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MODULAR OPERATION THEATRE Advance system for clean room ...... Devoted to caring for life
  • superior quality uv resistance membrane with sterilization feature
  • differential room pressure
  • modular operation
  • thaw resistance
  • operating theatre
  • high grade ss
  • clean air
  • theatre
  • environment
  • system
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ENGINEERINGBachelor of Science in Forest Resources
PSE students study in a revolutionary field,using science and engineering of natural products in innovative ways to change the way we package, market and fuel our future.
COURSECRTITLEandnotesEXPECTEDQTRCOURSES(CONTINUED)COMPOSITIONREQUIREMENT(5CREDITS) TECHNICALANDBUSINESSOPTIONELECTIVES1 ___ENGL COMPCourse* A/W/Sp/SUW Composition (C)(5) Any (12creditsminimum):Six (6) credits must come from the Engineering Topics VLPAREQUIREMENTS(10CREDITS) list below. Students may elect to complete remaining ___VLPAUW VLPA Courses(10) AnyA/W/Sp/S credits with a Business Option.I&SREQUIREMENTS(7CREDITS) ___ECON 200(5)Introduction to MicroeconomicsA/W/Sp/S Approved Courses CR 3 ___ I&SUW I&S CourseA/W/Sp/S(2) Any _______________________________________  _______________________________________ MATHEMATICS/QUANTITATIVESCIENCEREQUIREMENTS(23CREDITS) ___MATH 124A/W/Sp/S __________________________________ (5)Calculus with Analytic Geometry I* ___MATH 125 (5)A/W/Sp/S __________________________________Calculus with Analytic Geometry II* ______________________________________ ___MATH 126A/W/Sp/SCalculus with Analytic Geometry III* (5) ______________________________________ ___MATH 307 (3)Intro to Differential EquationsA/W/Sp/S 2______________________________________ ___Q SCI 381Intro to Probability & Statistics (5)A/W/Sp/S CHEMISTRY/PHYSICSREQUIREMENTS(41CREDITS) ___CHEM 142General Chemistry* (5)A/W/Sp/S EngineeringTopicsList___CHEM 152General Chemistry* (5)A/W/Sp/S Include a minimum of 6 credits from this list in your Technical ___CHEM 162A/W/Sp/S (5)General Chemistry* and Business Option Elective Requirement.Other courses may ___CHEM 237 (4)Organic ChemistryA/W/Sbe petitioned with faculty approval. CSE 142; CHEM E 326, 341, 342, 345, 355, 455, 462, ___CHEM 238Organic Chemistry (4)W/Sp/S 480, 481; MSE 170, 310, 362, 463, 471, 475; ___CHEM 455 (3)Physical ChemistryA/Sp CEE 220, 350, 461, 480, 482, 485, 486, 487, 488, CHEMICALENGINEERINGREQUIREMENTS(20CREDITS) 490, 493, 494; A A 210; E E 215; IND E 337; ___CHEM E 260Thermodynamics A/W/Sp/S (4)M E 230; PSE 490, 494, 495, 496, 499___CHEM E 310 (4)Material and Energy BalancesA ___CHEM E 330(5) TransportWProcesses IBusinessOptionCourseList ___CHEM E 340(4) TransportSpProcesses II Courses for students who want a grounding in business topics. ___CHEM E 436 (3)Chemical Engineering Laboratory IA/Sp This is a transcripted option for the PSE major. Required courses: MAJORREQUIREMENTS(48CREDITS) ESRM 320 (5); ESRM 321 (5) ___T C 231(3)Technical WritingA/W/Sp/SChoose a minimum of one: ___PSE 201to Pulp, Paper and Bioproducts+(3) IntroA I BUS 300 (5); MKTG 301 (4); MKTG 335 (4); ___PSE 202and Paper Lab & Field Studies +(1) PulpA MKTG 450 (4); ESRM 400 (3); MGMT 300 (4); ___PSE 248A(4) PaperStructure and Properties + MGMT 401 (4); MGMT 403 (4); ACCTG 215 (5); ___PSE 402A (3) PaperPhysics + ACCTG 225 (5); CFR 519 (5); OPMGT 301 (4). ___PSE 404Materials Papermaking +(3) Raw Sp ___PSE 406 (3) NaturalProducts Chemistry+ A ___PSE 450Science and Engineering Seminar+ Sp(2-4) Paper GENERALFREEELECTIVES(TOREACH180FOR___PSE 476Pulping & Bleaching Processes +W (3) A/W/Sp/S DEGREE)STUDENTCHOICE ___PSE 477A (3) PapermakingProcesses II + _______________________________________ ___PSE 478& Paper Laboratory + (2) PulpSp _______________________________________ ___PSE 479 (3) Pulp& Paper Laboratory II +W __________________________________________PSE 480& Paper Process Control+ (3) PulpW ___PSE 481 (3) Pulp& Paper Unit Operation +W AcademicProgressPolicy ___PSE 482SpScience & Engineering Design I+ (3) Paper All PSE students are expected to maintain ___PSE 487SpScience & Engineering Design II+ (5) Paper satisfactory progress with the department and the ___PSE 497 (1) Pulp& Paper Internship +A/W/Sp/S University. Pleasesee the website for details:
1 23 Note:ESRM 300 recommendedSTAT 311 allowed.ENGL 131 recommended.*Required for program admission.. +Requires 2.0 minimum grade.Revised 7/2008
Effective Autumn 2007
The Paper Science and Engineering Program is a rigorous ABET accredited engineering major based in the College of Forest Resources.The faculty, staff and students participated in a review by ABET in 2007 and a final positive review was received. SampleAreasofResearch:
High-speed chemical analysis of biomass;
Use of natural non-wood products to make paper and other bio-products;
Bioconversion of lignocellulosic biomass to ethanol;
Biofuel and bioenergy options from wood;
Surface and colloid science of papermaking;
Secondary fiber recycling;
Fiber composites;
Polymer science;
Controlled release systems.
Students with an interest in chemical engineering find pursuing a double degree beneficial due to complimentary course requirements. Applicationsfor a CHEM E major can be made during the senior year and require approximately one additional year of coursework.
Current research in the use of biomass for biofuels production can also be found in the undergraduate curriculum.
UW Honors and Departmental Honors are available for qualifying students.
Annual CFR and Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation scholarships are available based on academic performance. Contact WPPF:
...accreditation, honors, scholarships, internships, research, admissions...
Admission:PSE is a competitive major that requires a separate application from UW Admissions. Completethe online application (when available) through the College of Engineering website: engrapplications.html or request a paper application through:
Office of Student and Academic Services Anderson Hall Rooms 116/130 206-543-7081
Tools and Links: CFR Joblist: Engineering Career Fairs:  career_fairs.html TAPPI: Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation:  wppf/employment.htm Engineering Co-op Program:
Alumni Seminar Series
CFR Alumni Association
Washington Pulp and Paper Foundation, alumni, graduateschool, internships...
Careers:Example employment opportunitiesResearch Scientist ~ Process Control Engineer ~ Manufacturing Associate ~ Production Supervisor ~ Paper Supervisor ~Marketing ~ Chemical Sales ~ Product Development ~ Biofuels Research ~ ManagementExample student employersBoise Cascade ~ Georgia Pacific ~ Weyerhaeuser ~ Kimberly Clark ~ Hercules Inc.~ Longview Fibre ~ Kemira Chemicals Inc. ~Buckman Laboratories ~ Ponderey Newsprint Co. ~ Nippon Paper Ind.
Students seeking research, scientist, and higher level management positions may apply to the CFR graduate program in Bioresource Science and Engineering.
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