BEP met meca anglais 2004

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: : Examen : : : : : y : ( le qui sur la le : Examen : : : : : / ( s’il ) II un B.E.P. / : : SUJET 1 : Coefficient heure 1 : Durée 113 s ANGLAIS Epreuve I examen Code 2004 Session C.A.P. conscience : Awareness dur rude, : Harsh pente : Slope détritus : trash = Garbage : Vocabulary 6,2003 June : IHT/Asahi from Adapted issues. environmental of awareness public promote to nationwide sites several at display on put be Will trash the Japan, to Brought » moutain. a climbing of impact environmental the about think to need we Nowadays, « said. Noguchi » summit, the to getting about simply longer no It’s peak. the scale to turn their wait to up lined even They « side. Nepalese the on camp base the through passed have worlwide expeditions 25 from people 800 than more year, this season climbing two-month the During 2002. and 1990 between summit the reached climbers 1,000 than more Noguchi, to According years. the over increased steadily has Everest Mount scale to attempting climbers of number The letters. torn-up and cards playing packets, food wear, mountaineering tanks, oxygen empty 423 astonishing an removed they all In sides. Nepal and China the on campsites and paths the cleaning years four last the of June and May spent group The trash. of tons 7,7 removing in succeeded have nations six from climbers other and 29, Noguchi, Ken alpinist mountain, 8,848-meter the on conditions harsh the to due months two to limited cleanup, of years four ...
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