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Correction Baccalauréat 2008 LV1 Anglais – filières S et ES- réalisée par –I. Compréhension1) The scene takes place in the United States of America. l.3: “Those eerie man-made moans were part of New York City's wallpaper. ”2) There are 3 characters: a. ...

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Correction Baccalauréat 2008 LV1 Anglais – filières S et ES
- réalisée par –
1) The scene takes place in the United States of America.
l.3: “
Those eerie man-made moans were part of New York City's wallpaper.
2) There are 3 characters:
a. Fiona who is the main character
b. Chris and Devi who are Fiona’s friends
3) Fiona Sweeney (also nicknamed Fi) is the main character. She has been raised by
her single mother and has three siblings: two sisters and a brother.
l.28 “
raising four kids alone".l.50 "two sisters and a brother
4) l.9-10 “
The mother Fi had known wouldn't want to go to Africa. In fact, she
wouldn't want Fi to go
l.27 “
All she knew for sure, in fact, was why she was going
5) Kenya is a country in Africa where Swahili,and English are the two official
Nairobi is the capital while Garissa is a smaller city.
6) a) She feels scared.
b) She’s afraid of the unknown and to travel in a foreign country like Kenya
which has a very bad reputation. Furthermore, she feels terrified because she
knows about the malaria and the devastating effects of mosquitoes.
7) a) It was her mother.
l28-29 “
Fi's mother had never been a big talker, but she'd been a hero, raising
four kids alone. Now it was Fi's turn to do something worthwhile
b) Fiona doesn’t care to blow off her chance to live in a first-world country. She’s
passing on her education and her family.
8) Answer (a) “The crime rate in Nairobi is very high.” (to rob = dérober/braquer)
9) a) It refers to her friends.
b) Her friends don’t approve at all her decision especially because of the danger
she is exposed to. They think she is way too idealist and that people living over
there don’t care about books and are more worry about foods and drugs.
10) Fiona replies that she'll be in Garissa, which is less dangerous than Nairobi.
According to her, books are education which represents the future of this
11) l.39-44
“Devi, who sprawled in a long skirt on the skirt […] Chris poured Fi a
glass of cabernet […] if they reached out, the three of them could hold hands
[…]she felt connected in many ways […]a soft light fell from the window, dousing
the room in a flattering glow and intensifying the sensation that everything
around was diaphanous”
12) They’ve met at Fi’s house for two main reasons. First of all, the meeting sounds
like a farewell party, which usually takes place in the house of the one who is
going to leave. Second of all, she has to finish packing her stuff.
13) It’s a dangerous and exciting experience for her even if it seems a bit scary. She
probably wants to prove that she can do things like that by herself. We can also
suppose that she probably wants to feel useful and get a new outlook on life.
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