading tranquil
Plus millies To tell itsgratissimus gracious plentitude
dicere sumcimus. We for words of man areQuam fail, crude.
Hoc tuo We know it Hisprobat passio through suffering,
Hoc His and thesanguinis effusio, passion, deadly sting
Per nobis Hequam redemptio Whereby conquered, offering
Datur visio. Mankind clear views of GodDeique the King.
—No. V Aria for Contralto, with Women's Chorus.
Jesum omnes All acclaim Him Lord!agnoscite ye people,
ardenter Seek the His quaerite ye afford;joy gifts
Amorem Entreat that on beejus poscite ;grace you poured
inardescite. Unmeasured to Him accord!Quaerendo praise
Sic amantem O! so rare a let usdiligite, gift yearn
Amoris vicem To cherish let us learnreddite, dearly;
In hunc odorem currite That for such loveour hearts should burn
Et vota votis reddite. With in sweet return.sacrifice,
auctor author ofJesus, clementiae, tenderness,Jesu!
Totius Promise and source ofspes laetititae, happiness,
Dulcoris fons et Purest of that cool andgratiae, bless,springs
Verae cordis deliciae. O! what treasure of loveliness!
Cum When I dare todigne loqui audeam, worthily speak
De tamen non Of in I can but seekte, sileam, Thee, prayer
Amor facit ut Love's meekaudeam, ; then,encouragement though
Cum de te solum Into forth I break!gaudiam. praise boldly
—No. VI with Semi-Chorus.Chorus,
Desidero te millies, burns withMy spirit holy fire,
Mi Ivenies; love desire;Jesu, quando My Jesu, Thy
Me laetum in attirefacies O formquando may Thy bright
Ut vultu tuo saties. on lifeShed me,light my inspire.
27396PART II.
— Orchestra.No. VTI Intermezzo for
— a capaella.No. VIII with Semi-Chorus,Chorus,
O mi O our blest All in All!dulcissime, Jesu!Jesu,
thrall !Friend ! of those in sorrow'sanimae, HopeSpes suspirantis
Te Our solemn tears in reverence fall,lacrimae,quaerunt piae
Te clamor mentis intimae. Our inmost on Thee do call.prayers
The bliss I for now Ivideo, longed know,Jam quod quaesivi
With wish'd for I nowteneo, joy o'erflow,Quod concupivi
love on IAmore My Jesu bestow,Jesu langueo
heart is with radiantEt toto corde ardeo. bright glow.My
—No. IX Aria for Soprano.
O beatum O how blessed! whatincendium, pure delight!
O ardens What to transcendentdesiderium, flaming height!
dulce In serene as stars of
;refrigerium prayer, night,
Dei filium. To cherish our Lord ofAmare Him, Light!
loco fuero whereso'er IYea, chance toQuocunque be,
—Mecum desidero O Thou Saviour, be there with me.Jesum
laetus cum What when face I see!Quam invenero, glory Thy
felix cum tenuero. to commune with Thee! rapture
—No. X Men.Chorus of
flos matris fair ofJesu, virginis, Jesu, flow'r, Mary born,
Ardor nostrae dulcedinis, vision of heaven'sBrightest morn,
Laus, honor, tibi numenis, honour Thine!Praise, by borne,angels
beatitudinis. and brows adorn!Regnum Beauty joy Thy
—No. XI Aria for Bass.
rexVeni, Come Lordveni, optime, Thou, come, omnipotent,
immensaePater Throned in firmament!gloriae, lofty
menti clarius O with the soul'sAffulge guard light ascent,
Forwe would more courtsJam exspectatus saepius. Thy frequent.
sole theJesu serenior, Lord, sun'stranscending pure ray
Et balsamo And balsam'ssuavior, healing fragrant spray,
Omni dulcore Fairer than fountain'sdulcior, bright display,
Ceteris amabilior. of all!Loveliest to Thee I pray.
PROPERTY CI—No. XII for with Semi-Chorus andEpilogue, Chorus, Quartet.
Coeli rives occurrite, dwellers of run!Come, ye heaven,
Portas vestras Raise with bars undone!attollite, your portals,
dicite; Salute One!Triumphatori your King, triumphant
Ave Hailrex Him, God's Son!Jesu, inclyte. Jesu, holy
Tu fons misericordiae, Thou Source of love compassionate,
Tu verae lumen Thou Beacon of thepatriae. heavenly state,
Pclle nubem tristiiiac, Melt the of doubt andvapours hate,
Pans nobis lucem sweetest influence radiate!gloriac. Thy
Rex rex of Thou Lifevirtutum, gloriac, King Glory, divine,
Rex God'sinsignis victoriae, King triumphant, by design,
Saviour mine!Jesu largitor gratiae, Jesu, Redeemer,
Honor eoelestis curiae. Victor be Thine!supernal! praise
(Text from Daniel's Thesaurus with omission or ofHymnologicus, transposition
certain stanzas. translation theEnglish by Composer.)